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Edward Elgar Publishing acquires specialist European law publisher Claeys & Casteels.

Elgar has acquired specialist European law publisher, Claeys & Casteels. The acquisition signals Elgar’s commitment to further developing its portfolio of professional law publications.

Formed in 2004 in Belgium, and since 2010 based in both Belgium and the Netherlands, Claeys & Casteels Law Publishing is a publishing house specialising in European Law, with a particular focus on European Competition law and European Energy law. Its aim is to publish a portfolio of titles written by the leading practitioners and policy makers in the area.  Claeys & Casteels also publishes three peer-reviewed journals for practitioner and academic readers: European Energy & Climate Journal, Competition Law & Policy Debate, and Renewable Energy Law & Policy Review.

Tim Williams, Elgar's Managing Director, commented:


'We are excited to announce the acquisition of Claeys & Casteels’ books and journals, which represents an important step in the development of our practitioner law programme. The Claeys & Casteels list complements our existing offerings, comprising high quality texts by leading commentators, as well as three strong journals.' 




Discover more about these book series:


EU Competition Law series

Given the breadth of community competition law, it has been decided to produce a number of separate but linked and co-ordinated titles, covering all issues in depth. All volumes will share the same presentation and approach and will be fully cross referenced for ease of use. 


EU Energy Law series

This highly acclaimed law and policy series started in 2004. It focuses on all legislation on EU Energy Law and monitors all developments in the EU energy law making. These major works include the internal market, competition law in energy markets, renewable energy, energy infrastructure, security of supply, energy efficiency, external energy law and policy, and REMIT. They focus on the legislation, directives and regulations and the implementations in all member states and are written by DG ENER officials, academics and lawyers. The EU Energy Law series is considered the most relevant series on the topic of European energy law making.



Our journals now include:


Competition Law & Policy Debate

The Competition Law & Policy Debate (CLPD) is a quarterly journal focusing on major developments in Mergers, Cartels, Antitrust (Art.101/102 other than cartels) and State Aid.


Renewable Energy Law and Policy Review

The Journal of Renewable Energy Law and Policy provides a platform for review and discussion, both in Europe and internationally, of the legal and policy issues surrounding renewable energy.


European Energy & Climate Journal

European Energy & Climate Journal (EECJ) is a quarterly journal which presents accessible coverage on the key legal and regulatory energy issues and developments throughout Europe to practitioners and academics in the field.