Vertical Cities


Vertical Cities

Micro-segregation, Social Mix and Urban Housing Markets

9781800886384 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Thomas Maloutas, Professor Emeritus, Department of Geography, Harokopio University, Athens, Greece and Nikos Karadimitriou, Associate Professor, The Bartlett School of Planning, University College London, UK
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 80088 638 4 Extent: 378 pp
Exploring the social implications of dense and compact cities, this enlightening book looks at micro-scale segregation through several lenses. These include the ways that the housing market constantly reconfigures social mix, how the structure of the housing stock shapes it, and the ways that policies are deployed to manage these effects.

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Exploring the social implications of dense and compact cities, this enlightening book looks at micro-scale segregation through several lenses. These include the ways that the housing market constantly reconfigures social mix, how the structure of the housing stock shapes it, and the ways that policies are deployed to manage these effects.

Taking a deep dive into micro-segregation in the socially mixed and dense centres of compact cities, the authors investigate the form and content of social and ethno-racial hierarchies at the micro-scale of different cities around the world and the ways these have evolved over time. Vertical Cities considers the ways the materiality of such hierarchies affects the reproduction of social inequalities in today’s large cities.

Academics and researchers of urban sociology, housing, urban regeneration, urban studies and urban geography will find the original approach taken to this under-researched topic to be a vital resource. Practitioners and policy makers will find the innovative use of a common theoretical frame to analyse micro-scale social mix in vertical/compact cities informative when dealing with the management of neighbourhoods in inner cities.
Critical Acclaim
‘When most people think about urban segregation they think about different residential areas of cities. But, as the contributors to this wide ranging and comprehensive volume convincingly show, urban social segregation can take many forms, both horizontal and vertical, and involve a wide range of different groups and housing types at a variety of different scales.’
– Chris Hamnett, Emeritus Professor, King''s College, London, UK

‘This book has a highly original focus on micro-segregation, particularly vertical, revealing forms of housing and urban inequalities and hierarchies that are otherwise hidden in socially mixed neighborhoods. Examples from different cities worldwide show how widespread those micro-segregations are, but also how different, in form, in the way they are shaped by historical processes and market dynamics, and in the local social configurations they create.’
– Edmond Préteceille, Sciences Po CNRS Paris, France

‘Contributors document the many forms of spatial separation that structure residents’ daily lives but that are invisible to the administrative census data that urbanists usually rely on to measure segregation. Studies of cities around the world included here focus especially on differences in class or racial/ethnic composition between lower and upper floors of multistory buildings. They call into question the spatial scale of urban phenomena – neighborhoods, neighboring, and urban inequality – that are too often taken for granted in empirical research.’
– John R. Logan, Brown University, Rhode Island, US
Contributors: Ignacio Arce Abarca, Dimitris Balampanidis, Eftychia Bournazou, Aljoša Budović, Camila Carvalho, Yasmin Couto, Marinus Cornelis Deurloo, Ifigeneia Dimitrakou, Nick Dines, Jihad Farah, Maria Fiszon, Shlomit Flint Ashery, Daniel Baldwin Hess, Hang Kei Ho, Nikola Jocić, Yu-Min Joo, Kadi Kalm, Nikos Karadimitriou, Zoltán Kovács, Remedios Larrubia-Vargas, Jesùs Leal, Kadri Leetmaa, Zhigang Li, Sainan Lin, Ernesto López-Morales Thomas Maloutas, Szymon Marcińczak, Cristina Mattiucci, Walter Matznetter, Apolline Meyer, Robert Musil, Sako Musterd, Nikolina Myofa, Juan José Natera-Rivas, Susana Navarro Rodríguez, Vinicius M. Netto, Ingmar Pastak, Thomas Pfirsch, Iris Polyzou,  Ivan Ratkaj, Salah el-dinn Sadeck, Tal Shamur, Dimitra Siatitsa, Bart Sleutjes, Jeroen Slot, Daniel Sorando, Stavros Spyrellis, Elina Maarja Suitso, Rinat Steinlauf Millo, Judit Székely, Balázs Szabó, Tiit Tammaru, Konstantinos Vakalopoulos, Haim Yacobi, Maurice Yip

