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A Research Agenda for Federalism Studies

A Research Agenda for Political Demography

Offering insights into how demographic shifts have impacted how we organize ourselves politically, our economic systems and our societal relationships.

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New Horizons in European Politics series

New Horizons in European Politics
Series editor: José M. Magone, Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany
Founding Series editor: Julie Smith, Robinson College, Cambridge, UK

The New Horizons in European Politics series is an invaluable forum for original research across the spectrum of European politics, promoting innovative cross-disciplinary analysis of contemporary issues and debates. Both international and comparative in its approach, this exciting series encompasses theoretical and empirical work from both well-established researchers and the next generation of scholars.


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harry fabian

Harry Fabian

Political Science

Harry has worked at EEP for over 5 years, beginning in the Production department before moving on to various editorial roles. Working in partnership with Alex Pettifer, he is responsible for commissioning across the following…
caroline kracunas

Caroline Kracunas

Political Science, Social Policy, Politics & Public Policy

Caroline is responsible for commissioning in the areas of public and social policy, international studies and political science. She is also developing the Elgar Guides to Teaching series, working with Commissioning Editors across all subject…
alex pettifer

Alex Pettifer

Politics & Public Policy, Environment, Transport, Asian Studies

Alex joined EEP in 2008, originally as a Commissioning Editor, before being promoted to Editorial Director in 2010. As well as his managerial responsibilities, Alex retains a commissioning role, principally in the area of political…

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Compiling the Handbook of Alternative Theories of Political Economy

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The Dawn of the Information Age

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Comity: Multilateralism in the new cold war

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