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Financial Innovation in Retail and Corporate Banking

Edited by Luisa Anderloni, Professor of Banking and Finance, Department of Economics, Business and Statistics, University of Milan and Researcher, Carefin, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy, David T. Llewellyn, Professor of Money and Banking, Department of Economics, Loughborough University, Visiting Professor, CASS Business School, London, UK, WU Wien, University of Economics and Business, Austria and Swiss Finance Institute Zurich, Switzerland and Reinhard H. Schmidt, Professor of International Banking and Finance, Department of Finance, Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
This valuable book discusses in detail, through a blend of theory and empirical research, the processes of innovation and the diffusion of new financial instruments.
Extent: 352 pp
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Publication Date: 2009
ISBN: 978 1 84844 040 1
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  • Business and Management
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  • Economics and Finance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Financial Economics and Regulation
  • Money and Banking
This valuable book discusses in detail, through a blend of theory and empirical research, the processes of innovation and the diffusion of new financial instruments.

The contributors explore theoretical issues such as the relationship between financial innovation and market structure and the legal protection of financial innovation. They examine various topics on retail banking, from payment services and procedures, trading online, internet banking and profitability of retail banking to microfinance. This comprehensive book also focuses on innovation in corporate banking, such as credit derivatives and their implications for the relationship between banks and markets in financial systems.

This book will be invaluable to postgraduate students, researchers and academics with an interest in economics and finance and financial innovation in particular.
‘. . . the heterogeneous collections of papers ensure that an engaged reader will find something of interest. . . The authors’ critical review of innovation from a scientific perspective will undoubtedly serve as a guide to others, and the topics covered in the book will continue to be studied in the future in an attempt to improve the efficiency, accessibility and attractiveness of world financial markets.’
– Orestes Pasparakis, Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation

‘The book. . . gives us a lot of new information. . . and that is its most important contribution. . . Rich and comprehensive coverage of financial innovations that I tried to present earlier makes it a very interesting reading. Moreover, practically all studies included there are heavily supported with empirical research, what makes the book even more valuable to any student of the subject. . .’
– Ryszard Kokoszczynski, SUERF
Contributors: L. Anderloni, F. Arnaboldi, R. Ayadi, M. Bedendo, P. Behr, P. Bongini, D. Bounie, B. Bruno, S. Carbó Valverde, G. Chesini, P. Claeys, P. Gazé, D.B. Humphrey, R.M. Hunt, C. Lucarelli, C. Mazzoli, M. Rothfeld, R.H. Schmidt, S. Simojoki, T. Takalo, M. Tamisari

Paolo Mottura

1. Financial Innovation and the Economics of Banking and the Financial System
David T. Llewellyn

2. Is Financial Innovation Still a Relevant Issue?
Luisa Anderloni and Paola Bongini

3. Microfinance, Innovations and Commercialisation
Reinhard H. Schmidt

4. Technological Innovation in Banking: The Shift to ATMs and Implicit Pricing of Network Convenience
Santiago Carbó Valverde and David B. Humphrey

5. Financial Innovation in Internet Banking: A Comparative Analysis
Francesa Arnabodi and Peter Claeys

6. How do Internet Payments Challenge the Retail Payment Industry?
David Bounie and Pierre Gazé

7. Intellectual Property Rights and Standard Setting in Financial Services: The Case of the Single European Payments Area
Robert M. Hunt, Samuli Simojoki and Tuomus Takalo

8. The Regulatory and Market Developments of Covered Bonds in Europe
Giuseppina Chesini and Monica Tamisari

9. Credit Derivatives versus Loan Sales: Evidence from the European Banking Market
Mascia Bedendo and Brunella Bruno

10. On the Required Regulatory Support for Credit Derivative Markets
Rym Ayadi and Patrick Behr

11. Innovation in Trading Activity: Should Stock Markets be More Transparent?
Caterina Lucarelli, Camilla Mazzoli and Merlin Rothfeld