Water Resources and Coastal Management


Water Resources and Coastal Management

9781840642223 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by R. Kerry Turner, Professor of Environmental Sciences, School of Environmental Sciences and Director, Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment (CSERGE) and the Programme in Environmental Decision Making (PEDM), University of East Anglia, UK and Ian J. Bateman, OBE, Professor of Environmental Economics, Director of the Land, Environment, Economics and Policy Institute (LEEP), University of Exeter, UK
Publication Date: 2001 ISBN: 978 1 84064 222 3 Extent: 560 pp
Water Resources and Coastal Management presents a comprehensive and unique collection of articles which provide an interdisciplinary perspective on the science and management of global coastal resources.

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Water Resources and Coastal Management presents a comprehensive and unique collection of articles which provide an interdisciplinary perspective on the science and management of global coastal resources.

This important volume comprises five main sections. Part I reviews basic scientific concepts and underpinning knowledge of the processes at work in this dynamic environment. Part II considers how the natural variability of coastal zone environments has been unsustainably exacerbated by development and exploitation of such resources. Parts III and IV focus upon the various aspects of the management response options that could or have been deployed both in developed and developing countries. Finally, Part V examines the management issues that surround regional seas and their, often international, resource regions.
Critical Acclaim
‘Water Resources and Coastal Management is a timely contribution to the literature on integrated coastal management (ICM). . . In providing an interdisciplinary perspective on the science and management of coastal resources, this reader complements the considerable number of academic texts which have been published on ICM over the last decade. . . It is particularly well structured. . . this reader is an excellent resource for a wide range of environmental, marine and coastal scientists and practitioners, as well as its main market – university students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.’
– Rhoda Ballinger, The Holocene
33 articles, dating from 1988 to 2000
Contributors include: E.B. Barbier, D.F. Boesch, C.A. Davos, C. Folke, S. Georgiou, S.P. Leatherman, R.J. Nicholls, S. Olsen, T. O’Riordan, J.H. Steele
Introduction Towards Integrated Coastal Management R. Kerry Turner and Ian J. Bateman
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33. R.J. Nicholls and F.M.J. Hoozemans (1996), ‘The Mediterranean: Vulnerability to Coastal Implications of Climate Change’
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