International Fisheries Management in the Arctic

The world’s oceans contain fish stocks of great economic value, the most important of which are transboundary and require international cooperation to tackle interest conflict and avoid geopolitical tension between states. The law of the sea is the main mechanism for securing orderly exploitation of marine resources, and it includes a legal obligation of states to cooperate to ensure sustainable management.

With some of the most abundant and profitable fisheries in the world found in the Arctic, this innovative trilogy of titles combines insights from political science and law to examine the international management of fisheries. Assessing the combined effects of public international governance and private certification on the sustainability of fisheries, Geir Hønneland explores international fisheries management and cooperation in the Barents Sea, the Northeast Atlantic, and the Russian Arctic. Interdisciplinary in scope, these titles will be a topical read for those interested in ocean regulation and governance, the law of the sea, environmental politics, and international relations more broadly.
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