Handbook of Public Participation in Impact Assessment


Handbook of Public Participation in Impact Assessment

9781800889989 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Tanya Burdett, Director, Essential Planning Ltd, UK and A. John Sinclair, Professor and Director, Natural Resources Institute, University of Manitoba, Canada
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80088 998 9 Extent: 454 pp
This Handbook provides a clear overview of how to achieve meaningful public participation in impact assessment (IA). It explores conceptual elements, including the democratic core of public participation in IA, as well as practical challenges, such as data sharing, with diverse perspectives from 39 leading academics and practitioners.

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Critical Acclaim
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This Handbook provides a clear overview of how to achieve meaningful public participation in impact assessment (IA). It explores conceptual elements, including the democratic core of public participation in IA, as well as practical challenges, such as data sharing, with diverse perspectives from 39 leading academics and practitioners.

Critically examining how different engagement frameworks have evolved over time, this Handbook underlines the ways in which tokenistic approaches and wider planning and approvals structures challenge the implementation of meaningful public participation. Contributing authors discuss the impact of international agreements, legislation and regulatory regimes, and review commonly used professional association frameworks such as the International Association for Public Participation core values for practice. They demonstrate through case studies what meaningful public participation looks like in diverse regional contexts, addressing the intentions of being purposeful, inclusive, transformative and proactive. By emphasising the strength of community engagement, the Handbook argues that public participation in IA can contribute to enhanced democracy and sustainability for all.

This visionary Handbook is an indispensable resource for IA public participation practitioners, including industry, consultants, government and non-government organisations as well as participants to IA processes. It will similarly be beneficial to IA researchers, academics, and managers in regulation, public administration and management.
Critical Acclaim
‘This comprehensive book provides an excellent multi-disciplinary review of the rationale, benefits, principles, and practical means of ensuring meaningful public participation in impact assessment processes. Co-authored by experts around the world, the Handbook is an essential resource for impact assessment participants, practitioners, policy makers, legislators, administrative tribunals, and governmental officials.’
– Richard Lindgren, Canadian Environmental Law Association, Canada
Contributors include: Jos Arts, Ilse Aucamp, Prue Blake, Alan Bond, Anthony Boxshall, Aaron Bruce, Tanya Burdett, Susan Carter, Robyn Cochrane, Tara M. Collins, Alan P. Diduck, Meinhard Doelle, Paul Eijssen, Patricia Fitzpatrick, Josh Fothergill, Steven Gibson, Philippe Hanna, Max Hardy, Margaret Harvie, Rufus A. Howard, Anna Johnston, Dyanna Jolly, Sam Kalen, Kate Koutsamanis, Adebayo Majekolagbe, Sharon Mascher, Christina McMellon, Angus Morrison-Saunders, Timothy J. Peirson-Smith, Francois P. Retief, Luis E. Sánchez, Luke A. Sandham, Penelope Sanz, Solange Silva-Sánchez, A. John Sinclair, Nivek Thompson, E. Kay M. Tisdall, Heidi Walker, David V. Wright

Preface xvii
1 Setting the scene: public participation in impact assessment 2
Tanya Burdett and A. John Sinclair
2 The essential elements of meaningful public participation in IA 28
A. John Sinclair and Tanya Burdett
3 Public participation in EIA: practitioner views on getting the basics right 48
Margaret Harvie and Kate Koutsamanis
4 A practitioner’s perspective on the rise of the ‘co’ for impact
assessment: collaboration and co-design 65
Max Hardy, Anthony Boxshall, Susan Carter and Prue Blake
5 The promise of social learning-oriented approaches to public participation 89
Alan P. Diduck and A. John Sinclair
6 Setting the stage for success: early engagement in IA 102
Anna Johnston and A. John Sinclair
7 Digital and interactive IA and online participation approaches: skills and tools 120
Paul Eijssen and Josh Fothergill
8 Data sharing and the emerging role of digital participatory platforms in
impact assessment 137
Robyn Cochrane
9 Public hearings in impact assessment: building on basics with
deliberative participation and alternative dispute resolution 157
David V. Wright, Sharon Mascher and Sam Kalen
10 Leading edge deliberative approaches to public participation 186
Nivek Thompson
11 Community-driven approaches to impact assessment 203
Heidi Walker and Penelope Sanz
12 Children and young people’s participation in impact assessment 221
Tara M. Collins, E. Kay M. Tisdall, Christina McMellon and Steven Gibson
13 Effectively engaging the public in impact assessment follow-up 236
Angus Morrison-Saunders and Jos Arts
14 Participation practice and impact assessment: the UK’s outlook, post-Brexit 263
Rufus A. Howard
15 Indigenous peoples’ authority, rights and engagement in impact
assessment: experiences and perspectives from Canada and Aotearoa
New Zealand 286
Aaron Bruce, Anna Johnston and Dyanna Jolly
16 Best practice public participation in Africa 313
Ilse Aucamp, Francois P. Retief and Luke A. Sandham
17 New challenges and old hurdles for public participation in impact
assessment in Latin America and the Caribbean 328
Luis E. Sánchez, Solange Silva-Sánchez and Philippe Hanna
18 Public participation in mega undertakings: experiences from Hong Kong 352
Timothy J. Peirson-Smith
19 Crossing boundaries and jurisdictions: implications for public
participation highlighting Canada and Europe 372
Patricia Fitzpatrick, Alan Bond and A. John Sinclair
20 Effective integration of climate change into impact assessment: the
importance of meaningful public engagement 390
Meinhard Doelle and Adebayo Majekolagbe
21 The next generation of public participation in impact assessment 408
A. John Sinclair and Tanya Burdett
Index 419
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