Kritika: Essays on Intellectual Property

Series editors: Peter Drahos, Professor of Law and Governance, European University Institute, Florence, Gustavo Ghidini, Professor Emeritus, University of Milan and Professor of IP and Competition Law, University LUISS, Rome, Italy and Hanns Ullrich, Professor Emeritus, affiliated research fellow, Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, Munich, Germany

The field of intellectual property has broadened and deepened in so many ways, and at such pace, that there is a tendency for academic commentators to focus on the next new thing, or to react immediately to judicial developments, rather than to reflect more deeply on the greater themes of the discipline. The Kritika: Essays on Intellectual Property series is a series of books that are designed to fulfill this role by creating a forum for essays that take a critical, long-term approach to the field of intellectual property. This discerning series attempts to break down the barriers of specialization, and develop an emergent critical scholarship. Ultimately, this series acts as a space that allows scope for scholars to engage analytically and contextually with the principles, assumptions and goals of intellectual property systems.

‘The three first volumes of Kritika – Essays on Intellectual Property contain a deeply satisfying collections of in-depth doctrinal analyses, policy and case studies in all the major IP subject areas. With contributions from a distinctive array of scholars – all internationally recognized leaders in the field – Kritika presents rigorous and carefully considered topics that reflect upon the complex web of regulatory and legal responses to the challenges of globalized knowledge governance. These carefully curated volumes include a diversity of theoretical perspectives, empirical analyses and legal reasoning that illuminate existing controversies and provoke new approaches to pressing problems at the interface of law, culture, and technology. Kritika is an invaluable resource to IP scholars regardless of the stage of their career. The essays offer consequential insights, creative analyses and doctrinal refinements that will enrich the field and endure for the foreseeable future.’
– Ruth L. Okediji, Harvard Law School, US

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