Biotechnology Regulation series

Series editor: Han Somsen, Tilburg University and the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Biotechnology is a term that provokes a range of differing reactions and views, though most would agree on the necessity of ensuring its careful regulation. The rise and rapid evolution of modern biotechnology has generated significant and diverse regulatory challenges, many of which have significant implications for society as a whole.

This series is designed to comprise work, both collaborative and single-authored, that provides critical insights into the challenges presented by biotechnology, and the range of regulatory techniques and solutions on offer. The issues confronted in the series range from agricultural biotechnology, including GMOs, to human genetics, through to intellectual property aspects of biotechnology, such as patents and the TRIPS framework. The European and International dimension of biotechnology regulation will be a constant reference point.

Whilst focusing principally on the legal framework of biotechnology regulation, the series will also draw from related disciplines such as environmental studies, politics and biology, and aims to inform policy as much as to comment on it.

Books in this series

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