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  1. Edited by V. H. Manek Kirpalani
    This impressive Handbook provides a dynamic perspective on the international entrepreneurial strategies of SMEs, including the role and experience of their founders, as well as the collaboration of these SMEs in networks with larger firms. The expert contributors from all over the world and the editors explore the origin and evolution of internationalizing SMEs, the changing history and the future outlook of this sector. They study the effects of different cultures on the origin and growth of entrepreneurship and SMEs. The Handbook also studies the different types of Born Globals that emerge from different parts of the world. Learn More
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  2. Edited by Nunzia Auletta, Rocki-Lee DeWitt, Maria Jose Parada, Mohar Yusof
    This illustrative volume considers the interface of business structures, contexts, and leadership building blocks to explore the contingent nature of leadership development in transgenerational entrepreneurship. Longitudinal case studies of twenty-seven family firms in nine different countries provide a rich, global selection of leadership development insights by examining the role of values, professionalization, leadership style and other contingent factors. Learn More
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  3. Edited by Claire Leitch
    This insightful Handbook introduces a variety of qualitative data collection methods and analysis techniques pertinent in exploring the complex phenomenon of entrepreneurship. Detailed and practical accounts of how to conduct research employing verbal protocol analysis, critical incident technique, repertory grids, metaphors, and the constant comparative method are provided. Scholars new to the area, doctoral students, as well as established academics keen to extend their research scope, will find this book an invaluable and timely resource. Learn More
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  4. Edited by Geert De Baere
    This timely book examines the manner in which international courts and tribunals have contributed and continue to contribute to the rule of law at the national, European and international levels. The expert contributors deal with key issues including fundamental procedural and substantive legal principles, sources, tools of interpretation and enforcement. The rule of law-focused approach offers a unique opportunity for a thorough cross-case analysis of the differences and commonalities in the essential contributions of the respective courts and tribunals to international justice. Learn More
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  6. Context, Process And Gender In Entrepreneurship

    Context, Process And Gender In Entrepreneurship

    Edited by Robert Blackburn, Ulla Hytti, Friederike Welter
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  7. Edited by
    Shoshana Grossbard, a leading scholar in this field, has selected the most influential classic and recent articles which highlight the economic importance of marriage and related institutions. The volume first considers marriage and related outcomes, including cohabitation, matching, brideprice and dowry, and law and economic questions relating to divorce. It then investigates the consequences of marriage and marriage markets for labour supply, household production, wages, consumption, household finance, education and fertility. A clear original introduction by the editor provides an illuminating guide to the selected articles and to their place within the economic and demographic literature. Learn More
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  8. Historical Foundations Of Globalization

    Historical Foundations Of Globalization

    Edited by James Foreman-Peck
    This title offers an impressive collection of scholarly papers which investigate the historical foundations of globalization before 1945. The book explores the effects of the nineteenth century technologies of the railway, the telegraph and the steamship which promoted the globalization process by boosting trade across frontiers and triggering migration of labour and flows of capital to the temperate areas of agriculture. The colonial empires, in particular the British Empire, facilitated the process, as the integration of capital markets and monetary systems and methods of business organization followed trade and labour. The volume also covers the time between the wars, when impediments to trade, migration and currency movements increased and led to a period of deglobalization and divergence. Learn More
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  9. Money, Exchange And Production

    Money, Exchange And Production

    Thomas M. Humphrey
    This timely volume provides a second collection of Thomas Humphrey’s papers in the area of the history of economic thought and is a long-awaited companion to his critically acclaimed first volume of essays, Money, Banking and Inflation. Learn More
    1998   Hardback Price: $ 123.00   Online: $ 110.70
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  10. The Political Economy Of Central Banking

    The Political Economy Of Central Banking

    Edited by Philip Arsetis, Malcolm Sawyer
    A number of the authors challenge the foundations for the growing claims that increased central bank independence will ensure, at no cost, that inflation is both lower and less variable, finding that there are significant employment costs associated with central bank independence. The authors also discuss theoretical issues, including the meaning of, and possibilities for, monetary policy in an endogenous money framework. They go on to examine central banking in a number of countries including the G7 group, Italy and New Zealand. Finally, they also provide explanations for the evident instabilities of the Exchange Rate Mechanism in recent years and offer words of caution for the European Central Bank. Learn More
    1998   Hardback Price: $ 145.00   Online: $ 130.50
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  11. Transforming International Organizations

