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2 Save up to 20% at e-elgar.com I For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TITLES, JANUARY - MARCH 2023 TEXTBOOK Advanced Introduction to Pricing Strategy and Analytics Vithala R. Rao, Cornell University, US This Advanced Introduction explores strategies of pricing products (goods and services) that can be employed by a firm. The analytical techniques and data necessary for implementing the pricing strategies are described in an easy-tounderstand manner, along with examples. Pricing strategies covered include cost-plus, reference value pricing, product line pricing, pricing product bundles, pricing over time, pricing under competition, and subscription pricing. Jan 2023 320 pp Hardback 978 1 78811 007 5 £85.00 / $120.00 Jan 2023 Paperback 978 1 78811 009 9 £21.95 / $32.95 Elgar Advanced Introductions series Examination copies available on publication NEW IN PAPERBACK A Modern Guide To Labour and the Platform Economy Edited by Jan Drahokoupil and Kurt Vandaele, European Trade Union Institute, Belgium ‘Here’s everything you need to know about the platform economy and workers - and perhaps hadn’t even thought of asking - in this comprehensive Modern Guide. It covers emerging trends, particular cases, regulatory issues and much else, and is likely to become an essential guide for researchers and policy makers.’ – Jayati Ghosh, University of Massachusetts Amherst, US 2021 384 pp Hardback 978 1 78897 509 4 £137.00 / $195.00 Jan 2023 Paperback 978 1 0353 1210 8 £42.00 / $60.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Modern Guides NEW IN PAPERBACK Handbook of Research Methods for Organisational Culture Edited by Cameron Newton and Ruth Knight, Queensland University of Technology, Australia ‘The Handbook of Research Methods for Organisational Culture provides an excellent balance of breadth and depth with luminary insights from some of the most respected pioneers in organisational culture research.’ – Chad Hartnell, Georgia State University, US 2022 336 pp Hardback 978 1 78897 625 1 £170.00 / $245.00 Feb 2023 Paperback 978 1 0353 1340 2 £37.00 / $55.00 eBook • Elgaronline NEW IN PAPERBACK Handbook of Research Methods for Marketing Management Edited by Robin Nunkoo, Viraiyan Teeroovengadum, University of Mauritius and Christian M. Ringle, Hamburg University of Technology, Germany ‘The Handbook takes an up-to-date and fresh look at a variety of topics quite relevant in business research. In particular, it not only provides updates for many traditionally covered topics, but also extends to other areas often overlooked in the past thereby expanding researchers’ methodological toolbox. The balance in topics emphasizing not just the role of quantitative methods but also qualitative and mixed methods is unique compared to other books published in the last few decades. Students and faculty will appreciate this book in a variety of methods-oriented courses. Congratulations on this useful, applied book!’ – Joe Hair, University of South Alabama, US 2021 392 pp Hardback 978 1 78897 694 7 £163.00 / $231.00 March 2023 Paperback 978 1 0353 1549 9 c £44.00 / c $63.00 eBook • Elgaronline • Handbooks of Research Methods in Management series

3 Save up to 20% at e-elgar.com I For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TITLES, JANUARY - MARCH 2023 NEW IN PAPERBACK Handbook of Research on Creativity and Innovation Edited by Jing Zhou, Rice University and Elizabeth D. Rouse, Boston College, US ’This outstanding Handbook brings together leading scholars who show us, across different levels of analysis and methodological approaches, how creativity and innovation relate to topics as diverse as leadership, social networks, and loneliness. The intersection of different research trajectories is woven throughout. The book is structured to provide foundations for understanding existing research, social contexts in which creativity and innovation occur, and directions for future work. This volume captures the current universe of leading ideas concerning a vital research area.’ – Martin Kilduff, University College London, UK 2021 352 pp Hardback 978 1 78897 726 5 £174.00 / $252.00 March 2023 Paperback 978 1 0353 1550 5 c £39.00 / c $63.00 eBook • Elgaronline • Research Handbooks in Business and Management series NEW IN PAPERBACK Handbook of Research Methods on Gender and Management Edited by Valerie Stead, Lancaster University, Carole Elliott, The University of Sheffield and Sharon Mavin, Newcastle University, UK ‘This Handbook fills a much needed gap in methods and methodologies for those engaged in gender and intersectionality research in management studies. The contents cover traditional and novel approaches for those interested in giving voice to equity deserving groups who are overlooked, invisible and marginalized in management studies. It is a must have resource for all gender scholars.’ – Gina Grandy, University of Regina, Canada 2021 352 pp Hardback 978 1 78897 792 0 £155.00 / $221.00 March 2023 Paperback 978 1 0353 1551 2 c £39.00 / c $63.00 • eBook • Elgaronline NEW IN PAPERBACK Strategic Community Partnerships, Philanthropy, and Nongovernmental Organization David J. Maurrasse, Marga Incorporated; Earth Institute and Columbia University, US ‘As this volume trenchantly documents, our world faces the ravages of a perfect storm, shedding a glaring light on the disparate impact in our local communities of longstanding systemic racism, continually widening wealth gaps, and a raging global pandemic. Under this spotlight, the urgency and timeliness of strategic, cross-sector sustainable partnerships among organizations anchored in place, undergirded by enlightened philanthropy, and committed to moving the needle on the public good, could not be clearer. By documenting the efforts of ten such partnerships-in-place, spanning localities across the US and the globe, David Maurrasse brings home forceful shared lessons for progress.’ – Nancy Cantor, Rutgers University-Newark, US 2021 168 pp Hardback 978 1 78897 907 8 £79.00 / $110.00 Jan 2023 Paperback 978 1 0353 1212 2 £22.95 / $35.00 • eBook • Elgaronline NEW IN PAPERBACK Handbook on Alternative Theories of Innovation Edited by Benoît Godin, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique, Montréal, Canada, Gérald Gaglio, University Côte d’Azur, France and Dominique Vinck, University of Lausanne, Switzerland ‘This Handbook truly deserves its designation as such. It provides a comprehensive and multi-faceted overview of different conceptual meanings, theories, usages and interpretations of “innovation”. Far beyond the most familiar association with technology and industry, the reader is introduced to “social”, “responsible”, “sustainable”, “disruptive” and other variations of innovation, their respective rationales, theoretical underpinnings, philosophical and policy implications. This collection of contributions by well-respected authors is a fascinating and unique attempt to capture the many paths covered by “innovation” as a traveling concept.’ – Peter Weingart, Bielefeld University, Germany 2021 432 pp Hardback 978 1 78990 229 7 £200.00 / $294.00 March 2023 Paperback 978 1 0353 1553 6 c £44.00 / c $63.00 eBook • Elgaronline NEW IN PAPERBACK Peace Entrepreneurs and Social Entrepreneurship Life Stories from Israelis and Palestinians Amalya Oliver-Lumerman, Tammar B. Zilber, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Haneen Sameer Magadlah Baqa Algrbiah, Tammy Rubel-Lifschitz and Yosepha Tabib-Calif, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel This timely book comprises detailed personal narratives of entrepreneurs who have worked towards peace in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. It begins by offering an innovative framework of analysis based on scientific knowledge about social entrepreneurs, defining ‘peace entrepreneurship’ and mapping its unique characteristics. It also explains the narrative methodology used, and provides a short history of the conflict in the region. 2021 264 pp Hardback 978 1 78990 628 8 £105.00 / $147.00 March 2023 Paperback 978 1 0353 1555 0 c £30.95 / c $45.00 eBook • Elgaronline

4 Save up to 20% at e-elgar.com I For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TITLES, JANUARY - MARCH 2023 NEW IN PAPERBACK Happimetrics Leveraging AI to Untangle the Surprising Link Between Ethics, Happiness and Business Success Peter A. Gloor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Center for Collective Intelligence, US, University of Cologne, Germany and Galaxyadvisors AG Based on 20 years of research, this book lays out a proven and tested method for reaching the goal of employee happiness, analyzing individuals’ communication patterns, and making them self-aware by mirroring their behaviour back to them in a privacy-respecting way. In doing so, Peter A. Gloor introduces artificial intelligence-based methods to identify personality, moral values, and ethics of individuals based on their body language and interaction with others. 2022 236 pp Hardback 978 1 80392 401 4 £85.00 / $125.00 Jan 2023 Paperback 978 1 0353 1215 3 £27.95 / $41.95 • eBook • Elgaronline New Horizons in Management series Handbook of Business and Climate Change Edited by Anant K. Sundaram and Robert G. Hansen, Dartmouth College, US Summarizing the current state of knowledge on the links between business and climate change, this timely Handbook analyzes how businesses contribute to and are affected by climate change, looking closely at their centrality in developing and deploying solutions to address this problem. Contributions from a global collection of scholars and practitioners explore a broad range of key industries’ impacts and responses to climate change, examining corporate strategy and leadership in the climate economy, functional perspectives and corporate practice, and climate finance. Jan 2023 562 pp Hardback 978 1 83910 299 8 £225.00 / $325.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Handbooks in Energy, the Environment and Climate Change NEW IN PAPERBACK Rethinking Advertising as Paratextual Communication Chris Hackley, Royal Holloway University of London and Rungpaka Amy Hackley, Birkbeck University of London, UK ‘Innovative, exemplary, outstanding, Hackley and Hackley are the Rolls and Royce, the Moët and Chandon, the Dolce and Gabbana of paratextual communication. Their book’s an investment you can’t afford to ignore’ – Stephen Brown, Ulster University, UK 2022 160 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 261 4 £70.00 / $99.00 Jan 2023 Paperback 978 1 0353 1213 9 £22.95 / $35.00 • eBook • Elgaronline Rethinking Business and Management series Understanding the Dynamics of Language and Multilingualism in Professional Contexts Advances in Language-Sensitive Management Research Edited by Philippe Lecomte, Toulouse Business School, Mary Vigier, ESC Clermont Business School, France, Claudine Gaibrois, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Business School and University of St. Gallen, Switzerland and Betty Beeler, Ecole Supérieure de Commerce, Saint-Etienne, France ‘The editors have compiled empirically grounded chapters which utilize new theoretical perspectives, demonstrate cultural and political sensitivities about language use in organizational contexts and beyond. Such a collection is no mean feat to achieve and editors and authors are to be congratulated for this important and innovative book.’ – Susanne Tietze, Sheffield Hallam University, UK Jan 2023 250 pp Hardback 978 1 78990 677 6 £100.00 / $145.00 eBook • Elgaronline NEW IN PAPERBACK The Crisis of Governance Public, Corporate and International Owen E. Hughes, Curtin University, Australia ‘In his latest book, Hughes takes readers on a sweeping tour of the crisis of governance confronting us. Exploring a range of historical and contemporary themes, Hughes stakes out a fascinating argument about the criticality of governance and why its revival is central to our shared futures.’ – Janine O’Flynn, University of Melbourne, Australia Jan 2023 192 pp Hardback 978 1 83910 329 2 £80.00 / $115.00 Jan 2023 Paperback 978 1 83910 331 5 £23.95 / $33.95 • eBook • Elgaronline Handbook on Asian Public Administration Edited by M. Shamsul Haque, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Wilson Wong, Chinese University of Hong Kong and Kilkon Ko, Seoul National University, Korea ‘This book edited by Professors Haque, Wong and Ko is an admirable new adventure to tease out complex and dynamic public administration practices in East, South, and Southeast Asia, exhibiting the evolving paths and frontier issues and debating their connections to West-based administrative practices and theories.’ – Yijia Jing, Fudan University, China Jan 2023 368 pp Hardback 978 1 83910 478 7 £185.00 / $265.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Handbooks in Public Administration and Management

