International Handbook on the Economics of Migration


International Handbook on the Economics of Migration

9781783477364 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Amelie F. Constant, Princeton University, US and IZA, Germany and Klaus F. Zimmermann, Bonn University, Germany
Publication Date: 2015 ISBN: 978 1 78347 736 4 Extent: 584 pp
Migration economics is a dynamic, fast-growing research area with significant and rising policy relevance. While its scope is continually extending, there is no authoritative treatment of its various branches in one volume. Written by 44 leading experts in the field, this carefully commissioned and refereed Handbook brings together 28 state-of-the-art chapters on migration research and related issues.

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Migration economics is a dynamic, fast-growing research area with significant and rising policy relevance. While its scope is continually extending, there is no authoritative treatment of its various branches in one volume. Written by 44 leading experts in the field, this carefully commissioned and refereed Handbook brings together 28 state-of-the-art chapters on migration research and related issues.

Well-written and highly accessible, each chapter comprises a critical assessment of the status quo and presents challenges to the traditional economics of migration by addressing taboo issues. Topics explored include: child labor migrants; immigrant educational mismatch; ethnic hiring; immigrants, wages and obesity; ethnic identities and the nation-state; natural disasters and migration; immigration–religiosity intersections; immigration and crime; immigrants’ time use; happiness and migration; diaspora resources and policies; and the evaluation of immigration policies.

Forging new foundations in the field of migration and providing areas for future research, this Handbook will prove a seminal reference for academics and students with an interest in international and labor economics, and in regional studies. Social psychologists and behavioral scientists, as well as practitioners in political, cultural, social, demographic, environmental and healthcare arenas, will find the ethnic identities coverage and analysis of methods for studying ethnic identities an invaluable reference tool.
Critical Acclaim
‘Constant and Zimmermann have assembled a collection of essays that is remarkable in one extremely important way: it integrates many novel research topics into the mainstream immigration literature, including ethnic hiring patterns, obesity, the economic consequences of interethnic marriages, the link between natural disasters and migration, immigrant time use, and the relationship between migration and happiness. These survey papers are destined to become beacons for future researchers as each of these topics will inevitably receive much more attention in future research.’
– George Borjas, Harvard University, US

‘This is an extremely impressive volume which guides readers into thinking about migration in new ways. In its various chapters, international experts examine contemporary migration issues through a multitude of lenses ranging from child labor, human trafficking and jobs to the political economy of migration and refugees. The result is a fascinating assessment of the role of migration in driving population change in the modern age. This will surely serve as a reference volume for those interested in migration for years to come.’
– Deborah Cobb-Clark, Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic
and Social Research, Australia

‘A comprehensive, truly encyclopedic collection of original surveys and essays discussing migration and topics related to the movement of people among countries and areas. The studies both present and review the literature critically and in many cases offer new results. The basic theory is laid out right from the start, providing a nice introduction and framework for the other 27 chapters. While most are interesting and worth reading, as a novice in the field of migration I found the essays on human smuggling and natural disasters to be particularly enlightening and important. I can recommend this Handbook to any labor economist or sociologist with a scholarly interest, either for research or for instruction, in this general area. The volume is definitive.’
– Daniel S. Hamermesh, University of Texas at Austin, US and Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

‘As immigration has spread from traditional receiving nations to developed countries throughout the world, the economics of migration has become a burgeoning field of research. Amelie Constant and Klaus Zimmermann’s International Handbook offers an excellent, state-of-the-art guide to the rapidly changing intellectual terrain, providing comprehensive coverage of the topics necessary to comprehend patterns and processes of migration in the world today. It will be an indispensable guide to scholars and policy-makers for years to come.’
– Douglas S. Massey, Princeton University, US

‘The International Handbook on the Economics of Migration is an excellent book that broadens our understanding of the economics of migration. It covers classic issues related to immigration such as labor market integration and wages as well as much newer and less explored aspects of it, such as happiness, religiosity and crime. I commend Constant and Zimmermann for gathering an excellent team of young and more experienced scholars, and for producing a book that will become an important reference in teaching and learning about immigration.’
– Giovanni Peri, University of California, Davis, US
Contributors: F.M. Antman, L.M. Argys, S.L. Averett, A. Aydemir, A.R. Belasen, B. Bell, A.F. Constant, D.J. DeVoretz, E.V. Edmonds, G.S. Epstein, R.W. Fairlie, G. Friebel, D. Furtado, T. García-Muñoz, C. Giulietti, M. Grignon, S. Guriev, T.J. Hatton, M. Kahanec, J. Kennan, J.L. Kohn, S. Machin, S. Neuman, D. Neumark, O. Nottmeyer, P.M. Orrenius, Y. Owusu, K. Patel, M. Piracha, S. Plaza, S.W. Polachek, D.C. Ribar, U. Rinne, Y. Savchenko, M. Shrestha, N.B. Simpson, A. Sweetman, S.J. Trejo, F. Vadean, F. Vella, J. Wahba, J.R. Walker, M. Zavodny, K.F. Zimmermann

Frontier Issues in Migration Research
Amelie F. Constant and Klaus F. Zimmermann

1. Migration and Ethnicity: An Introduction
Amelie F. Constant and Klaus F. Zimmermann

2. Modeling Individual Migration Decisions
John Kennan and James R. Walker

3. The Economics of Circular Migration
Amelie F. Constant, Olga Nottmeyer and Klaus F. Zimmermann

4. The International Migration of Health Professionals
Michel Grignon, Yaw Owusu and Arthur Sweetman

5. Independent Child Labor Migrants
Eric V. Edmonds and Maheshwor Shrestha

6. Human Smuggling
Guido Friebel and Sergei Guriev

7. Labor Mobility in an Enlarged European Union
Martin Kahanec

8. Minority and Immigrant Entrepreneurs: Access to Financial Capital
Robert W. Fairlie

9. Migrant Educational Mismatch and the Labor Market
Matloob Piracha and Florin Vadean

10. Ethnic Hiring
David Neumark

11. Immigrants in Risky Occupations
Pia M. Orrenius and Madeline Zavodny

12. Occupational Sorting of Ethnic Groups
Krishna Patel, Yevgeniya Savchenko and Francis Vella

13. Immigrants, Wages and Obesity: The Weight of the Evidence
Susan L. Averett, Laura M. Argys and Jennifer L. Kohn

14. Immigrants, Ethnic Identities and the Nation-State
Amelie F. Constant and Klaus F. Zimmermann

15. Interethnic Marriages and their Economic Effects
Delia Furtado and Steven J. Trejo

16. The Impact of Migration on Family Left Behind
Francisca M. Antman

17. Natural Disasters and Migration
Ariel R. Belasen and Solomon W. Polachek

18. Immigration–Religiosity Intersections at the Two Sides of the Atlantic: Europe and the United States
Teresa García-Muñoz and Shoshana Neuman

19. Immigration and Crime
Brian Bell and Stephen Machin

20. Immigrants’ Time Use: A Survey of Methods and Evidence
David C. Ribar

21. Happiness and Migration
Nicole B. Simpson

22. Frontier Issues of the Political Economy of Migration
Gil S. Epstein

23. Skill-based Immigrant Selection and Labor Market Outcomes by Visa Category
Abdurrahman Aydemir

24. Refugee and Asylum Migration
Timothy J. Hatton

25. The Economics of Immigrant Citizenship Ascension
Don J. DeVoretz

26. Welfare Migration
Corrado Giulietti and Jackline Wahba

27. Diaspora Resources and Policies
Sonia Plaza

28. The Evaluation of Immigration Policies
Ulf Rinne

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