Global Promotion 

Email Promotion

While academic books are sold primarily to university libraries, it is often the faculty who decide which titles are selected, so we put significant resources into reaching faculty to inform them of new titles.

Your books will be included in several bespoke email campaigns sent out at various times during the months surrounding pre and post publication.

Our email database is divided into over 250 sub-topics. By carefully segmenting our contacts we make our marketing more relevant and useful to researchers. Books are frequently interdisciplinary and we cross market to all related disciplines where relevant.



Translation Rights

To enquire about translation rights for Elgar books please contact Karen Plowman: [email protected]

For Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean translation rights please contact our exclusive agents:

Chinese: Big Apple Agency, Inc.
(Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian and Vietnamese)
email: [email protected]

Japanese: Tuttle Mori Agency, Inc.
email: [email protected]

Korean: Eric Yang Agency
email: [email protected]

Eulama Literary Agency
(Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese)
email: [email protected]


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