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A Research Agenda for Service Innovation

Edited by Faïz Gallouj and Faridah Djellal, Professors of Economics and members of CLERSE-CNRS, University of Lille, France
This book aims to take account of the major advances made in ‘Service Innovation Studies’ (SIS) and above all to provide an agenda setting out the research priorities in the field. This agenda is established by considering the issue of innovation in services in relation to a number of major contemporary challenges, including environmental issues, social inclusion, economic development, service ecosystems, smart service systems, religion, ageing, public organizations, gender, and ethical and societal issues. Bringing together internationals experts in the field of SIS, the book illustrates the strength and fertility of this research trajectory. It will be of great interest for both services and innovation scholars in economics, management science and public administration.
Extent: 200 pp
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Publication Date: 2018
ISBN: 978 1 78643 344 2
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Elgar Research Agendas outline the future of research in a given area. Leading scholars are given the space to explore their subject in provocative ways, and map out the potential directions of travel. They are relevant but also visionary.

Over the last two decades, Service Innovation Studies (SIS) has achieved 15 distinct and important advances. This Research Agenda outlines these major developments, setting out the research priorities in the field. Faïz Gallouj and Faridah Djellal have drawn together an array of renowned contributors to create a multidisciplinary analysis of the topic that illustrates the strength of this research trajectory.

International experts in the field of SIS consider the issue of innovation in services in relation to a number of major contemporary challenges, including environmental issues, social inclusion, economic development, gender, ethical issues, religion and public organizations. Moving from an overview of the 15 advances already made, this Research Agenda outlines the 15 main challenges that could structure research over the next decade, distinguishing between societal challenges, organizational and structural challenges, and methodological and didactic challenges.

This is an enlightening book for both services and innovation scholars in the fields of economics, management science and public administration who wish to develop further research in SIS.

‘This book makes an important contribution that will be most useful to scholars, students and practitioners. It provides a well structured and comprehensive framework of the basic tools that are indispensable to understand the dynamics of innovation in the knowledge intensive service industries that are at the core of advanced economies.’
– Cristiano Antonelli, University of Turin and Fellow of the Collegio Carlo Alberto, Italy

‘Service innovation is now recognised as a critical phenomenon in contemporary economies. The distinguished contributors to this collection highlight major themes in the research literature that has sought to explicate this multifaceted topic, bring fresh perspectives to bear on complex and often contentious issues, and identify important approaches for future study and practice. I strongly recommend this timely and provocative book!’
– Ian Miles, University of Manchester, UK

‘This book represents an important initiative in the refocusing of innovation toward the very heart, though often ignored aspect, of value creation – service. It brings together some of the best thinkers in the service-innovation intersection to address the challenges and issues related to this essential refocusing process. I highly recommend it.’
– Stephen L. Vargo, University of Hawai'i, USA
Contributors: F. Adrodegari, A. Bianchi, F. Djellal, B. Edvardsson, C. Gallouj, F. Gallouj, H. Lagunes, C. Lim, P.P. Maglio, G. Marin, T. Paschou, M. Perona, J. Reynoso, L. Rubalcaba, N. Saccani, M. Toivonen, B. Tronvoll, L. Wittel, A. Zanfei


1. Fifteen challenges for service innovation studies
Faridah Djellal and Faïz Gallouj

2. Services, service innovation and the ecological challenge
Faridah Djellal and Faïz Gallouj

3. Service innovation and social innovation
Marja Toivonen

4. Service innovation in developing economies
Luis Rubalcaba, Héctor Lagunes and Javier Reynoso

5. An ecosystem perspective on service innovation
Bo Edvardsson and Bård Tronvoll and Lars Wittel

6. Innovation and smart service systems
Paul P. Maglio and Chiehyeon Lim

7. Service innovation: towards a religious trajectory
Camal Gallouj

8. Digital servitization in manufacturing as a new stream of research: a review and a further research agenda
Theoni Paschou, Federico Adrodegari, Marco Perona and Nicol Saccani

9. New Perspectives in Public service innovation
Annaflavia Bianchi, Giovanni Marin and Antonello Zanfei