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De-Centering State Making

Comparative and International Perspectives Edited by Jens Bartelson, Martin Hall and Jan Teorell, Department of Political Science, Lund University, Sweden
Bridging the gap between international relations and comparative politics, this book transposes Eurocentric theories and narratives of state-making to new historical and geographical contexts in order to probe their scope conditions. In doing this, the authors question received explanations of the historical origins and geographical limits of state-making, questioning the unilinear view of the emergence of the modern state and the international system. Theoretically and methodologically eclectic, the volume explores a range of empirical cases not often discussed in the literature.
Extent: 256 pp
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Publication Date: 2018
ISBN: 978 1 78811 298 7
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  • Geography
  • Political Geography and Geopolitics
  • Politics and Public Policy
  • International Politics
  • International Relations
  • Social Policy and Sociology
  • Sociology and Sociological Theory
State making has long been regarded as a European development, both historically and geographically. In this innovative book, the authors add fresh insights into the nature and causes of state making by de-centering this Eurocentric viewpoint through simultaneous changes of conceptual, theoretical and empirical focus.

De-Centering State Making combines knowledge from comparative politics and international relations, creating a more holistic perspective that moves away from the widespread idea that state making and war are intrinsically linked. The book uses both qualitative and quantitative methods to examine historical and contemporary cases of state making as well as non-European ones, providing an in-depth analysis of the nature and causes of state making, historically as well as in a modern, global environment.

This timely book is an invaluable read for international relations and comparative politics scholars. It will also greatly benefit those teaching advanced undergraduate and graduate courses on state making as it provides a fresh take on the art of state making in a modern world.
‘Though the emergence and evolution of state sovereignty is a central concern for the discipline of international relations, until recently there were very few studies that explored this phenomenon outside of Europe in a comparative manner. De-Centering State Making more than fills this gap. This expertly edited volume brings together an impressive array of contributors to advance our understanding of modern state making around the world to a whole other level.’
– Ayşe Zarakol, University of Cambridge, UK
Contributors: J. Bartelson, A. Björkdahl, C. Butcher, A. Goenaga, R. Griffiths, J. Grzybowski, M. Hall, J.K. Hanson, A. Learoyd, E. Ravndal, T. Svensson, J. Teorell, A. von Hagen-Jamar

1. Introduction: De-Centering State Making
Jens Bartelson, Martin Hall and Jan Teorell

Part I: What makes a state?
2. Steppe State Making
Martin Hall

3. De-Centering Federal Origins: India and the Contested Appropriation of Federal Democracy
Ted Svensson

4. The Current Developing State
Jonathan K. Hanson

Part II: What states does war make?
5. When Does War Make States? War, Rivalries and Fiscal Extraction in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Agustín Goenaga and Alexander von Hagen-Jamar

6. War and Variation in the Structure of Historical International Systems: A Theoretical Model
Charles Butcher and Ryan Griffiths

7. Imagined States and Clashing State-building Processes in the Bosnian Space
Annika Björkdahl

Part III: State making and international society
8. Configurations of Semi-Sovereignty in the Long-Nineteenth Century
Arthur Learoyd

9. Acting Like a State: Non-European Membership of International Organisations in the Nineteenth Century
Ellen Ravndal

Part IV: Conclusion
10. Concentric Circles: Aporias of De-Centering State Making in Time and Space
Janis Grzybowski

11. After De-Centering: A New Research Agenda for State Making
Jens Bartelson and Jan Teorell