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  1. Research Handbook on International Law and Natural Resources

    Research Handbook on International Law and Natural Resources

    Edited by Elisa Morgera, Kati Kulovesi
    Research Handbook on International Law and Natural Resources provides a systematic and comprehensive analysis of the role of international law in regulating the exploration and exploitation of natural resources. It illuminates interactions and tensions between international environmental law, human rights law and international economic law. It also discusses the relevance of soft law, international dispute settlement, as well as of various unilateral, bilateral, regional and transnational initiatives in the governance of natural resources. While the Handbook is accessible to those approaching the subject for the first time, it identifies pressing areas for further investigation that will be of interest to advanced researchers. Learn More
    November 2016   Hardback Price: $ 255.00   Online: $ 229.50
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  2. Handbook of Empirical Research on Islam and Economic Life

    Handbook of Empirical Research on Islam and Economic Life

    Edited by M. Kabir Hassan
    In Islamic jurisprudence, a comprehensive ethic has been formulated governing how business and commerce should be run, how accountability to God and the community is to be achieved, and how banking and finance is to be arranged. This Handbook examines how well these values are translated into actual performance. It explores whether those holding true to the system are hindered and put at a disadvantage or whether the Islamic institutions have been able to demonstrate that faith-based activities can be rewarding, both economically and spiritually. Learn More
    November 2016   Hardback Price: $ 265.00   Online: $ 238.50
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  3. Comparative Law for Spanish–English Lawyers

    Comparative Law for Spanish–English Lawyers

    Stacie I. Strong, Katia Fach Gómez, Laura Carballo Piñeiro
    Comparative Law for Spanish–English Lawyers provides practitioners and students of law, in a variety of English- and Spanish- speaking countries, with the information and skills needed to successfully undertake competent comparative legal research and communicate with local counsel and clients in a second language. Written with the purpose of helping lawyers develop the practical skills essential for success in today’s increasingly international legal market, this book aims to arm its readers with the tools needed to translate unfamiliar legal terms and contextualize the legal concepts and practices used in foreign legal systems. Comparative Law for Spanish–English Lawyers / Derecho comparado para abogados anglo- e hispanoparlantes, escrita en inglés y español, persigue potenciar las habilidades lingüísticas y los conocimientos de derecho comparado de sus lectores. Con este propósito, términos y conceptos jurídicos esenciales son explicados al hilo del análisis riguroso y transversal de selectas jurisdicciones hispano- y angloparlantes. El libro pretende con ello que abogados, estudiantes de derecho y traductores puedan trabajar en una segunda lengua con solvencia y consciencia de las diferencias jurídicas y culturales que afectan a las relaciones con abogados y clientes extranjeros. La obra se complementa con ejercicios individuales y en grupo que permiten a los lectores reflexionar sobre estas divergencias. Learn More
    November 2016   Hardback Price: $ 210.00   Online: $ 189.00
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  4. Labour Regulation and Development

    Labour Regulation and Development

    Edited by Shelley Marshall, Colin Fenwick
    November 2016   Hardback Price: $ 110.00   Online: $ 99.00
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  5. Energy Security, Trade and the EU

    Energy Security, Trade and the EU

    Rafael Leal-Arcas, Costantino Grasso, Juan Alemany Ríos
    Energy security is a burning issue in a world where 1.4 billion people still have no access to electricity. This book is about finding solutions for energy security through the international trading system. Focusing mainly on the European Union as a case study, this holistic and comprehensive analysis of the existing legal and geopolitical instruments strives to identify the shortcomings of the international and EU energy trade governance systems, concluding with the notion of a European Energy Union and what the EU is politically prepared to accept as part of its unified energy security. Learn More
    October 2016   Hardback Price: $ 160.00   Online: $ 144.00
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  6. Global Health Law

    Global Health Law

    Edited by Gian Luca Burci
    This two-volume set gathers together some of the most significant contributions to the study of global health law. Global health law is a recent field of research in its own right and encompasses the relatively narrow core of international rules and institutions devoted to health protection and promotion as well as the complex interactions between health and multiple areas of international law. By bringing such diverse perspectives into a single collection, the book will be an important resource for scholars and practitioners both in public health as well as in legal and policy fields such as trade and investment, human rights and the environment. Learn More
    October 2016   Hardback Price: $ 670.00   Online: $ 603.00
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  7. Judicial Interpretation of Tax Treaties

