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    Business Leadership and Culture

    Björn Bjerke
    How do business leaders think as a result of their national culture? This book provides a discussion and comparative analysis of five major cultures – American, Arab, Chinese, Japanese and Scandinavian – and how they reveal themselves i...
    Paperback (2001)

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    Hardback (2000)

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    Enterprise and Leadership

    Mark Casson
    This book offers a broader perspective and important practical insights into economic institutions, focusing on dynamic issues such as entrepreneurship and ethical leadership, which are crucial to institutional growth. Extending the wor...
    Hardback (2000)

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    Women in Business

    Edited by Mary A. Yeager
    Women in Business is an extensive collection of significant papers which explore the work of women in a wide range of businesses. The selection encompasses path-breaking articles covering all aspects of women’s work in The Americas, Eur...
    Hardback (1999)

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    Business Elites

    Edited by Youssef Cassis
    The social history of business leaders has always been considered as an essential ingredient in the understanding of business performance. It has nevertheless remained comparatively neglected by scholars.
    Hardback (1994)

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