5 Save up to 20% at e-elgar.com I For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TITLES, JANUARY - MARCH 2023 Handbook of Research on Artificial Intelligence, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Edited by Elias G. Carayannis, George Washington University, US and Evangelos Grigoroudis, Technical University of Crete, Greece The Handbook of Research on Artificial Intelligence, Innovation and Entrepreneurship focuses on theories, policies, practices, and politics of technology innovation and entrepreneurship based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). It examines when, where, how, and why AI triggers, catalyzes, and accelerates the development, exploration, exploitation, and invention feeding into entrepreneurial actions that result in innovation success. Feb 2023 c 490 pp Hardback 978 1 83910 674 3 £210.00 / $305.00 eBook • Elgaronline Research Handbooks in Business and Management series A Research Agenda for Sustainability and Business Edited by Sally V. Russell, University of Leeds and Rory W. Padfield, University of Leeds, UK and Universiti Teknologi, Malaysia (UTM) ‘Sustainability asks profound questions of contemporary businesses that cannot be answered through business-as-usual approaches, economists’ tendency to assume away unfortunate things, or by analyses limited to individual firms. This book resets the business and sustainability research agenda through a refreshingly multi-level perspective on key issues including supply-chains, post-pandemic resilience, degrowth and low-carbon transitions. A must-read to grasp the challenging future now unfolding for business.’ – Ken Peattie, Cardiff University, UK Feb 2023 c 272 pp Hardback 978 1 83910 770 2 £105.00 / $150.00 eBook • Elgaronline • Elgar Research Agendas TEXTBOOK Advanced Introduction to Entrepreneurial Finance Hans Landström, Lund University, Sweden‘This book makes a significant contribution to the literature on entrepreneurial finance. It provides a comprehensive review of both the demand for, and supply of, debt and equity finance. Theory and empirical evidence are both discussed in detail. This second edition includes important new content on the changing financial landscape. I recommend that anyone who is developing a course on entrepreneurial finance should base the structure and content of their teaching around this book. It is essential reading for courses on entrepreneurial finance.’ – Colin Mason, University of Glasgow, UK Feb 2023 c 250 pp Hardback 978 1 80037 164 4 £90.00 / $130.00 Feb 2023 Paperback 978 1 80037 166 8 £21.95 / $32.95 Elgar Advanced Introductions series Examination copies available on publication Social Dialogue in the Gig Economy A Comparative Empirical Analysis Edited by Jean-Michel Bonvin, Nicola Cianferoni, University of Geneva, Switzerland and Maria Mexi, Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Switzerland and International Labour Organization ‘This is an excellent collection of research on the gig economy, providing much-needed comparative analysis that is too often missing from the literature. Throughout the collection, there are chapters that will appeal to students, academics, and practitioners who are interested in understanding the gig economy today.’ – Jamie Woodcock, The Open University, UK Jan 2023 172 pp Hardback 978 1 80037 236 8 £80.00 / $120.00 eBook • Elgaronline Encyclopedia of Stakeholder Management Edited by Jacob Dahl Rendtorff, Roskilde University, Denmark and Maria BonnafousBoucher, Professor in International Strategy and Strategy Advisor to the DirectorGeneral for Higher Education of the French Government, Paris, France ‘A century has passed since Cassirer first called for all of Western philosophy – largely undisturbed from Euclid until Einstein’s Theory of Relativity – to be tested anew. Few concepts have contributed so practically and effectively to a complex systems understanding of organisations and society, than stakeholder theory. Such an outcome might easily be congruent with strands of Ed Freeman’s openly pragmatist approach. In this encyclopedic, revised companion volume and through 81 expert, scholarly entries, Jacob Dahl Rendtorff and Maria Bonnafous-Boucher marshal a collective tour de force. This book presents an effective deconstruction of the manifold, complex, and inseparable stakeholder themes that overwrite defunct, neo-classical logic, agency theory and shareholder primacy. Compelling and comprehensive stakeholder reference material for scholars, students and professionals.’ – David Bevan, St Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, Malta Feb 2023 c 528 pp Hardback 978 1 80037 423 2 £240.00 / $345.00 eBook • Elgaronline • Elgar Encyclopedias in Business and Management series Women’s Entrepreneurship Policy A Global Perspective Edited by Colette Henry, Adjunct Professor, Griffith University, Susan Coleman, Professor Emerita, University of Hartford, US and Kate V. Lewis, Newcastle University, UK ‘Well thought-out, illustrative and opportune! This outstanding collection of chapters positively influences the future of the women’s entrepreneurship research agenda and outlines new pathways for entrepreneurship policy formation, enrichment and delivery. A mustread for policy makers and scholars around the globe.’ – Rosa Nelly Trevinyo-Rodríguez, Trevinyo-Rodríguez & Associates, México Jan 2023 266 pp Hardback 978 1 80037 464 5 £100.00 / $145.00 eBook • Elgaronline

