New Horizons in Education and Culture series

Series Editors: Peter Mayo and Mary Darmanin, Faculty of Education, University of Malta

New Horizons in Education and Culture explores the relationship between education, cultural production and societies, examining cultures of educational settings, institutional regimes and policymaking. Embracing both sociological and cultural empirical studies of sociology and culture and conceptual analyses, books in the series unravel the tangled web of power structures and social relations that underpin educational settings.

The series offers a multi-faceted approach to education, studying everyday lived culture of learning environments from international contexts. Moving beyond Western and Eurocentric agendas, the series draws attention to hitherto understudied knowledges and frameworks that provide new insights into the functioning of educational power structures. Employing a range of methodological approaches, the series offers an innovative and critical perspective to reinvigorate and reenergize the field.

Books in the series may examine:

• Everyday lived culture of educational settings
• Social structures and cultures concerning learning, identity and difference
• Education policy and cultures of policymaking in regional, national or global institutional regimes
• The sociology of knowledge
• Curricular cultures and learning, decolonisation and “re-culturing” of curricula from a variety of marginalised and/or indigenous perspectives
• Cultures of all educational settings, including compulsory schooling, higher education, community learning, digital education, grassroots democratic education initiatives and faith-based education
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