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Essentials of Entrepreneurship, Second Edition
Changing the World, One Idea at a Time
Robert A. Baron, Regents Professor, Spears Professor of Entrepreneurship, Holder Family Chair in Entrepreneurship, School of Entrepreneurship, Spears School of Business, Oklahoma State University and Keith M. Hmieleski, Robert and Edith Schumacher Faculty

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Drawing on their own creativity, energy, and personal experience, entrepreneurs identify and seek to fill needs not currently being met by existing products or services. By doing so, they create financial/and or social value. This text examines all phases of the entrepreneurial process: ideas for something new and better than what currently exists, determining whether these ideas suggest viable business opportunities, obtaining needed financial and human resources, securing intellectual property protection, launching the new venture, developing strategies for gaining and maintaining competitive advantage, and building a customer base. In discussing these and other topics, the text draws on research findings that help identify variables that play a role in entrepreneurs’ effective performance of these tasks, and so—ultimately—in their success.

1. Changing the world . . . One idea at a time  2. Cognitive Foundations of Entrepreneurship  3. Their Nature, Discovery, and Creation  4. Feasibility Analysis . . . Look Before You Leap:  What Entrepreneurs Need to Know Before They Begin  5. Transforming Ideas into Reality: Careful Planning . . . and Improvising  6. Assembling Key Resources I: Obtaining,  Managing,  and Using Financial Assets  7. Assembling Key Resources II: Building a Strong Founding Team, Developing Social Networks, and Obtaining Expert Advice  8. Entrepreneurs:  Their Central Role and What They Need to Succeed  9. Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship: Protecting Your Ideas  10. Strategies for Attaining Growth and Ensuring Long-Term Success  11. Endings . . .  Happy or Sad: When and How Entrepreneurs Leave Their Companies  12. Emerging Trends in Entrepreneurship   Index

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