6 Save up to 20% at e-elgar.com I For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TITLES, JANUARY - MARCH 2023 OPEN ACCESS How to Design, Implement and Analyse a Survey Anthony Arundel, UNU-MERIT, the Netherlands ‘This is a much-needed book. It provides a complete and detailed overview of all practical steps that are required for settingup, executing and analysing a survey of firms and other organisations. The clear and nontechnical language makes the book highly accessible also to readers not experienced in survey techniques. Everyone planning to conduct a survey should consult this book.’ – Christian Rammer, Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), Germany March 2023 c 164 pp Hardback 978 1 80037 616 8 c £75.00 / c $110.00 eBook • Elgaronline • How to Research Guides Handbook of Gender and Technology Environment, Identity, Individual Edited by Eileen M. Trauth, The Pennsylvania State University and Jeria L. Quesenberry, Carnegie Mellon University, US ‘Professors Trauth and Quesenberry pull together the most up-to-date and comprehensive view of gender imbalance in the IT field that I am aware of. This is a timely infusion of what has been learned to date and why interventions to create more balance do and do not work. Given recent discussions in the Information Systems academic community, this should provide a wonderful resource to elevate the conversation from wheel spinning to serious action taking.’ – Fred Niederman, St. Louis University, US Feb 2023 c 448 pp Hardback 978 1 80037 791 2 £200.00 / $290.00 eBook • Elgaronline • International Handbooks on Gender series A Research Agenda for Skills and Inequality Edited by Michael Tåhlin, Stockholm University, Sweden ‘While the concept of skill is central to explanations of inequality, disciplinary boundaries have hampered a full understanding of this relationship. This timely volume fills the gap by bringing together insights from experts in diverse disciplines that together provide the basis for an exciting research framework on this vital topic.’ – Arne L. Kalleberg, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, US March 2023 c 288 pp Hardback 978 1 80037 845 2 c £100.00 / c $145.00 eBook • Elgaronline • Elgar Research Agendas Encyclopedia of Human Resource Management Edited by Stewart Johnstone, University of Strathclyde, Jenny K. Rodriguez, The University of Manchester, UK and Adrian Wilkinson, Griffith University, Australia and University of Sheffield, UK Thoroughly revised and updated to include contemporary terms that have gained importance such as furlough, unconscious bias, platform work, and Great Resignation, this second edition of the Encyclopedia of Human Resource Management is an authoritative and comprehensive reference resource comprising almost 400 entries on core HR areas and concepts. Feb 2023 c 476 pp Hardback 978 1 80037 883 4 £250.00 / $355.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Encyclopedias in Business and Management series Research Handbook on Complex Project Organizing Edited by Graham M. Winch, Alliance Manchester Business School, UK, Maude Brunet, HEC Montréal, Canada, Dongping Cao, Tongji University, China ‘Modern projects, whether undertaken by public organizations for societal benefit or private firms for commercial advantage, pose a genuine challenge for their sponsors, who often discover belatedly that their technical challenges are quickly eclipsed by other layers of complexity involved in managing myriad stakeholders (team members, cooperating organizations, public advocacy groups, and so forth). The more we can identify – in advance – the combination of technical and behavioral challenges to be addressed and begin to formulate the best means to respond to these challenges, the greater the likelihood our projects will realize their often lofty goals. Professors Winch, Brunet, and Cao have created a singularly valuable book that comes at a welcome and opportune moment, as public and private sector money to be spent on projects continues to balloon. The work of three acknowledged, world-class thinkers on project management, Research Handbook on Complex Project Organizing is destined to be an immediate and significant addition to the literature and current managerial practice. Its arrival is both timely and of critical importance to our deeper understanding of project management challenges in the twenty-first century.’ – Jeffrey K. Pinto, The Pennsylvania State University, US Jan 2023 422 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 027 6 £195.00 / $280.00 eBook • Elgaronline Research Handbooks in Business and Management series

7 Save up to 20% at e-elgar.com I For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TITLES, JANUARY - MARCH 2023 Research Handbook on Accounting and Ethics Edited by Marion Brivot, Université Laval and Charles H. Cho, York University, Canada ‘The expansion of ethical discussions within the accounting field has been notable, making accounting one of the key areas of growth for theoretical innovation in ethics. This volume brings together diverse ethical stakes of accounting, from a wide ranging and globally inclusive perspective, and is impressive in its scope and depth. Both academically insightful and relevant to practitioners and civil society actors, the volume is likely to appeal to diverse stakeholders from within and outside academia.’ – Gazi Islam, Grenoble Ecole de Management, France March 2023 c 384 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 101 3 c £180.00 / c $260.00 eBook • Elgaronline Research Handbooks in Accounting series How to Conduct Qualitative Research in Social Science Edited by Pranee Liamputtong, VinUniversity, Vietnam Explaining both the theoretical and practical aspects of doing qualitative research, the book uses examples from real-world research projects to emphasise how to conduct qualitative research in the social sciences. Pranee Liamputtong draws together contributions covering qualitative research in cultural and medical anthropology, sociology, gender studies, political science, criminology, demography, economic sciences, social work, and education. Jan 2023 246 pp Hardback 978 1 80037 618 2 £100.00 / $145.00 eBook • Elgaronline How to Research Guides Accreditation Agencies in the European Higher Education Area Nonprofit Business Models, Competition and Survival Stefan Handke, University of Applied Sciences, Germany ‘This is an interesting book, which is a valuable contribution to the literature on QA in higher education. The use of economic and business insights are relevant for the sector of HE. They lead to challenging thoughts on chances for QA-agencies to play a meaningful role in developing a stronger EHEA.’ – Karl Dittrich, President of EQAR, Belgium Feb 2023 c 178 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 124 2 £80.00 / $115.00 eBook • Elgaronline New Horizons in Nonprofit Research series A Research Agenda for Organization Studies, Feminisms and New Materialisms Edited by Marta B. Calás and Linda Smircich, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, US ‘Feminisms are indispensable to new materialisms, though the field of management studies prefers to forget it. This volume flies in the face of that erasure with an eclectic mix of essays that disrupt what management research and education are becoming. The result is both deeply unsettling and hopeful—an urgent call to know and do otherwise with our ailing world.’ – Karen Lee Ashcraft, University of Colorado Boulder, US Jan 2023 214 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 126 6 £90.00 / $130.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Research Agendas Space and Organizing On Spatial Agencing Edited by Gustavo Guzman, Griffith University, Australia, Andreas Diedrich, University of Gothenburg, Sweden and Franck Cochoy, University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès, and Institut Universitaire de France, France ‘One of the greatest challenges of our time is to get rid of the conception of space as a given passive décor. As this book brilliantly demonstrates, the notion of spatial agencing provides powerful tools to explore the joint formation of space, time and subjectivities and to understand how globalization means integration as well as fragmentation.’ – Michel Callon, École des mines de Paris, France This timely book explores how space emerges as people attempt to organize and reorganize their everyday activities. From the workplace to the internet, geographical districts to international development projects, it offers new insights on how created spaces enable further activities as the organizing process evolves. March 2023 c 208 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 155 6 c £90.00 / c $130.00 eBook • Elgaronline A Research Agenda for Gender and Leadership Edited by Sherylle J. Tan, Claremont McKenna College and Lisa DeFrank-Cole, West Virginia University, US ‘Once again Sherylle J. Tan and Lisa DeFrank-Cole have made an important contribution to the continuing conversation of gender and leadership. This edited collection pays particular attention to the context within which these discussions are being held, especially the changing conceptions of gender and the changing language around gender. Both require we reconsider how we think about leadership, and followership, in the third decade of the 21st Century.’ – Barbara Kellerman, Harvard University, US March 2023 c 208 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 381 9 c £85.00 / c $125.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Research Agendas

8 Save up to 20% at e-elgar.com I For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TITLES, JANUARY - MARCH 2023 A Modern Guide to the Informal Economy Colin C. Williams, University of Sheffield, UK ‘Peerless and prolific, Professor Colin Williams has again produced an essential guide for anyone wanting a concise yet sophisticated introduction to contemporary issues in the “informal economy”. With admirable clarity and precision, Professor Williams deftly explains the magnitude, characteristics and drivers of the informal economy. Nuanced assessments of theoretical and policy choices inform the “roadmap” this text provides to understanding such an integral feature of the global economy. Seasoned scholars and newcomers alike will find value in Professor Williams’ latest contribution to this important topic,’ – Monder Ram, Aston University, UK March 2023c 410 ppHardback978 1 78897 560 5c £120.00c $175.00 Elgar Modern Guides • eBook • Elgaronline Clusters of Innovation in the Age of Disruption Edited by Jerome S. Engel, University of California, Berkeley, US ‘How do entrepreneurs, risk capital and corporate Innovation strategy come together to form an innovation cluster? Clusters of Innovation in the Age of Disruption provides a framework for understanding how this happens. This essential text updates the innovation cluster framework and provides a series of case studies on urban clusters and national strategies. Insightful, intuitive and intelligent – Clusters of Innovation in the Age of Disruption is a guide to creating value out of chaos.’ – Steve Blank, Stanford University, US 2022 480 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 515 8 £135.00 / $200.00 Jan 202 Paperback 978 1 0353 1214 6 £39.00 / $58.00 • eBook • Elgaronline Handbook of Cultural Intelligence Research Edited by David C. Thomas, University of Victoria, Canada and Yuan Liao, University of Sydney, Australia ‘As a retired academic, I find it heartening that the field of cultural intelligence that I was involved in 20 years ago with David Thomas has become such a major focus for research, that its early pioneers continue to do ground-breaking work, and that so many other fine scholars have been attracted. The progress represented in this book is astonishing, and it will help to ensure that the next two decades of work on cultural intelligence are as ground-breaking as the first two.’ – Kerr Inkson, University of Auckland, New Zealand March 2023 c 512 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 715 2 c £170.00 / c $250.00 eBook • Elgaronline Research Handbooks in Business and Management series Creating Inclusive and Engaging Online Courses A Teaching Guide Edited by Monica Sanders, Georgetown University Law Center and Tulane University Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy, US ‘This book about inclusive and engaging course design draws upon teaching methods from Socrates to the new standards of digital citizenship that support the step-by-step implementation of their online educational framework. It is with enthusiasm and necessity that I recommend a focused read of this work.’ – Erik Xavier Wood, Georgetown University, US 2022 176 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 887 6 £80.00 / $115.00 Feb 2023 Paperback 978 1 0353 1346 4 £23.95 / $33.95 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Guides to Teaching Research Handbook on Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Family Firms Edited by Sascha Kraus, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy, Thomas Clauss, Witten/Herdecke University, Germany and Andreas Kallmuenzer, Excelia Business School, France ‘In an increasingly uncertain and volatile environment, many family businesses survive for decades and even centuries. This book offers the main keys to this long-term success, analyzing the role of entrepreneurship and innovation. An essential book to understand the future of the family business in new times.’ – José C. Casillas, University of Seville, Spain March 2023 c 484 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 923 1 c £175.00 / c $255.00 eBook • Elgaronline • Research Handbooks in Business and Management series Organizing Independence Negotiations between Journalism and Management in News Organizations Elena Raviola, University of Gothenburg, Sweden ‘Rich in facts, strong in ideas, deep in its critique – a much needed, important book on the changing organization of journalism and its implications for society.’ – Martin Kornberger, University of Edinburgh, UK 2022 176 pp Hardback 978 1 80220 036 2 £75.00 / $110.00 Feb 2023 Paperback 978 1 0353 1347 1 £23.95 / $33.95 eBook • Elgaronline

