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A Research Agenda for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Edited by David B. Audretsch, Distinguished Professor and Ameritech Chair of Economic Development, Indiana University, Bloomington, US, Erik E. Lehmann, Professor of Management and Organization, University of Augsburg, Germany and Albert N. Link, Virginia Batte Phillips Distinguished Professor of Economics, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, US
This book identifies and explains the most salient opportunities for future research in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation. It draws on the experiences and insights of leading scholars in the world on a broad array of rich and promising topics, ranging from entrepreneurial ecosystems to finance and to the role of universities.
Extent: c 240 pp
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Publication Date: May 2019
ISBN: 978 1 78811 600 8
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Elgar Research Agendas outline the future of research in a given area. Leading scholars are given the space to explore their subject in provocative ways, and map out the potential directions of travel. They are relevant but also visionary.

Within the span of a generation, innovation and entrepreneurship have emerged as two of the most vital forces in the economy and in society. This Research Agenda highlights new insights and approaches to guide future thinking, research and policy in the area. To accomplish this, the editors have brought together a group of accomplished scholars spanning economics, management, public policy and finance.

Drawing on the experiences and insights of leading scholars this Research Agenda covers a broad array of rich and promising topics, including entrepreneurial ecosystems, finance and the role of universities. Focusing on the intersection and overlap between the two disciplines, the Research Agenda begins by establishing the theoretical basis between the two topics, before exploring impact, context, academic entrepreneurship, start-ups, policy and corporate governance. The book concludes with three provocative chapters: Friederike Welter highlighting the power of words and images, Sameeksha Desai discussing the role of artificial intelligence and Mark Casson presenting a case for radical change to how entrepreneurship is studied.

Presenting the most salient findings and themes in current literature, A Research Agenda for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is essential for researchers in innovation, as well as policy makers at both the local and national levels influenced by the increasing importance of entrepreneurship and innovation.
‘Audretsch, Lehmann and Link have assembled a wealth of insights and frameworks to invigorate the innovation and entrepreneurship research agenda. The inclusion of contributions spanning a broad spectrum of scholars from economics, management, public policy and finance in this most inter-disciplinary of fields is especially welcome.’
– Mike Wright, Imperial College London, UK
Contributors include: C. Antonelli, D.B. Audretsch, S. Breznitz, M. Casson, A. Civera, J.A. Cunningham, S. Desai, M. Fritsch, R. Goel, D. Göktepe-Hultén, H.M. Grimm, M. Guerrero, B. Hills, P. Kirkham, E.E. Lehmann, H. Li, A.N. Link, M. Meoli, S. Mosey, R. Ram, S. Terjesen, T. Umans, D. Urbano, S. Vismara, F. Welter, Q. Zhang


1. Introduction
David B. Audretsch, Erik Lehmann and Albert N. Link

2. Schumpeterian Growth Regimes
Cristiano Antonelli

3. Measuring Entrepreneurial Impact through Alumni Impact Surveys
Shiri Breznitz, Brendan Hills and Qiantao Zhang

4. Academic Entrepreneurship: Between Myth and Reality
Alice Civera, Michele Meoli and Silvio Vismara

5. Principal Investigators and Boundary Spanning Entrepreneurial Opportunity Recognition: A Conceptual Framework
James A. Cunningham

6. The Regional Emergence of Innovative Start-ups: A Research Agenda
Michael Fritsch

7. Public and Policy Entrepreneurship Research: A Synthesis of the Literature and Future Perspectives
Heike M. Grimm

8. A Research Agenda for Entrepreneurship and Innovation: The Role of Entrepreneurial Universities
Maribel Guerrero and David Urbano

9. Corporate Governance and Innovation
Hezun Li, Timurs Umans and Siri Terjesen

10. Research Opportunities Considering Student Entrepreneurship in University Eco-systems
Simon Mosey and Paul Kirkham

11. Entrepreneurial Leadership in the Academic Community: A Suggested Research Agenda
Rati Ram, Devrim Göktepe-Hultén, and Rajeev K. Goel

12. The Power of Words and Images – Towards Talking About and Seeing Entrepreneurship and Innovation Differently
Friederike Welter

13. Artificial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship: Some Thoughts for Entrepreneurship Researchers
Sameeksha Desai

14. Entrepreneurship Studies: The Case for Radical Change
Mark Casson