A Biographical Dictionary of Australian and New Zealand Economists

9781845428693 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by J.E. King, Emeritus Professor, La Trobe University, Australia and Honorary Professor, Federation University Australia
Publication Date: 2007 ISBN: 978 1 84542 869 3 Extent: 360 pp
This book documents the history of economic discourse in Australia and New Zealand from the early days of European settlement. Many of the early economists were immigrants (William Hearn, Charles Pearson, Catherine Spence, David Syme).

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This book documents the history of economic discourse in Australia and New Zealand from the early days of European settlement. Many of the early economists were immigrants (William Hearn, Charles Pearson, Catherine Spence, David Syme). A few (such as W.C. Wentworth, born on the First Fleet) were proud natives, self-taught but confident and assertive in their use of economic arguments. The 20th century brought European refugees (Heinz Arndt, Harro Bernardelli, Fred Gruen, Kurt Singer) and a healthy crop of locally-born public servant-economists (Bernard Ashwin, John Crawford, ‘Nugget’ Coombs, Leslie Melville, Roland Wilson). There were theorists of international renown (Richard Manning, Wilfred Salter, Trevor Swan), some who made important contributions to public policy debates (Ronald Henderson, Eric Russell) or distinguished themselves in econometrics (Rex Bergstrom, Bill Phillips). The 130 entries in this volume have been written by more than 50 international authorities, revealing the depth and diversity of economics in Australia and New Zealand over almost two centuries.

This biographical dictionary is a rich and comprehensive original reference work that will appeal to many economists and researchers of history and public policy in addition to those involved in the history of economic thought.
Critical Acclaim
‘The editorial achievement in this volume is impressive. Not only has the canvas of potential entries been remarkably thorough, but also the space allotted to each seems nicely in accord with their importance.’
– Craufurd Goodwin, History of Economics Review

‘Academics, graduate students, journalists, and researchers and historians who work within government and non-governmental organisations and the private sector will find this book a valuable resource and an enjoyable read.’
– Susan K. Schroeder, Australian Economic History Review

‘. . . this is not just a reference book, wonderful though it is as a reference book, but a book to be read through from cover to cover with immense pleasure and much profit.’
– Steven Kates, EH.Net

‘This is a delightful volume: a valuable reference book and at the same time an account of economics in Australia that can be read right through as history. This is the way the history of science should be presented, as an account not only of the giants of the field, but of the pygmies as well. Happily this is not an exercise in hagiography. John King has arranged for admirable balance in this collection between entries on such major figures as Colin Clark, Timothy Coghlan, and Douglas Copland, while not forgetting more colorful others such as one who is described as “a club-footed drunk and recidivist bankrupt who occasionally assaulted his colleagues”.’
– Craufurd Goodwin, Duke University, US

‘Despite globalization, economic ideas in the Antipodes have always been distinctively different from the rest of the world. This book tracks the careers of 130 eminent but deceased Australian and New Zealand economists, largely told by their colleagues and friends. This caps earlier studies of Antipodean economics by Craufurd Goodwin, Peter Groenewegen and Bruce McFarlane. We only have to mention names like Arthur Smithies, Heinz Arndt, Colin Clark, Graham Salter, Stanley Jevons, Trevor Swan, Bill Phillips, Frederic Benham and Robert Torrens to remind us of how much we have all learned from Antipodean economists. This book is a perfect read on that long plane journey to Australia or New Zealand.’
– The late Mark Blaug, formerly of the University of London and University of Buckingham, UK
Contributors: J.R. Anderson, F. Argy, S. Bambrick, G. Banks, G. Bertram, C. Blyth, N. Brown, J. Butlin, W. Coleman, M. Corden, S. Cornish, J. Courvisanos,
R. Dixon, M. Donoghue, B. Easton, A. Endres, L.T. Evans, B. Fisher, R. Garnaut, M. Gordon, P. Groenewegen, L. Haddad, A. Hall, V.B. Hall, G.C. Harcourt, G. Hawke, J. Hawkins, W. Hogan, G. Hogbin, F. Holmes, T. Hunter, J. Isaac, J.B. King, J.E. King, M. Lake, R. Lattimore, R. Leeson, D. Leonard, P. Lloyd, J. Lodewijks, S. Magarey, M. McLure, J. McMillan, A. Millmow, G. Moore, P. Moore, G. Patmore, R. Petridis, P.C.B. Phillips, P. Saunders, M. Schneider, J. Singleton, B. Smith, G.D. Snooks, S. Turnell, A. Watson, K. Weststrate, L. Williams, R. Williams, R. Wilson

1. John Louis Dillon
Jock R. Anderson

2. Victor Elie Argy
Fred Argy

3. Horace Plessay Brown
Susan Bambrick

4. Richard Hal Snape
Gary Banks

5. Bernard Edward Murphy
Geoff Bertram

6. Horace Belshaw; Malcolm Robertson Fisher
Conrad Blyth

7. Richard Ivan Downing
Nicholas Brown

8. Sydney James Christopher Lyon Butlin
Judith Butlin

9. James Bristock Brigden; Alfred De Lissa; Lyndhurst Falkiner Giblin; Keith Sydney Isles; Arthur James Ogilvy; Arthur Smithies
William Coleman

