Climate Solutions series

Series editor: Petra Molthan-Hill, Professor of Sustainable Management, Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University, UK

Both academia and businesses agree that more needs to be done to counteract our effect on the planet. Tackling the gap in the transfer of knowledge from academia to practice and vice versa is vital to achieve net zero. Those in positions of influence do not always have the tools available to them to make the necessary changes to reduce their climate impact and transform their industry. At the same time, some companies have made good progress that has not been integrated into academic research or shared with different organisations. Climate Solutions aims to exchange this essential knowledge in an accessible and concise style.

Each book will target an industry sector, offering practical and applicable climate solutions to address the disparity between academic knowledge and business practices. The series will cover industries including fashion, TV and film, food and drink, construction and the built environment, finance, health, and more. 

With the aim of disseminating ground-breaking concepts and successful policies to a broader audience, Climate Solutions will be vital reading for those who want to be an advocate for change in both academia and industry.
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