Research Handbooks in Law and Politics series

Research Handbooks within this series provide state-of-the-art analysis of discreet areas of research that sit at the intersection of law and political science. Through exploring the legal aspects of political science and the impact of politics on the formation and application of the law this series acts as a platform for cutting-edge interdisciplinary research. The Research Handbooks explore legal and political science approaches to key topics and domains, such as: the actions of legal institutions, the application of the law, judicial politics, constitutions, global governance, law and political theory, democracy, diplomacy, and federalism, among others. Edited by leading scholars in their respective fields, volumes bring together authors with diverse expertise to provide rounded analysis of the substantive issue at hand. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the series, the volumes within will not only act as valuable resources to those researching the nexus of law and politics but also provide new insights for those whose area of focus sits within either of the respective fields. The research presented will make significant new contributions to existing debates within the broadening study of law and political science whilst also acting as a starting point for fresh analysis.

Books in this series

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