Foreword: the cities in the city xv
Prodromos Tsiavos
Preface xviii
1 Introduction to Vertical Cities: urban micro-segregation,
housing markets and social reproduction 1
Thomas Maloutas and Nikos Karadimitriou

2 Constantly evoked but under-researched: the conundrum of
vertical stratification in Naples 23
Nick Dines and Cristina Mattiucci
3 Flat by flat: producing micro-scale social differentiation in
an arrival neighbourhood of Marseille 39
Apolline Meyer and Thomas Pfirsch
4 Micro-housing, vertical marginalization and “normalcy”:
negotiating inclusion arrangements in the interstices of
residential apartment buildings in Beirut 57
Jihad Farah and Salah el-dinn Sadeck
5 Micro-segregation and coexistence in Athens: the debate
on segregation and its implications for urban research 73
Ifigeneia Dimitrakou, Dimitris Balampanidis, Nikolina
Myofa, Iris Polyzou, Dimitra Siatitsa, Stavros Spyrellis
and Kostas Vakalopoulos
6 Measuring and mapping vertical segregation in Athens 88
Thomas Maloutas, Stavros Spyrellis and Nikos Karadimitriou

7 Co-location of different population categories. Micro-level
segregation dynamics: the case of Amsterdam 99
Rinus Deurloo, Sako Musterd, Bart Sleutjes and Jeroen Slot
8 Social mix and vertical segregation in Madrid 116
Jesús Leal and Daniel Sorando
9 Vertical micro-segregation in a middle-sized
Mediterranean city: a case study in Málaga, Spain 129
Juan José Natera-Rivas, Remedios Larrubia-Vargas and
Susana Navarro-Rodríguez

10 Vertical segregation of rural migrants in urban China:
a case study of Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou 139
Sainan Lin and Zhigang Li
11 Micro-segregation in Rio de Janeiro 154
Vinicius M. Netto, Camila Carvalho, Maria Fiszon and Yasmin Couto

12 Vertical separation in high-rise apartment buildings:
evidence from Bucharest and Budapest under state socialism 173
Szymon Marcińczak and Daniel Baldwin Hess
13 Vertical micro-segregation in apartment buildings in Budapest 189
Zoltán Kovács, Judit Székely and Balázs Szabó
14 Patterns of small-scale residential segregation in the centre
of Belgrade 204
Ivan Ratkaj, Aljoša Budović and Nikola Jocić
15 Gentrification as a micro-segregation phenomenon: social
and spatial layers of Tallinn inner city 220
Kadri Leetmaa, Elina Maarja Suitso, Kadi Kalm, Ingmar
Pastak and Tiit Tammaru

16 Beyond the concept of spatial segregation: analytical
weakness, perverse policies, and evidence from Mexico City 240
Eftychia Bournazou
17 Compulsory social mix, micro-scale segregation and
gentrification: the case of Gan HaHashmal neighbourhood,
Tel Aviv 255
Tal Shamur and Haim Yacobi
18 Planning vertical differentiation? Geodesign workshop in
the case study area of Neve-Sha’anan neighbourhood in Tel Aviv 272
Shlomit Flint Ashery and Rinat Steinlauf Millo

19 Micro-segregation in Seoul, the capital city of the
“Republic of Apartments” 285
Yu-Min Joo
20 Wealth-based micro-segregation in Hong Kong: social
distance within spatial proximity 300
Hang Kei Ho and Maurice Yip
21 Perceived pull and push forces in high-rise developing
neighborhoods in Santiago, Chile 314
Ernesto López-Morales and Ignacio Arce
22 The commodification of height: vertical price
differentiation in Vienna’s condominium towers 333
Walter Matznetter and Robert Musil

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