10. Fred Henry George Gruen
Max Corden

11. Heinz Wolfgang Arndt; Herbert Burton; Herbert Cole Coombs; Sir Leslie Galfreid Melville; Sir Richard John Randall; Sir Edward Ronald Walker; Sir Roland Wilson
Selwyn Cornish

12. Thomas Michael Fitzgerald
Jerry Courvisanos

13. Raymond John Albert Harper
Robert Dixon

14. Harro Bernardelli; Ralph William Souter
Mark Donoghue

15. Sir Bernard Carl Ashwin; William Ball Sutch
Brian Easton

16. Colin Grant Clark
Anthony Endres

17. Bryan Passmore Philpott; Jan Louise Whitwell
Lewis T. Evans

18. Keith Oliver Campbell
Brian Fisher

19. Sir John Grenfell Crawford
Ross Garnaut

20. Barry Lewis John Gordon
Moira Gordon

21. Sir Hermann David Black; Arthur Duckworth; Russell Lloyd Mathews; Richard Charles Mills; Morris Birkbeck Pell; Garnet Vere Portus; Graham Shardalow Lee Tucker; William Charles Wentworth; Sidney Herbert Wostenholme
Peter Groenewegen

22. David Miles Bensusan-Butt
Louis Haddad

23. Sir Timothy Augustine Coghlan
Alan Hall

24. Bryan Passmore Philpott; Jan Louise Whitwell
Viv B. Hall

25. Keith Septimus Frearson; Eric Alfred Russell; Wilfred Edward Graham Salter
G.C. Harcourt

26. William Pember Reeves
Gary Hawke

27. James Ford Cairns; Sir Stanley Roy Carver; Edward Pulsford; Sir Frederick Henry Wheeler
John Hawkins

28. Allan George Barnard Fisher; Colin George Frederick Simkin
Warren Hogan

29. Ross McDonald Parish
Geoff Hogbin

30. Henry George Lang; Sir Alan Roberts Low
Frank Holmes

31. Alexander Hunter
Thelma Hunter

32. Henry Bournes Higgins; Kingsley Middleton Laffer; Wilfred Prest
Joe Isaac

33. Herbert Heaton
Jack B. King

34. Sir Francis Anderson; William Henry Archer; Meredith Atkinson; Henry Heylyn Hayter; Christopher Ian Higgins; Maximilian Hirsch; William Stanley Jevons; Robert Mackenzie Johnston; Sir George Handley Knibbs; John Andrew La Nauze; Sir Anthony Musgrave; Godfrey Alfred Rattigan; Walter Scott; Kurt Singer; Trevor Winchester Swan; Edward Gibbon Wakefield; William Westgarth
J.E. King

35. Charles Henry Pearson
Marilyn Lake

36. Sir James Hight
Ralph Lattimore

37. Alban William Housego Phillips
Robert Leeson

38. Richard Ivan Manning
Daniel Leonard

39. John Bell Condliffe
Peter Lloyd

40. Kenneth Deakin Rivett
John Lodewijks

41. Catherine Helen Spence
Susan Magarey

42. Austin Stewart Holmes
Michael McLure

43. Richard Ivan Manning
†John McMillan

44. Frederic Charles Courtenay Benham; Leslie Henry Ernest Bury; Sir Douglas Berry Copland; Sir Alfred Charles Davidson; Edward Clarence Evelyn Dyason; Gerald Gill Firth; John King Gifford; Torleiv Hytten; Robert Francis Irvine; Claud Victor Janes; Raymond Newton Kershaw; Clarence Edward Martin; Ronald Mendelsohn; Donald Henry Merry; Maxwell Newton
Alex Millmow

45. John Simeon Elkington; Sir John Winthrop Hackett; William Edward Hearn; James Mirams; David Syme; Henry Gyles Turner
Gregory Moore

46. Robert Torrens
Peter Moore

47. Leslie Cyril Jauncey; James Thomas Sutcliffe
Greg Patmore

48. Frank Richard Edward Mauldon
Ray Petridis

49. Albert Rex Bergstrom
Peter C.B. Phillips

50. Ronald Frank Henderson
Peter Saunders

51. Frank Geoffrey Davidson; Donald Henry Whitehead
Michael Schneider

52. Sydney James Christopher Lyon Butlin; Albert Hamilton Tocker
John Singleton

53. Neil John Vousden
Ben Smith

54. Noel George Butlin; Edward Owen Giblin Shann
Graeme Donald Snooks

55. Frank Lidgett McDougall; Sir Arthur Tange
Sean Turnell

56. Bruce Robinson Davidson; Alan Grahame Lloyd
Alistair Watson

57. Cornelis Weststrate
Kees Weststrate

58. Muriel Jean Polglaze
Lynne Williams

59. Donald Cochrane
Ross Williams

60. Gordon Leslie Wood
†Robert Wilson

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