Handbook of Research on International Strategic Management


Handbook of Research on International Strategic Management

9781847201935 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Alain Verbeke, McCaig Chaired Professor in Management, Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary, Canada, Associate Fellow, Centre for International Business and Management, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, UK and Solvay Business School, University of Brussels (VUB), Belgium and Hemant Merchant, Professor of Global Business, University of South Florida St. Petersburg, US
Publication Date: 2012 ISBN: 978 1 84720 193 5 Extent: 512 pp
The Handbook provides an impressive state-of-the-art overview of the international strategic management field as an area of scholarly inquiry. The great strength of the work is the thoughtfulness of the messages conveyed by the expert team of authors.

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The Handbook provides an impressive state-of-the-art overview of the international strategic management field as an area of scholarly inquiry. The great strength of the work is the thoughtfulness of the messages conveyed by the expert team of authors.

The implications for future international strategy research and for international management practice are profound and will influence the next generation of scholars in international strategy as well as senior level managers. Corporate executives will continue to operate in a world that is far from flat and will use this volume as a reliable compass, in the form of powerful conceptual frameworks, to navigate uncharted territory in the global economy.

The Handbook presents a collection of 24 original research papers that should serve international strategy scholars and reflective MNE managers alike.
Critical Acclaim
‘Verbeke and Merchant have assembled a remarkable collection of brand new essays by the who’s-who of international business. It will become a standard reference for both junior and senior scholars working in this increasingly important area.’
– Ravi Ramamurti, Northeastern University, US

‘Leading thinkers about the multinational enterprise offer both concise syntheses and critical reflections of the state of the art on international strategic management research. They in particular highlight the potential of internalization theory as a central paradigm for the field, and critically examine pertinent issues such as the complex notion of distance in international business. Refreshingly, they do not shy away from naming flaws in recent work, while offering avenues to improve the quality and impact of future research.’
– Klaus Meyer, University of Bath, UK
Contributors: L. Allen-Ford, C.G. Asmussen, G.R.G. Benito, J. Birkinshaw, P. Brugman, P. Buckley, J.P. Doh, A. Eapen, W.G. Egelhoff, T. Galvin, A.S. Gaur, N. Greidanus, B. Grøgaard, B.L. Kedia, A. Kolk, R. Krishnan, J. Li, Y. Li, S.M. Lundan, H. Merchant, D. Mukherjee, R. Narula, N.G. Noorderhaven, J. Oetzel, L. Oxelheim, B. Petersen, J. Pinkse, S. Prashantham, T. Randøy, M. Rivera-Santos, C. Rufín, A.M. Rugman, G.D. Santangelo, D. Singh, A. Stonehill, D. Szyliowicz, R.L. Tung, A. Verbeke, L.S. Welch, J. Wolf, H.E. Yildiz, L. Zander, U. Zander

Alain Verbeke and Hemant Merchant

1. Twenty Key Hypotheses that Make Internalization Theory the General Theory of International Strategic Management
Birgitte Grøgaard and Alain Verbeke

2. The End of the Opportunism versus Trust Debate: Bounded Reliability as a New Envelope Concept in Research on MNE Governance
Alain Verbeke and Nathan Greidanus

3. The New Eclectic Paradigm and International Business Strategy
Sarianna M. Lundan

4. The Multinational Enterprise as a Global Factory
Peter Buckley

5. Dynamics of Foreign Operation Modes and their Combinations: Insights for International Strategic Management
Gabriel R.G. Benito, Bent Petersen and Lawrence S. Welch

6. Triple Testing the Quality of Multinationality–Performance Research
Alain Verbeke and Paul Brugman

7. New Ideas about Organizational Design for Modern MNEs
William G. Egelhoff and Joachim Wolf

8. Initiative in Multinational Subsidiaries
Julian Birkinshaw and Shameen Prashantham

9. Collaboration Across Borders: Benefits to Firms in an Emerging Economy
Rekha Krishnan, Niels G. Noorderhaven and Alex Eapen

10. Joint Venture Configurations in Big Emerging Markets
Hemant Merchant

11. Building Competitive Advantage in International Acquisitions: Grey Box Conditions, Culture, Status and Meritocracy
Udo Zander, Lena Zander and H. Emre Yildiz

12. What Can International Finance Add to International Strategy?
Lars Oxelheim, Trond Randøy and Arthur Stonehill

13. A New Perspective on the Regional and Global Strategies of Multinational Services Firms
Alan M. Rugman and Alain Verbeke

14. Foundations of Regional versus Global Strategies of MNEs
Christian Geisler Asmussen

15. New Insights on the Role of Location Advantages in International Innovation
Rajneesh Narula and Grazia D. Santangelo

16. The Tenuous Link between Cultural Distance and International Strategy: Navigating the Assumptions of Cross-Cultural Research
Hemant Merchant, Rosalie L. Tung and Alain Verbeke

17. Institutional Distance and International Strategy
Deeksha Singh and Ajai S. Gaur

18. Real Options Theory and International Investment Strategy: Past, Present and Future
Jing Li, Yong Li and Alan M. Rugman

19. Management Research on Emerging Markets: Existing Trends and Future Opportunities
Hemant Merchant and Lori Allen-Ford

20. Institutions and International Entrepreneurship
Dara Szyliowicz and Tiffany Galvin

21. Offshoring and MNC Strategy
Debmalya Mukherjee and Ben L. Kedia

22. Bottom-of-the-Pyramid Strategies and Networks
Miguel Rivera-Santos and Carlos Rufín

23. Reconceptualizing the MNE–Development Relationship: The Role of Complementary Resources
Jonathan P. Doh and Jennifer Oetzel

24. Multinational Enterprises and Climate Change Strategies
Ans Kolk and Jonatan Pinkse

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