Authors and editors guide to using social media

Help to build awareness of your work, drive usage and increase citations by using social media.

Social media is a powerful tool for reaching new readers in both the academic and non-academic spheres, and can be especially effective when coming from you as an expert in a given field of research.

Furthermore, search engines use social media linking to identify interesting content and prioritise search results, so sharing the link to a book on our website and Elgaronline can increase long term discovery. We can help you to maximize the impact of your own social media activity and invite you to participate in ours. Find us on Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn and Instagram.



Twitter is an ideal platform to promote your work. If you already have an account, add a link to your email signature and let us know so we can interact with you. Find us at:

@ElgarPublishing @Elgar_Business  @Elgar_Law
@Elgar_Politics @Elgar_Economics @Elgar_Sociology
@Elgar_Environ @Elgar_Geography @Elgar_Libraries


When setting up your account we advise that you use your real name so others in the community can easily recognise you, and include a link to your organization's page in your profile details. When your profile has been set up, search for friends, colleagues, peers and others in your professional network and follow them, encouraging them to follow you back.

When tweeting about your book, include a link to the book's page on our website. You could also include the handle of your institution or research group.

If appropriate consider including a topical hashtag to make your tweets even more discoverable. For example, if your working in climate change, you might tweet:

Working on my new @ElgarPublishing book with @DrJohnSmith & @ProfGarcia focussing on the effects of #ClimateChange on the polar regions. Find out more: BOOK ISBN @ClimateChangeResearch

Others may retweet you. This means they will share your message with their own followers, helping you build awareness and reach new networks. This works both ways, retweet others and engage in conversations to show that you’re active and help to build your community.



LinkedIn is a global network of professionals where you can share content with your connections. Create an account using your real name so others can easily find you. Include your research activities, conferences you plan to attend and link to your Elgar book and the free content on Elgaronline. These are some good examples:



The largest social media platform, create your profile, invite friends and colleagues to 'like' your page and find us by searching @EdwardElgarPublishing 




Used by billions worldwide, Instagram allows its users to share both photo and video content. This can be in the form of feed posts or stories. Create an account using your name, follow relevant accounts/topics to you and post visual content such as promotions of your book.

Find our account by searching @elgar_publishing and tag us in your posts so that we can re-share and gain your book more exposure.



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