A Modern Guide to the Multiple Streams Framework


A Modern Guide to the Multiple Streams Framework

9781802209815 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Nikolaos Zahariadis, Mertie Buckman Chair and Professor of International Studies, Rhodes College, US, Nicole Herweg, Research Fellow, Reimut Zohlnhöfer, Professor of Political Science, Ruprecht-Karls-University, Heidelberg, Germany and Evangelia Petridou, Associate Professor of Political Science, Mid Sweden University, Sweden, and Senior Researcher, NTNU Social Research, Norway
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80220 981 5 Extent: 376 pp
Applying the Multiple Streams Framework (MSF) to a global range of case studies, this pioneering Modern Guide addresses how policymakers decide what issues to attend to and which choices to make or implement. In doing so it outlines that, far from being the exception, ambiguity and timing are integral parts of every comparative explanation of the policy process.

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Applying the Multiple Streams Framework (MSF) to a global range of case studies, this pioneering Modern Guide addresses how policymakers decide what issues to attend to and which choices to make or implement. In doing so it outlines that, far from being the exception, ambiguity and timing are integral parts of every comparative explanation of the policy process.

Considering the MSF at the theoretical level, contributors assess the assumptions, structure and logic of the framework before examining the scope of reforms, multilevel influence and interaction, coupling as a process, and the motives of policy entrepreneurs. Using a diverse array of cases from around the world at sub-national, national, and international levels of governance, chapters apply the framework to such diverse topics as climate policy in Europe, soil pollution laws in China, pandemic management in Turkey and Bolsonaro’s gun liberalization agenda in Brazil. Ultimately, the Modern Guide demonstrates that public policy is a process replete with bias, language and symbols among interacting policy actors who generate conflicting messages in staged settings of political power.

Situating the framework within broader debates of the policy process, this innovative Modern Guide will be vital to students and scholars of political science, public policy, and public administration and management. With empirical practical applications which advance the MSF, it will also be of use to policymakers globally.
Critical Acclaim
‘Top scholars Zahariadis, Herweg, Zohlnhöfer, and Petridou offer a nuanced and sophisticated presentation of the Multiple Streams Framework. They are supported by applications of MSF emphasizing rich theoretical development and comparisons. This edited volume provides an essential reading to anyone interested in policy choice and the policy process.’
– Christopher M. Weible, University of Colorado Denver, US

‘A comprehensive account of a major and very successful approach to policy change, written by the leaders in the field. Highly informative on the theoretical and empirical developments of the Multiple Streams Framework, this book takes the reader on an exploration of policy change over time and across different sub-national, national, and international domains.’
– Claudio Radaelli, European University Institute, Italy and University College London, UK

‘The Multiple Streams Framework (MSF) became one of the most used theories of the policy process, but most tend to use MSF loosely without contributing to theoretical coherence and advance. Therefore, this book does policy scholars a great service by showing how to foster and use the MSF state of the art.’
– Paul Cairney, University of Stirling, UK
Contributors include: Gertrud Alirani, Thomas A. Birkland, Sonja Blum, Stephen Ceccoli, Xinran Andy Chen, Rob A. DeLeo, Dana A. Dolan, Kerstin Eriksson, Theofanis Exadaktylos, Nicole Herweg, Roger Hildingsson, Nathan Jeschke, Roine Johansson, Vassilis Karokis-Mavrikos, Åsa Knaggård, Maria Mavrikou, Vilém Novotný, Lacin Idil Oztig, Evangelia Petridou, Katharina Rietig, Diego Sanjurjo, Kristin Taylor, Stefanie Thurm, Annette Elisabeth Töller, Annemieke van den Dool, Lotta Vylund, Georg Wenzelburger, Nikolaos Zahariadis, Stephanie Zarb, Reimut Zohlnhöfer

1 Advancing the Multiple Streams Framework 1
Nikolaos Zahariadis, Nicole Herweg, Reimut Zohlnhöfer,
Evangelia Petridou, and Vilém Novotný

2 How far does a policy change go? Explaining the scope of
reforms with the Multiple Streams Framework 25
Reimut Zohlnhöfer
3 Policy Termination meets Multiple Streams 43
Georg Wenzelburger & Stefanie Thurm
4 Multilevel Influence and Interaction in the Multiple
Streams Framework: A Conceptual Map 62
Åsa Knaggård and Roger Hildingsson
5 The Beating Heart of the Multiple Streams Framework:
Coupling as a Process 82
Dana A. Dolan and Sonja Blum
6 From Policy Entrepreneur to Policy Entrepreneurship:
Examining the Role of Context on Policy Entrepreneurial Action 104
Evangelia Petridou

7 Shifting Ideational Paradigms in Public Health:
Connecting Design and Implementation in Greek Health Policy 121
Vassilis Karokis-Mavrikos and Maria Mavriko
8 Multiple Streams, Policy Implementation and the Greek
Refugee Crisis 144
Nikolaos Zahariadis and Evangelia Petridou
9 More guns, less violence? Putting the Multiple
Streams Framework to the test against Bolsonaro’s gun
liberalization agenda 160
Diego Sanjurjo
10 Turkey’s Pandemic Management: Insights from the
Multiple Streams Framework Perspective 180
Lacin Idil Oztig
11 The Multiple Streams Framework in an Autocracy:
China’s Long-Awaited Soil Pollution Law 200
Annemieke van den Dool

12 Subnational Focusing Events and Agenda Change: The
Case of Toxic Algae Bloom and Contaminated Drinking
Water in Toledo, Ohio 222
Kristin Taylor, Rob A. DeLeo, Stephanie Zarb, Nathan
Jeschke, and Thomas A. Birkland
13 Policy Development in Swedish Crisis Management:
Restructuring of Fire and Rescue Services 246
Kerstin Eriksson, Gertrud Alirani, Roine Johansson and Lotta Vylund
14 Subnational Policy Windows: Shanghai’s Grid Screening Policy 265
Stephen Ceccoli and Xinran Andy Chen
15 The Multiple Streams Framework and Multilevel
Reinforcing Dynamics: The Case of European and
International Climate Policy 285
Katharina Rietig
16 The challenge of applying the Multiple Streams
Framework to non-decisions and negative decisions 305
Annette Elisabeth Töller
17 Multiple Streams in the public policymaking processes of
the European Union 326
Theofanis Exadaktylos

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