    Judicial Interpretation of Tax Treaties

    Carlo Garbarino
    Judicial Interpretation of Tax Treaties is a detailed analytical guide to the interpretation of tax treaties at the national level. The book focuses on how domestic courts interpret and apply the OECD Commentary to OECD Model Tax Convention on Income and on Capital. Adopting a global perspective, the book gives a systematic presentation of the main interpretive proposals put forward by the OECD Commentary, and analyses selected cases decided in domestic tax systems in order to assess whether and how such solutions are adopted through national judicial process, and indeed which of these are of most practical value. The book operates on two levels: Firstly it sets out a clear and comprehensive framework of tax treaty law, which will be an important tool for any tax practitioner. Secondly, the book provides crucial guidance on issues of tax treaty law as applied at domestic level, such as investment or business income, dispute resolution and administrative cooperation. Learn More
    October 2016   Hardback Price: $ 310.00   Online: $ 279.00
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  8. Reputation Risk and Globalisation

    Reputation Risk and Globalisation

    Terry O’Callaghan
    Recently multinational corporations have begun to reinvent themselves as socially responsible actors. This is largely in response to activist pressure. These activists have perceptively understood the link between corporate success and corporate behaviour. Corporate self-regulation has emerged as an important mechanism to counter this activist pressure. The author argues that corporations have a capacity for self-regulation because their reputation is critical to their success. As such, reputation is beginning to discipline corporate behaviour. The book first explores the link between corporate reputation, corporate behaviour and self-regulation. The author then compares and contrasts various studies of multinational corporations that have sought to self-regulate. Learn More
    October 2016   Hardback Price: $ 120.00   Online: $ 108.00
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  9. Advanced Introduction to Public Choice

    Advanced Introduction to Public Choice

    Randall G. Holcombe
    Using Public Choice economic methods, this Advanced Introduction presents a focused narrative about political decision-making based on the work that has defined the discipline. Each chapter ends with a Notes section to discuss the research on which the chapter is based, with an emphasis on the pioneering work that has shaped the development of Public Choice. Randall G. Holcombe emphasizes the theoretical foundations of Public Choice, with the idea that it offers a context within which empirical research can be understood. This book successfully explores the political decision-making process for readers and ensures that they understand how preferences of citizens are aggregated to produce public policies. Learn More
    October 2016   Hardback Price: $ 99.95   Online: $ 89.96
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    October 2016   Paperback Price: $ 24.95   Online: $ 19.96
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  10. Research Handbook of International and Comparative Perspectives on Diversity Management

    Research Handbook of International and Comparative Perspectives on Diversity Management

    Edited by Alain Klarsfeld, Eddy S. Ng, Lize A.E. Booysen, Liza Castro Christiansen, Bård Kuvaas
    This Research Handbook offers, for the first time, a comparative approach to current diversity management concerns facing nations. Spanning across 19 countries and pan Africa, it covers age, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, and the intersection of various dimensions of diversity. The multicultural and multi-country team of contributors, leading scholars in their own countries, examine how the various actors react, adopt, and manage the difference dimensions of diversity, from a multitude of approaches, from national to sectoral and from organizations to trade unions, but always with a comparative, multi-country perspective. Learn More
    October 2016   Hardback Price: $ 210.00   Online: $ 189.00
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  11. The Economics of E-Commerce

    The Economics of E-Commerce

    Edited by Michael R. Baye, John Morgan
    This comprehensive collection, edited by two pioneers of e-commerce, presents thirty of the most important papers written in the fields of economics, marketing and strategy. Topics covered include evaluation of the benefit to consumers of competition and product variety online, examination of auctions and reputational feedback mechanisms designed to mitigate informational asymmetries in online markets, and the debate on digital property rights including privacy, piracy and the open source movement. Together with an original introduction by the editors, this title provides a readily accessible wealth of material on the subject of e-commerce, invaluable to scholars and practitioners alike. Learn More
    October 2016   Hardback Price: $ 430.00   Online: $ 387.00
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  12. Criminal Reconciliation in Contemporary China

    Criminal Reconciliation in Contemporary China

    Jue Jiang
    Criminal reconciliation, a special procedure stipulated in PRC’s 2013 Criminal Procedure Law, allows the alleged perpetrators and victims of certain crimes to resolve criminal cases through reconciliation or mediation. Based on empirical studies on pilot practices of this mechanism in three cities in China, this book argues that criminal reconciliation enables abuses of power and infringement of the parties’ access to justice. This programme further throws light on certain fundamental problems with the wider criminal justice system. Learn More
    October 2016   Hardback Price: $ 120.00   Online: $ 108.00
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  13. Aquaculture Law and Policy

    Aquaculture Law and Policy

    Edited by Nigel Bankes, Irene Dahl, David L.DahlVanderZwaag VanderZwaag
    With aquaculture operations fast expanding around the world, the adequacy of aquaculture-related laws and policies has become a hot topic. This much-needed book provides a three-part guide to the complex regulatory landscape. The expert contributors first review the international legal dimensions, including chapters on law of the sea, trade, and access and benefit sharing. Part two offers regional perspectives, discussing the EU and regional fisheries management organizations. The final part contains eleven case studies exploring how leading aquaculture producing countries have been putting sustainability principles into practice. Learn More
    October 2016   Hardback Price: $ 150.00   Online: $ 135.00
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  14. EU Intellectual Property Law and Policy

