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Handbook of Megacities and Megacity-Regions by D. Labbé and A. Sorensen

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By clicking the tab to the left, users can access Table 15.6 highlighting growth projections of the world's 200 largest cities under the three possible scenarios: SSP1, Sustainability (greatest wealth generation and distribution, quickest population stabilization, lowest carbon emissions); SSP2, Middle of the Road (largely an extension of current trends); SSP3, Fragmentation (deterioration of international and intra-national cooperation, larger population growth). 

On the road again: the geography and characteristics of American commuter megaregions. The first attachment from Chapter 13 (data master) contains full details of the megaregions in relation to their characteristics - including demographics and transport modes. The second (interregion flows) provides more detail on the number of commutes between the megaregions.


Exploring the importance of megacities and megacity-regions as one of the defining features of the 21st century, this Handbook provides a clear and comprehensive overview of current thinking and debates from leading scholars in the field. Highlighting major current challenges and dimensions of megaurbanization, chapters form a thematic focus on governance, planning, history, and environmental and social issues, supported by case studies from every continent.


Publication Date: 2020

Extent: 496 pp

HB ISBN: 9781788972697

eISBN: 9781788972703

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