Keynes and Philosophy


Keynes and Philosophy

Essays on the Origin of Keynes’s Thought

9781852788452 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Bradley W. Bateman, formerly President, Randolph College, US and John B. Davis, Professor of Economics, Marquette University, US and Professor of Economics, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Publication Date: March 1993 ISBN: 978 1 85278 845 2 Extent: 176 pp

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Critical Acclaim
Critical Acclaim
‘Keynes and Philosophy is a significant contribution to the new Keynesian fundamentalism. For the first time many of the newly emerging perspectives on Keynes’s early philosophical thought are brought together in a single volume. The analytical depth and divisive nature of the debates are clearly evident. The volume conveys the controversial excitement within the newest field of Keynesian scholarship.’
– Bill Gerrard, University of York, UK
Contents: 1. Introduction (B.W. Bateman and J.B. Davis) 2. Sidgwick, Moore and Keynes: A Philosophical Analysis of Keynes’s ‘My Early Beliefs’ (Y. Shionoya) 3. Burke and Keynes (S. Helburn) 4. The Rules of the Road: Keynes’s Theoretical Rationale for Public Policy (B.W. Bateman) 5. Keynes’s Weight of Argument and its Bearing on Rationality and Uncertainty (R. O’Donnell) 6. Keynes’s View of Economics as a Moral Science: Keynes on Organic Interdependence (J.B. Davis) 7. The Methodology of the Critique of the Classical Theory: Keynesian Organic Interdependence (A. Carabelli) 8. The Significance of Keynes’s Idealism (A. Fitzgibbons)
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