Elgar Monographs in Constitutional and Administrative Law

Series editors: Rosalind Dixon, University of New South Wales, Australia, Susan Rose-Ackerman, Yale University and Mark Tushnet, Harvard University, US

Constitutions are a country’s most important legal document, laying the foundation not just for politics, but for all other areas of law. They allocate power among different levels and branches of government, record and promote a society’s shared values, and protect the rights of citizens. Countries around the world are adopting written constitutions, though what defines a constitution is evolving to include a variety of sources beyond canonical texts, such as political conventions, statutes, judicial decisions and administrative law norms.

This cosmopolitan monograph series provides a forum for the best and most original scholarship in constitutional and administrative law, with each book offering an international, comparative, or multi-jurisdictional approach to this complex and fascinating field of research.

Books in this series

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