Women in Law / Trusted Voices Blog Series

For International Women’s Day 2019, we decided to use the theme of ‘Women in Law/Trusted Voices’ as a way of celebrating both the centenary of the 1919 Act and celebrating the women that we work with. The ‘Trusted Voices’ element plays homage to the First 100 Years project and that our women in law have both important and trusted voices that they may not have been able to express if it hadn’t been for the pioneers before them.

Please enjoy reading the blog articles below. They include some incredible stories, anecdotes, words of wisdom and advice from our female authors and colleagues in academic law and professional law. A number of our contributors have been courageous in sharing their incredibly personal stories to make this project all the more rich and poignant.


Women in Law. Happy International women’s day (week) 2019!

Iram Satti

Women in Law. Knowing When to Leap

Rosie Burbidge

Women in Law. Give Women an Opportunity and we can Effect Change

Felicity Gerry QC

Women in Law. Cricket Bats and Constitutions

Danielle Ireland Piper 

Women in Law. So Many Roles to Play, So Little Time

Metka Potočnik

Women in Law. The Feminist Lawyer I Became

Sara De Vido

Women in Law. Privacy in a Glass House

Megan Richardson

Women in Law. Inspiring Women

Erin Daly

Women in Law. Why I Write

Laura Carlson

Women in Law. On Inspirations

Elaine Fahey

Women in Law. On Collaboration, Networks and Being an Accidental Role Model

Charlotte Waelde

Women in Law. Childcare: It’s Also a Man’s World

Saima Hanif

Women in Law. Living with Assumptions

Caroline Strevens

Women in Law. A Journey Through Legal Education: Law Students, Diversity and Women in Law

Emma Jones

Women in Law. International Law, Heritage, History and the Common Good

Valentina Vadi

Women in Law. Girl Least Likely 2.0

Susan Harris Rimmer

Women in law – Thank you!

Iram Satti and Stephanie Tytherleigh