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About the editors 

Daniel Mather

Social Science (Handbooks), Social Science (Original Reference)

Daniel is Commissioning Editor for our renowned Research Handbooks and Original Reference across the social sciences, working with Series Editors and the Commissioning Editors.

Laura Mann

Law (Handbooks)

Laura has been with the company since 2008 and is Senior Commissioning Editor responsible for heading up and driving forward Elgar's renowned Research Handbook programme in Law. Laura is always happy to discuss new Research...

Philosophy and Public Administration: An unlikely marriage with a happy-ending?

by Edoardo Ongaro. There is a sense in which ‘Public Administration’ – and its...

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Measuring Innovation Everywhere – The Challenge of Better Policy, Learning, Evaluation and Monitoring

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How Neoliberalism Mutated into Crony Capitalism

Nicholas Low, analyses how Neoliberalism has evolved.

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