Field Guide for Research in Community Settings


Field Guide for Research in Community Settings

Tools, Methods, Challenges and Strategies

9781800376311 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by M. Rezaul Islam, Professor, Institute of Social Welfare and Research, Niaz Ahmed Khan, Department of Development Studies, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Siti Hajar Abu Bakar Ah, Haris Abd Wahab and Mashitah Binti Hamidi, Department of Social Administration and Justice at the University of Malaya, Malaysia
Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 978 1 80037 631 1 Extent: 264 pp
This insightful book offers practical advice to fieldworkers in social research, enabling robust and judicious applications of research methods and techniques in data collection. It also outlines data collection challenges that are commonly faced when working in the field.

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This insightful book offers practical advice to fieldworkers in social research, enabling robust and judicious applications of research methods and techniques in data collection. It also outlines data collection challenges that are commonly faced when working in the field.
Authors address key strategies to tackle the major challenges to fieldwork, including advice on using indigenous or innovative skills and making intelligent use of the advantages already available within standard research methodologies. International contributors provide a hands-on account of research methodologies as applied in the field, with particular focus on research ethics and community culture and interactions. The book offers a number of useful case studies, featuring examples of the application of research techniques in different cultural and socio-economic contexts.
Utilizing an innovative and dynamic ‘storytelling’ method, this book will be a useful research tool for fieldworkers engaging in social science research in community settings, as well as students in the field learning the core techniques of fieldwork.
Critical Acclaim
‘Occasionally, a particularly insightful work is published with much potential for fostering improved learning and application. This is such a book. The Field Guide offers vital guidance on conducting fieldwork across contexts for community-based work. I consider this essential reading for anyone involved in identifying community issues and potential solutions.’
– Rhonda Phillips, Purdue University, US

‘Islam, Khan, Ah, Wahab and Hamidi’s, Field Guide for Research in Community Settings: Tools, Methods, Challenges and Strategies is an important new resource for established and new researchers seeking to explore effective practices to conduct field work research with vulnerable communities. The case studies are important as a “how-to” guide to help new and budding researchers to consider thoughtful approaches to research design and implementation.’
– Patsy Kraeger, Georgia Southern University, US

‘Research methodology shows the path through which researchers formulate their problems, arguments and objectives and present their findings from the data culled during the research period. The chapters offer excellent insights about analyzing, researching, observing and delving into certain phenomena. This book is an important practical tool for researchers in social sciences.’
– AKM Ahsan Ullah, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Brunei
Contributors: H.M. Adnan, S.H.A.B. Ah, R.N.B.R. Ariffin, R. Baikady, A.D. Balogun, R. Bulan, S.R. Chowdhury, N.M. Gwadabe, M.B. Hamidi, M. Hamiduzzaman, R.B.M. Hussain, M.R. Islam, M.R. Islam, T. Islam, M.B.M. Ismail, W.J. Jehom, N. Kasem, K.K. Khan, N.A. Khan, A. Kuot, B. Lunnay, A. Mahmud, H. Mahmud, S. Moghavvemi, F.B.B. Mustafa, S.M. Nayan, H. Pillen, V. Poniscjakova, A. Qandeel, F. Shifaza, J.O.L. Sim, O. Smadi, K.A. Suberamanian, T. Sultana, M.J. Sumi, A. Taylor, H.A. Wahab, H. Wechkunanukul, S. Zaman

1 Introduction to the Field guide for research in community
settings: tools, methods, challenges and strategies 1
M. Rezaul Islam, Niaz Ahmed Khan, Siti Hajar Abu Bakar
Ah, Haris Abd Wahab and Mashitah Binti Hamidi
2 Challenges and solutions for collecting data in health
research: experiences of Australian doctoral and early
career researchers 11
Mohammad Hamiduzzaman, Alan Taylor, Belinda
Lunnay, Abraham Kuot, Hannah Wechkunanukul, Omar
Smadi, Heath Pillen and Fathimath Shifaza
3 Challenges with opening up closed off communities:
interviewing ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities in Israel 25
Veronika Poniscjakova
4 Ethnography research with Indonesian female factory
workers: challenges and strategies in the field 34
Mashitah Binti Hamidi
5 “How can you be so naïve?” Negotiating insider status
among co-ethnic migrants in global ethnographic fieldwork 50
Hasan Mahmud
6 Challenges and opportunities in conducting cross-country
PhD study: experiences of data collection in India and China 66
Rajendra Baikady
7 Researching the garment sector in Bangladesh: fieldwork
challenges and responses 75
Sawlat Zaman
8 Gaining access to research participants for data collection
in doctoral studies: evidence from a rural area of Bangladesh 85
Shofiqur Rahman Chowdhury, M. Rezaul Islam and Haris Abd Wahab
9 The challenges and strategies of accessing hard to reach
locations during fieldwork data collection: the case of
northeast Nigeria 101
Nasa’i Muhammad Gwadabe and Adekunle Daoud Balogun
10 Data collection on ‘smartphone addiction and social capital
effects’ among the university students of Bangladesh:
challenges and strategies for the way out 110
Ashek Mahmud, M. Rezaul Islam and Hamedi M. Adnan
11 Undercover fieldwork: a queer experience of healthcare in
Bangladesh 123
Kanamik Kani Khan
12 Ethical issues, challenges and solutions during fieldwork
with homeless elderly people of Malaysia and Pakistan 138
Aqsa Qandeel and Welyne J. Jehom
13 Field research in the conflict zone: an empirical study of
the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh 154
Md. Rafiqul Islam
14 Research with coastal people in Bangladesh: challenges
and way forward 167
Taj Sultana, Firuza Begham Binti Mustafa, Jillian Ooi
Lean Sim and M. Rezaul Islam
15 Data collection from the Santal community: a journey
towards an unknown world in ascertaining the nexus
between reality and dream 178
Munira Jahan Sumi, M. Rezaul Islam and Ramy Bulan
16 Challenges in accessing rural area and managing
sub-culture differences in Kuala Krai, Kelantan, Malaysia 194
Maria Binti Mohd Ismail and Raja Noriza Binti Raja Ariffin
17 Fieldwork experience: challenges and managing risks as
a female researcher 201
Bushra Zaman, M. Rezaul Islam and Rosila Bee Mohd Hussain
18 Data collection on acid attack survivor women: a PhD
researcher’s experience from Bangladesh 211
Tahmina Islam, M. Rezaul Islam and Siti Hajar Abu Bakar Ah
19 Challenges, strategies, and way out techniques in
conducting in-depth interviews among managers in
Malaysian organizations 221
Nafisa Kasem, Shahreen Mat Nayan, Kumaran A/l
Suberamanian and Sedigheh Moghavvemi

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