9 Save up to 20% at e-elgar.com I For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TITLES, JANUARY - MARCH 2023 How to Develop a Sustainable Business School Véronique Ambrosini, Gavin Jack, Monash University, Australia and LisaThomas, Kedge Business School, France ‘While business schools were heralded as the success story of 21st Century higher education, this book argues that a paradigm shift in governance is now required. Going beyond wellrehearsed criticisms of business schools and programmatic calls for incremental change, Ambrosini and colleagues argue that business school leaders must change the raison d’être of their organisations to focus on sustainability. The authors’ skilful marshalling of evidence and insight convinces of the need for transformation. Their deep appreciation of the institutional context surfaces many barriers to progress. For those who are brave enough to try to address these challenges, this book will provide an authoritative source of inspiration.’ – Martin Kitchener, Cardiff University, UK Jan 2023 128 pp Hardback 978 1 80220 120 8 £70.00 / $99.00 eBook • Elgaronline • How To Guides Handbook of Multi-Level Climate Actions Sparking and Sustaining Transformative Approaches Edited by Mark Starik, University of Wisconsin Extended Campus, Gordon P. Rands, Western Illinois University, Jonathan P. Deason, The George Washington University and Patricia Kanashiro, Loyola University Maryland, US ’As our planet changes - from melting ice caps, record-breaking heat and cold, super-strong hurricanes and ocean surges - most think it’s someone else’s problem. This Handbook emphasizes the need for everyone - from individuals to community to local government and industry, to national governments and international consortia - to all step up, so as to leave the wonderful bounty from this planet for our children and children’s children. A must read!’ – Scott Sklar, The George Washington University, US March 2023 c 560 pp Hardback 978 1 80220 244 1 c £215.00 / c $310.00 eBook • Elgaronline Research Handbooks in Business and Management series Elgar Encyclopedia of Services Edited by Faïz Gallouj, University of Lille, Camal Gallouj, University of Sorbonne Paris-Nord, Marie-Christine Monnoyer, University of Toulouse 1 and Catholic Institute of Toulouse, France and Luis Rubalcaba, University of Alcalá, Spain With the assistance of Markus Scheuer, Rheinisch-Westfalisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung, Essen, Germany The Encyclopedia of Services is a groundbreaking resource that offers a unique overview of what constitutes the main source of wealth and employment in our contemporary economies, namely services. Jan 2023 756 pp Hardback 978 1 80220 258 8 £295.00 / $420.00 eBook • Elgaronline • Elgar Encyclopedias in the Social Sciences series Handbook of Research on Cooperatives and Mutuals Edited by Matthew S. Elliott, South Dakota State University and Michael A. Boland, University of Minnesota, US ‘This Handbook is remarkable for the breadth and quality of its contributors. Kudos to the Editors for assembling such a comprehensive collection of chapters on cooperatives and mutuals theory, governance, and practice.’ – Brent Hueth, U.S Department of Agriculture, Washington DC, US Feb 2023 c 598 pp Hardback 978 1 80220 260 1 £235.00 / $335.00 eBook • Elgaronline Research Handbook on Design Thinking Edited by Karla Straker and Cara Wrigley, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia ‘The Research Handbook on Design Thinking: Multiple Perspectives is a helpful and intriguing read for those who want to further their knowledge of Design Thinking. The experts who are included in this book provide a wide variety of content, and overall, a holistic examination of Design Thinking, that allows the reader to gain insights with every chapter.’ – Lorraine Justice, Rochester Institute of Technology, US March 2023 c 344 pp Hardback 978 1 80220 312 7 c £180.00 / c $255.00 eBook • Elgaronline Research Handbooks in Business and Management series Cases on Digital Entrepreneurship How Digital Technologies are Transforming the Entrepreneurial Process in Existing Businesses and Start-ups Edited by Luca Iandoli and Carmine Gibaldi, St. John’s University, New York, US ‘This book highlights the diversity and dynamism of digital entrepreneurship. Through case studies drawn from multiple industries and different countries, including the Global South, readers are introduced to the challenges and opportunities associated with digital technologies. These are varied, as are the tools that the book provides to help readers understand how the cases developed. Through combining the cases and tools, what emerges is a rich set of insights into digital entrepreneurship, enabling readers to develop their analytical skills and further their understanding of this area.’ – Jason Whalley, University of Northumbria, UK Feb 2023 c 288 pp Hardback 978 1 80220 385 1 £105.00 / $155.00