    Transforming International Organizations

    Edited by William G. Egelhoff
    International strategies and the organizational designs of multinational corporations are in a period of transition; the dominant designs of the recent past are gone and new dominant designs have not yet emerged. This authoritative collection of articles by leading international scholars presents the dominant ways of examining and understanding these current changes. It investigates contrasting points of view and provides the reader with a framework for evaluating the transformation of international corporations and for developing a critical insight which will be as useful for understanding future changes as it is for understanding those that have already occurred. Learn More
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  12. Developing And Newly Industrializing Countries

    Developing And Newly Industrializing Countries

    Edited by Chris Milner
    This two volume set presents a wide-ranging selection of important articles, which explore the effects of the globalization of the world economy on developing and newly industrialized countries. It investigates policies of liberalizing trade in developing countries and the effects of the inflow of capital and investment; it explores how the trend towards developing regional trading areas in for example, Europe, the Americas and the Pacific area, affects and is affected by globalization. Further topics include the role of multinational firms, the effects of the economic decisions taken by worldwide organizations or by the institutions of the major economic players, and the impact of global policy issues such as environment and trade on emerging economies. Learn More
    1998   Hardback Price: $ 465.00   Online: $ 418.50
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  13. Structural Change, Industrial Location And Competitiveness

    Structural Change, Industrial Location And Competitiveness

    Edited by Joanne E. Oxley, Bernard Yeung
    Rapid technological developments in communications and transportation, economic liberalization and the emergence of new economies with vast market potential have changed the shape of international production. This scholarly selection of articles represents some of the most important contributions to an understanding of this ongoing, global economic restructuring and its impact on the geographic configuration of production and the economic competitiveness of nations in the world economy. Learn More
    1998   Hardback Price: $ 330.00   Online: $ 297.00
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  14. Strategic Alliances

    Strategic Alliances

    Edited by Paul W. Beamish
    The study of strategic alliances is one of the major areas of business research in the 1980s and 1990s. This volume contains a significant collection of papers which represent the key theoretical and empirical contributions of leading international scholars. The concept of the joint venture is investigated from various perspectives including design, on-going management, performance and control. Learn More
    1998   Hardback Price: $ 285.00   Online: $ 256.50
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  15. The Economics Of Imperfect Knowledge

    The Economics Of Imperfect Knowledge

    G. B. Richardson
    The Economics of Imperfect Knowledge will be welcomed by those interested in microeconomic theory, industrial organization and competition policy. Learn More
    1998   Hardback Price: $ 130.00   Online: $ 117.00
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  16. Game Theory And The Environment

    Game Theory And The Environment

    Edited by Nick Hanley, Henk Folmer
    Game theory has emerged as a powerful new tool in environmental economics, especially in the study of transboundary pollution problems such as global warming and acid rain. This is the first book specifically concerned with this expanding field and addresses key issues in the application of game theory to environmental economics. The book features an impressive list of leading authorities who begin by providing a concise introduction and overview of game theory concepts. They then present an examination of methodological issues, and finally apply game theory to a variety of environmental management problems. Learn More
    1998   Hardback Price: $ 178.00   Online: $ 160.20
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  17. Public Choice And Environmental Regulation

    Public Choice And Environmental Regulation

    Gert T. Svendsen
    Gert Tinggaard Svendsen offers a detailed and comprehensive study of two alternative methods for controlling CO2 emissions – tradable permits and taxation – using examples of varying success from the United States and Europe. Learn More
    1998   Hardback Price: $ 140.00   Online: $ 126.00
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  18. The Microeconomics Of Transformation And Growth

    The Microeconomics Of Transformation And Growth

    Edited by Horst Brezinski, Egon Franck, Michael Fritsch
    This groundbreaking book discusses the significance of a microeconomic approach to the transformation process in Eastern Europe from a theoretical and empirical perspective. It reveals that microeconomic conditions constitute the framework for the successful restructuring and recovery of the post-socialist countries in Europe. Learn More
    1998   Hardback Price: $ 140.00   Online: $ 126.00
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  19. Industrial Organisation And Innovation

    Industrial Organisation And Innovation

    Salvatore Torrisi
    This important book provides a systematic and quantitative analysis of the development of the software industry: the major growth industry in advanced economies of the world. It presents the results of a comprehensive set of industry surveys to shed light on the differences in specialization and performance of US and European software firms. Learn More
    1998   Hardback Price: $ 134.00   Online: $ 120.60
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  20. Ecological Economics

    Ecological Economics

    Malte Faber, Reiner Manstetten, John Proops
    Ecological Economics offers an authoritative overview of a rapidly developing discipline lying at the interface of economics, natural science and philosophy. This pioneering new book focuses on the concepts and methods required to integrate sciences and humanities in order to build ecological economics. Learn More
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    1998   Paperback Price: $ 60.00   Online: $ 48.00
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