Research Handbook on the Sociology of Migration


Research Handbook on the Sociology of Migration

9781839105456 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Giuseppe Sciortino, Department of Sociology and Social Research, University of Trento, Italy, Martina Cvajner, Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science, University of Trento, Italy and Peter J. Kivisto, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Augustana College, US
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 83910 545 6 Extent: 452 pp
Adeptly navigating one of the most pressing issues on the current global agenda, this topical Research Handbook provides a comprehensive and research-based exploration of the sociology of migration. As well as highlighting the field’s achievements and current challenges, it explores key concepts used in current research, methods employed, and the spheres and contexts in which migrants participate.

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Adeptly navigating one of the most pressing issues on the current global agenda, this topical Research Handbook provides a comprehensive and research-based exploration of the sociology of migration. As well as highlighting the field’s achievements and current challenges, it explores key concepts used in current research, methods employed, and the spheres and contexts in which migrants participate.

Presenting an open and pluralistic approach to international migration, this Research Handbook offers a wealth of conceptual analysis, featuring insightful contributions from over 40 leading scholars. Split into three thematic sections, it expertly examines a wide range of theoretical terms, research methods and techniques, and provides an in-depth analysis of the significant work that has been carried out to date in relation to migration. It ultimately sheds light on important discussions surrounding the origins of the sociology of migration, considering not only past events, but also future directions of research for this ever-evolving field of study.

Offering a unique and forward-thinking perspective, this authoritative Handbook will serve as a fundamental reference for students, scholars, and practitioners in the fields of sociology and social policy, development studies, and political science, as well as in the wider social sciences.
Critical Acclaim
‘This Research Handbook is an essential companion for advanced researchers and a compass for aspiring scholars. It embeds the most common concepts in the history of migration studies, informs about the use of different methods in migration research and connects to the empirical realities of migration societies. The book is an important, globally focused contribution to understanding contemporary debates about migration, a principal driver and consequence of transformation in modern societies.’
– Gianni D''Amato, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland

‘Anyone wishing to understand the movement of populations in the modern world and the challenges of integration must start with a basic knowledge of the sociology of migration. The editors of this volume have brought together in a single work many of the leading scholars in the field to offer a comprehensive guide to key concepts, methods, space, and place—an invaluable resource for students and scholars alike.’
– James F. Hollifield, Southern Methodist University, US

‘Sciortino, Cvajner, Kivisto and their chapter authors make valuable contributions to the scholarship on migration. They offer succinct histories of the field and its different thematic, epistemic, and methodological currents, and insightfully parse differences. The chapters also offer concise reviews, engagements, and extensions of a wide range of both well-trodden and emerging areas of work. Despite three decades in the field, I learned a lot from reading this Research Handbook, and strongly recommend it. It will be useful both to long-time scholars and for undergraduate classes.’
– Robert Courtney Smith, City University of New York, US

‘Presenting 34 chapters written by leading international scholars in the field, the Research Handbook on the Sociology of Migration comprises a contemporary, integrated and comprehensive resource for scholars and students of sociology and other disciplines interested in migration issues. A highly accessible Research Handbook with an impressive diversity of themes all contributing to the constantly growing dynamic of this sociological subfield.’
– Pieter Bevelander, Malmö University, Sweden

‘The Research Handbook on the Sociology of Migration is a tour de force in international migration studies, moving away from a myopic view of migration by incorporating a plurality of theoretical, methodological and contextual perspectives. By developing a relational approach in which individuals, communities and societies interact with the boundary-crossing realities of our migratory world, editors Sciortino, Cvajner and Kivisto conceptualise migration in a truly global way. This is a book from which even seasoned scholars of migration will learn.’
– Elisabeth Jane Becker-Topkara, Heidelberg University, Germany
Contributors include: Remus Gabriel Anghel, Elizabeth Aranda, Joaquín Arango, Davide Azzolini, Oliver Bakewell, Susan Ball, Cris Beauchemin, Daniel Joseph Belback, Başak Bilecen, Ivano Bison, Rebecca Blackwell, Paolo Boccagni, Corrado Bonifazi, Grete Brochmann, Heide Castañeda, Jeffrey H. Cohen, Martina Cvajner, Gabriel Echeverría, Margit Fauser, Claudia Finotelli, Enrico Fravega, Leila Hadj Abdou, Nicholas DeMaria Harney, Federica Infantino, Bernadette Nadya Jaworsky, Bernd Kasparek, Russell King, Peter Kivisto, Aleksandra Kubica, Thomas Lacroix, Johanna Leinonen, Tuomas Martikainen, Girsea Martinez Rosas, Max Mauro, Rocco Molinari, Philipp Schnell, Giuseppe Sciortino, Ibrahim Sirkeci, Ronald Skeldon, Ayumi Takenaka, Erik Vickstrom, Mattia Vitiello, Heather M. Wurtz, Federica Zardo

Introduction. The sociology of migration: where has it been and where is it going? 1
Martina Cvajner, Peter J. Kivisto, and Giuseppe Sciortino

1 Mobility, immobility, and migration 12
Nicholas DeMaria Harney
2 Borders and boundaries 23
Giuseppe Sciortino
3 Migration categories and the politics of labeling 34
Leila Hadj Abdou and Federica Zardo
4 Gender 46
Johanna Leinonen
5 Migration chains and migration networks: researching migration as
a social process 60
Remus Gabriel Anghel
6 Sequences and transitions in migration 74
Russell King and Ronald Skeldon
7 Migration systems 86
Oliver Bakewell
8 Migration policies and politics 96
Joaquín Arango
9 Migration and border regimes 109
Bernd Kasparek
10 Contexts of reception 122
Ayumi Takenaka
11 Theorizing modes of incorporation 133
Peter J. Kivisto
12 Diversity and super-diversity 143
Ivano Bison and Daniel Joseph Belback
13 Inclusion and exclusion 156
Gabriel Echeverría and Claudia Finotelli
14 Remittances in a world of uncertainty and insecurity 167
Ibrahim Sirkeci
15 Transnationalism and the making of diasporas 181
Thomas Lacroix
16 Children of immigrants and the second generation 192
Davide Azzolini and Philipp Schnell

17 Secondary analysis of government and official data on international
migration 206
Corrado Bonifazi
18 Ethnography in migration studies: an everlasting love? 215
Martina Cvajner
19 Quantitative surveys on migration 227
Erik Vickstrom and Cris Beauchemin
20 Connecting with connected migrants: exploring the field of digital
migration studies 243
Bernadette Nadya Jaworsky
21 Toward the use of emotions as a methodological technique for the
empirical analysis of migration 258
Elizabeth Aranda, Girsea Martinez Rosas, and Rebecca Blackwell
22 Network analysis 272
Başak Bilecen
23 Visual methods in migration research 285
Susan Ball

24 Sending communities, social spheres, and households: what can be
learned about migration 300
Jeffrey H. Cohen
25 Borders, embassies, and visas: the lessons of sociological lenses 307
Federica Infantino
26 Workplaces and labor markets 319
Mattia Vitiello
27 Migration in families and households 328
Heather M. Wurtz and Heide Castañeda
28 Housing and home 340
Enrico Fravega and Paolo Boccagni
29 Sociabilities: kin, friends, and acquaintances in international migration 351
Rocco Molinari
30 Migrant associations and communities 363
Margit Fauser
31 Migration and the welfare state 375
Grete Brochmann
32 The religious migrant 387
Tuomas Martikainen
33 Sport and migration 400
Max Mauro
34 Migration, museums, (and archives) 411
Aleksandra Kubica

Index 423
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