Research Handbook on the Sociology of Organizations


Research Handbook on the Sociology of Organizations

9781839103254 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Mary Godwyn, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, History and Society Division, Babson College, US
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 83910 325 4 Extent: 576 pp
With original contributions from leading experts in the field, this cutting-edge Research Handbook combines theoretical advancement with the newest empirical research to explore the sociology of organizations. While including the traditional study of formal, corporate business organizations, the Handbook also explores more transitory, informal grassroots organizations, such as NGOs and artist communities.

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With original contributions from leading experts in the field, this cutting-edge Research Handbook combines theoretical advancement and the newest empirical research to explore the sociology of organizations as mesa-level mediators of individual and societal outcomes.

Covering the major theoretical foundations of the topic, this innovative Research Handbook analyses critical and contemporary sociological theory and examines the purposes and goals of a diverse range of organizations in a variety of contexts. Chapters detail original research that investigates labour relations, ethical and sustainable environmental practices, race, gender, class, sexuality, media, religion, politics, and alternative economic models. 

This Research Handbook will prove an engaging and informative read for students and scholars of organization studies, labour policy, sociology, political science, economics, management, philosophy, and social psychology. With its global, interdisciplinary scope, it will also be invaluable to practitioners and policymakers working within a vast range of organizations.
Contributors: Stephen Allen, Mohammad Al-Saidi, Nadine Arnold, Muneeba Azam, Héloïse Berkowitz, Olivier Berthod, Martijn Boersma, Tony Bush, Jean-Pierre Chanteau, Yon Jung Choi, Cary Cooper, Andrew Creed, Martha Emilie Ehrich, Jacob T. Foster, Alexander Gardner-McTaggart, Dustin Garlitz, Mary Godwyn, Angela Graf, Michael Grothe-Hammer, Maricela Guzmán, Raimund Hasse, Meghan Elizabeth Kallman, Stuti Kokkalera, David C. Lane, Ana Lopes, Klarissa Lueg, Dorota Marsh, Leo McCann, Connie L. McNeely, Madeline McPherson, Fiona Meechan, Julie Monroe, Hannah Mormann, Leonardo Oliver Ortíz, Carl Stefan Roth-Kirkegaard, Mark Read, Guy Redden, Michelle Reddy, Danielle Rudes, Christine Sim, Simon I. Singer, Deborah B. Smith, Patricia Sullivan, Dinara Tokbaeva, Steve Vincent, Christopher N. Walker, Jaleesa Renee Wells, Adrian Wright, Ambika Zutshi

Introduction to the Research Handbook on the Sociology of Organizations 1
Mary Godwyn

1 The organization of higher education: an overview of sociological
research into universities as organizations 13
Klarissa Lueg and Angela Graf
2 Decisional organization theory: towards an integrated framework of
organization 30
Michael Grothe-Hammer, Héloïse Berkowitz and Olivier Berthod
3 A critical management studies approach to big data 54
Carl Stefan Roth-Kirkegaard
4 Carceral goals: the role of corrections officers in organizational goal attainment 73
Madeline McPherson and Danielle S. Rudes
5 Do organizations have a purpose? The symbolic constructivism test 87
Jean-Pierre Chanteau
6 Organizational legitimacy and legitimizing myths 107
Martijn Boersma
7 Dialectical network analysis: a critical approach for researching
networks in management and organization studies 125
Martha Emilie Ehrich
8 The importance of empathy and compassion in organizations: why there
is so little, and why we need more 145
Fiona Meechan, Leo McCann and Sir Cary Cooper
9 Where words speak louder than actions: values, strategy and action in
globalizing education – how successful IB schools are made 164
Alexander Gardner-McTaggart and Tony Bush
10 Exploring the connections between critical and contemporary social
theory and the sociology of culture 188
Dustin Garlitz
11 Entrepreneurial hybridity: concept and context in creative and cultural
organizations 208
Jaleesa Renee Wells
12 Theory, practice and bricolage: recombobulating agencies and
reorienting resistance to neoliberalization of the (post-) welfare state 221
Christopher N. Walker
13 A world polity view on reorganization and institutional change in
natural resources management 242
Mohammad Al-Saidi
14 The influence of organizational structures on police decision-making on
stop, question and frisk 260
Muneeba Azam, Christine Sim and Danielle S. Rudes

15 Rationalizing work through occupational communities in independent
games development 276
Adrian Wright and Dorota Marsh
16 Religion at work: the Quaker paradox 293
Mark Read
17 Charisma and charismatic leadership in organizations 311
Dinara Tokbaeva
18 Organizations and power: a critical evaluation of the rise of
performance measurement 329
Guy Redden
19 Autonomist leadership and organizational practice in leaderless street bands 347
Meghan Elizabeth Kallman
20 Contemporizing the social organization of parole: a critical assessment 367
Simon I. Singer and Stuti S. Kokkalera
21 Professionalization and the politicization of civil society organizations
in Sierra Leone 384
Michelle Reddy
22 Getting real about research: lessons learned from a worker training
evaluation project 399
Deborah B. Smith
23 Career development opportunities: a sociological and practitioner
exploration of organizational commitment factors, theories, and outcomes 417
Patricia Sullivan, Andrew Creed, Ambika Zutshi and David C. Lane
24 Resistance and resilience among tattoo workers 434
David C. Lane and Jacob T. Foster

25 Synergies between school leaders and communities in challenging
urban schools: a review of organizational dynamics and the urban
schools’ continuum 457
Maricela Guzmán and Leonardo Oliver Ortiz
26 Critical realist metatheory and the sociology of organizations: using
contrastive explanation to explain personal internet use at work 475
Julie Monroe, Steve Vincent and Ana Lopes
27 Exploring relations of power in Quakers’ alternative forms of organizing 491
Stephen Allen
28 The dialectic of changing corporate masks: from profit maximizers to
predators to socially responsible global leaders 509
Yon Jung Choi and Connie L. McNeely
29 Organizing values: the principles of rationalization and individualization 528
Hannah Mormann, Raimund Hasse and Nadine Arnold

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