10 Save up to 20% at e-elgar.com I For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TITLES, JANUARY - MARCH 2023 Elgar Cases in Entrepreneurship Authoritarian Capitalism in the Age of Globalization Peter Bloom, University of Essex, UK ‘This insightful book addresses a burning question: the relationship between capitalism and democracy in our crisisridden world. Bloom elegantly shows that the spread of capitalism worldwide has driven political systems towards increasingly authoritarian forms – and what we can do to reverse course, and build more tolerant and democratic societies. An essential read for troubled times.’ – Alfredo Saad Filho, King’s College London, UK Feb 2023 c 244 pp Hardback 978 1 80220 460 5 £90.00 / $130.00 eBook • Elgaronline Contingent Workers’ Voice in Southern Europe Collective Experiences of Protection and Representation Edited by Sofía Pérez de Guzmán, Marcela Iglesias-Onofrio, Universidad de Cádiz, Spain and Ivana Pais, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy ‘Contingent Workers’ Voice in Southern Europe presents new insights into the growing world of contingent work, which is particularly significant in Southern Europe. A must read for everybody looking for inspiring cases of collective representation of platform workers and freelancers as well as conceptual tools for analyzing new forms of representation and social dialogue among contingent workers.’ – Anna Ilsøe, University of Copenhagen, Denmark Jan 2023 230 pp Hardback 978 1 80220 556 5 £95.00 / $135.00 eBook • Elgaronline Southern European Societies series Small Firms and U.S. Technology Policy Social Benefits of the U.S. Small Business Innovation Research Program Albert N. Link and Martijn van Hasselt, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, US ‘In an era where public policy is increasingly politicized and decisive, this important new book sheds pathbreaking light on how evidence-based analysis can provide a neutral scientific-based assessment of technology policy. The careful findings make it clear how and why technology policy can unleash the innovative potential of not just small firms but an entire society and economy.’ – David B. Audretsch, Indiana University, US March 2023 c 156 pp Hardback 978 1 80220 558 9 c £75.00 / c $105.00 eBook • Elgaronline Research Handbook on Project Performance Edited by Vittal S. Anantatmula, Western Carolina University, US and Chakradhar Iyyunni, European School of Governance, Germany ‘For project managers, identifying, selecting and implementing “best” project management practices that can have a major impact on project performance are not easy tasks to conduct. One can ask what is the role of project managers to do so? How can project managers implement and measure project management success? With the collaboration of well-known academics, this book sheds light on the concepts and dimensions on project success and project performance. A must-read to understand the conditions to achieve project success and improve project performance.’ – Nathalie Drouin, Université du Québec à Montréal (ESG UQAM), Canada March 2023 c 318 pp Hardback 978 1 80220 760 6 c £170.00 / c $245.00 eBook • Elgaronline Research Handbooks in Business and Management series Business Teaching Beyond Silos Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Learning Edited by Lauren Traczykowski, Alan D.Goddard, Aston University, Gillian Knight, Royal Holloway, University of London and Elinor Vettraino, Aston University, UK ‘Traditional academic silos have developed refined pedagogies to enable knowledge transfer from the classroom to the workplace. Yet, in these silos, we’ve lost connections that facilitate greater learning opportunities for our students. Traczykowski, Goddard, Knight, and Vettraino bridge STEM, business, and the arts and humanities pedagogies and remind us to put the learner at the heart of what we do.’ – Anthony R. Wheeler, Widener University, US Feb 2023 c 244 pp Hardback 978 1 80220 902 0 £95.00 / $140.00 eBook • Elgaronline Encyclopedia of the Social and Solidarity Economy A Collective Work of the United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force on SSE (UNTFSSE) Edited by Ilcheong Yi, United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD), Switzerland, et al ‘This magnificent work captures the rich diversity of experiences, backgrounds and visions of those of us who work in peoplecentered economics. It is, therefore, an essential tool for consolidating a paradigm of international cooperation that makes an effective impact in each territory.’ – Ariel E. Guarco, President of the International Cooperative Alliance, Belgium Feb 2023 c 512 pp Hardback 978 1 80392 091 7 £215.00 / $315.00 eBook • Elgaronline

African Philanthropy Philanthropic Responses to Covid-19 and Development Goals in Africa Edited by Bhekinkosi Moyo, Mzukisi Qobo and Nomfundo Ngwenya, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa ‘African Philanthropy now leads the field in advancing our understanding of the dynamics of philanthropy in Africa. This exceptional study has both theoretical power and exceptionally valuable case studies, and its focus on the impact of Covid-19 on African philanthropy and civil society is an especially valuable contribution. Scholars, activists, practitioners and academic libraries will find this an invaluable resource to understanding the rapidly changing face of philanthropy and civil society in Africa.’ – Mark Sidel, University of Wisconsin-Madison, US March 2023 c 244 pp Hardback 978 1 80392 786 2 c £90.00 / c $130.00 eBook • Elgaronline The Footballization of China Strategies for World Cup Glory Sten Söderman, Stockholm University, Sweden ‘Football in China has always been something of an enigma, especially over the last decade. Often under researched and misunderstood, Söderman’s text lifts the veil on recent developments using an appropriately rigorous analytical approach. This is an important book that will appeal to researchers and fans alike.’ – Simon Chadwick, Skema Business School, France Jan 2023 180 pp Hardback 978 1 80392 825 8 £85.00 / $120.00 eBook • Elgaronline TEXTBOOK Taking the Fear Out of Data Analysis Completely Revised, Significantly Extended and Still Fun Adamantios Diamantopoulos, University of Vienna, Bodo B. Schlegelmilch, WU Vienna, Austria and Georgios Halkias, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark ‘Written with wry wit and incredible clarity, the authors’ provide the reader a detailed understanding of seminal issues in data analysis. A masterful work that truly does “take the fear out of data analysis” – this book is a rare treat indeed.’ – David A. Griffith, Mays Business School, Texas A&M University, US Feb 2023 c 348 pp Hardback 978 1 80392 983 5 £110.00 / $155.00 Feb 2023 Paperback 978 1 80392 985 9 £31.95 / $47.00 Examination copies available on publication SMEs in the Digital Era Opportunities and Challenges of the Digital Single Market Edited by Emanuela Carbonara, University of Bologna and Johns Hopkins University SAIS Europe and Maria Rita Tagliaventi, University of Bologna, Italy ‘The digital revolution is transforming economic and social relationships at a furious pace, creating exciting new opportunities but, of course, ubiquitous challenges. The potential for SMEs to be a vibrant source of growth and innovation is clear, and yet they are ostensibly falling short in the process. This excellent book offers insights as to the impact of the digital revolution on SMEs as well as means for them to discover their potential in a truly-integrated European economy.’ – Michael G. Plummer, Johns Hopkins University, SAIS Europe March 2023 c 270 pp Hardback 978 1 80392 163 1 c £95.00 / c $135.00 eBook • Elgaronline TEXTBOOK Advanced Introduction to Radical Innovation Joe Tidd, University of Sussex Business School, UK ‘Professor Tidd does it again! The innovation guru of decades gifts us another timeless volume exploring radical innovation. A must read for professionals and academicians. The key to unlocking radical innovation is presented to us in such a meticulous way that the book will be a guide for many dealing with radical innovations during these most challenging times.’ – Tugrul U. Daim, Portland State University, US Jan 2023 140 pp Hardback 978 1 80392 285 0 £85.00 / $120.00 Jan 2023 Paperback 978 1 80392 287 4 £16.45 / $24.95 Elgar Advanced Introductions series Examination copies available on publication TEXTBOOK Globalization A Multi-Dimensional System C. Gopinath, Suffolk University, US ‘Gopinath brilliantly connects the present with history through rich, recent examples of the impact of interactions across the world. Insights from the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, enhance his pragmatic framework, rooted in systems thinking, that analyzes the forces of globalization and its facets. An entertaining and thoughtprovoking read, Gopinath offers much to both scholars and curious practitioners of international management.’ – Sri Zaheer, University of Minnesota, US Jan 2023 264 pp Hardback 978 1 80392 607 0 £95.00 / $135.00 Jan 2023 Paperback 978 1 80392 609 4 £35.00 / $50.00 Examination copies available on publication 11 Save up to 20% at e-elgar.com I For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TITLES, JANUARY - MARCH 2023

TEXTBOOK The Global Challenge Managing People Across Borders Vladimir Pucik, Aalto University School of Business, Ingmar Björkman, Hanken School of Economics, Finland, Paul Evans, INSEAD, France and Günter K. Stahl, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria ‘The most successful global companies are the ones that get the best out of their people. But the challenges in doing this have never been more acute. This new edition of The Global Challenge provides you with a detailed guide to hiring, enabling and motivating a diverse workforce from around the world. Packed with up-to-date case studies of old-world and new-world companies, it provides you with a strong theoretical background on managing people across borders as well as useful practical advice.’ – Julian Birkinshaw, London Business School, UK Feb 2023 c 578 pp Hardback 978 1 0353 0071 6 £150.00 / $220.00 Feb 2023 Paperback 978 1 0353 0073 0 £39.00 / $58.00 Examination copies available on publication Corporate Finance for Lawyers Understanding the Power Balance Between Shareholders, Secured Lenders and Unsecured Creditors Rolef de Weijs, University of Amsterdam, Joost de Vries, JBR Institute and Aart Jonkers, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands ‘This work presents a great utility in how it addresses issues affecting businesses from legal, economic, financial and accounting perspectives from the moment of setting up to when a business experiences financial difficulties. The treatment is holistic, the materials from impeccable sources and the arguments firmly grounded in the authors’ many years of experience. Without doubt, it is an important and timely text.’ – Paul Omar, De Montfort Leicester Law School, UK Feb 2023 308 pp Hardback 978 1 0353 0202 4 £120.00 / $175.00 eBook • Elgaronline The Economics of Frugal Innovation Technological Change for Inclusion and Sustainability Christian Le Bas, Lyon Catholic University, France ‘This is a fresh and important addition to the literature on frugal innovation. Christian Le Bas has done an excellent job in bringing key elements of the economics of frugal innovation together. This book will be a reference on any economics of innovation bookshelf.’ – Alexander Brem, University of Stuttgart, Germany Feb 2023 c 186 pp Hardback 978 1 0353 0232 1 £80.00 / $115.00 eBook • Elgaronline 12 Save up to 20% at e-elgar.com I For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com Institutional Theory and Organizational Change Staffan Furusten, Stockholm University, Sweden ‘In this impressive new edition of his well-received book, Staffan Furusten extends his analysis of the impact of institutional environments on contemporary organizations. He considers not only the market forces emphasized in traditional theories, but also crystallized macro- and meso- structures, such as legal arrangements. And he reviews the impact of less-codified ideological and cultural frames that modify and enlarge organizations. The book is a real contribution to the institutional analyses central to contemporary thought, as both an intellectual synthesis and a useful text.’ – John W. Meyer, Professor of Sociology, Emeritus, Stanford University, US Jan 2023 162 pp Hardback 978 1 0353 0720 3 £75.00 / $110.00 eBook • Elgaronline Research Handbook on Diversity and Corporate Governance Edited by Sabina Tasheva, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark and Morten Huse, BI Norwegian Business School, Norway ‘In this stimulating volume, Sabina Tasheva and Morten Huse have curated innovative, inclusive, intersectional, and multilevel perspectives on diversity in the corporate boardroom. The volume’s contributing authors are experts in their research areas and their chapters address real-world and contemporary issues and challenges. Taken together, this book is a call to action to deepen and extend our understanding and practice of board diversity.’ – Diana Bilimoria, Case Western Reserve University, Ohio, US Feb 2023 c 256 pp Hardback 978 1 80037 777 6 £135.00 / $190.00 eBook • Elgaronline Research Handbooks in Business and Management series BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TITLES, JANUARY - MARCH 2023