    EU Intellectual Property Law and Policy

    Catherine Seville
    Intellectual property remains not just economically significant, but also of daily importance to most businesses and individuals. The digital age brings many opportunities, but also presents continuing challenges to IP law, and the EU’s programme of harmonisation unfolds in this context. Taking account of numerous changes, the second edition of this accessible book offers a fully updated account of the law as it affects all the major rights, free movement and competition matters, and enforcement. It sets the substantive law in its policy context, and discusses potential reforms to this major area of EU law. Learn More
    October 2016   Hardback Price: $ 210.00   Online: $ 189.00
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  15. Political Entrepreneurship

    Political Entrepreneurship

    Edited by Charlie Karlsson, Charlotte Silander, Daniel Silander
    Political Entrepreneurship explores the role of political entrepreneurs in regional growth and entrepreneurial diversity. The authors define a political entrepreneur as a politician, bureaucrat or officer within the publicly funded sector who encourages entrepreneurship for growth and employment using innovative approaches. This book aims to enrich the established research on entrepreneurship with in-depth knowledge of the conditions conducive for political entrepreneurship in Sweden. Learn More
    October 2016   Hardback Price: $ 135.00   Online: $ 121.50
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  16. Authority in Transnational Legal Theory

    Authority in Transnational Legal Theory

    Edited by Roger Cotterrell, Maksymilian Del Mar
    October 2016   Hardback Price: $ 130.00   Online: $ 117.00
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  17. Handbook of Employee Commitment

    Handbook of Employee Commitment

    Edited by John P. Meyer
    A high level of employee commitment holds particular value for organizations owing to its impact on organizational effectiveness and employee well being. This Handbook provides an up-to-date review of theory and research pertaining to employee commitment in the workplace, outlining its value for both employers and employees and identifying key factors in its development, maintenance or decline. Including chapters from leading theorists and researchers from around the world, this Handbook presents cumulated and cutting-edge research exploring what commitment is, the different forms it can take, and how it is distinct from related concepts such as employee engagement, work motivation, embeddedness, the psychological contract, and organizational identification. Learn More
    October 2016   Hardback Price: $ 255.00   Online: $ 229.50
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  18. Innovation Systems for Development

    Innovation Systems for Development

    Edited by Bo Göransson, Claes Brundenius, Carlos S. Aguirre-Bastos
    The rise and expansion of organized scientific research has led individuals to become accustomed to an unceasing delivery of new scientific results and technical improvements that resolve even seemingly unsolvable problems. This timely book examines how science-based research and innovation is designed, implemented and applied in developing countries in support of development and poverty alleviation. The expert contributors trace and compare the emergence of National Innovation Systems (NIS) in four developing countries – Bolivia, Mozambique, Tanzania and Vietnam. Dedicated chapters on each country identify the main structural and organizational problems for improving the relevance and quality of research output for the productive sector, and conclude by offering suggestions on how the process of applying research outputs and innovations in support of development goals can be improved. Learn More
    October 2016   Hardback Price: $ 125.00   Online: $ 112.50
    Availability: Not yet published
  19. Women’s Entrepreneurship in Global and Local Contexts

    Women’s Entrepreneurship in Global and Local Contexts

    Edited by Cristina Díaz-García, Candida G. Brush, Elizabeth G. Gatewood, Friederike Welter
    Written by leading scholars from a wide range of countries, this book advances the understanding of women's entrepreneurship by drawing attention to the contexts they operate in. With its impact on gendered institutions and gendered social forces, it will be of interest for researchers, faculty and students as well as policy-makers and practitioners. It is the fifth in the series of books produced in partnership with the Diana International Research Network. Learn More
    October 2016   Hardback Price: $ 120.00   Online: $ 108.00
    Availability: Not yet published
  20. Decision Making in Environmental Law

    Decision Making in Environmental Law

    Edited by Lee Paddock, Robert L. Glicksman, Nicholas S. Bryner
    Environmental issues are at the heart of some of the most complex and consequential decisions that society must face in pursuit of a more sustainable future. They encompass the international, national, and local levels and engage all branches of government. Decision Making in Environmental Law, one of the constituent volumes in the Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Law, brings together some of the leading experts in the field and provides a structured overview of the various dimensions of decision making from an environmental law perspective. Topics include: the use of treaties, common law tools, rulemaking, access to information, regulatory structures, market-based and trading mechanisms, monitoring and reporting, voluntary programs and private regulation, environmental impact analysis, public engagement and environmental justice, administrative and judicial review, and the role of environmental courts and tribunals. Learn More
    October 2016   Hardback Price: $ 270.00   Online: $ 243.00
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