Rethinking Business and Management series

The Rethinking Business and Management series is a forum for innovative scholarly writing from across all substantive fields within business and management. The series aims to enrich scholarly inquiry by promoting a cutting-edge approach to management theory and analysis.

Despite the old maxim that nothing is new under the sun, it is nevertheless true that organisations evolve and contexts in which businesses operate change. Business and Management faces new and previously unforeseen challenges, responds to shifting motivations and is shaped by competing interests and experiences. Academic scrutiny and challenge is an essential component in the development of business theory and practice and the act of re-thinking and re-examining principles and precepts that may have been long-held is imperative. 

Rethinking Business and Management showcases authored books that address their field from a new angle, expose the weaknesses of existing frameworks, or 're-frame' the topic in some way. This might be through the integration of perspectives from other fields or even other disciplines, through challenging existing paradigms, or simply through a level of analysis that elevates or sharpens our understanding of a subject. While each book takes its own approach, all the titles in the series use an analytical lens to open up new thinking.

Books in this series

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