EU Orders after Brexit

New import taxes and administration fees apply to direct orders after 1st January 2021.


This information relates to direct orders (e.g. website, email or telephone orders, or author buybacks placed with Elgar or our UK distributor).

The UK does not charge VAT/ GST sales tax on books and prior to Brexit EU customers were able to benefit from this by purchasing directly from our website or our UK based distributor, Wiley Distribution. However since the UK has left the EU, any EU customers buying directly (including website and author buyback customers) are no longer able to benefit from purchasing books tax free. Import tax, at your local VAT/GST rate, is now payable when the books are imported. Books attract a reduced rate of sales tax in the EU and the rate charged varies by country, ranging from 0% (Ireland) to 12% (Latvia). You can check your local rate on this website.

The tax is payable when the book is imported and will be charged by the shipping company prior to making the delivery. The shipping company may also make an administrative charge that we anticipate will be in the region of €5-€10. If you receive a different administration charge please let us know so that we can update this advice. If this is paid promptly it shouldn't slow down the delivery of your book. If the purchase is made by a business or institution then you will be able to reclaim the GST/ VAT as you would for local purchases.

These charges must be paid by the customer and we cannot reimburse you unless this has been agreed in writing before the purchase was made.