A Research Agenda for Family Business


A Research Agenda for Family Business

A Way Ahead for the Field

9781788974066 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Andrea Calabrò, Professor of Family Business & Entrepreneurship, IPAG Business School, Nice, France
Publication Date: September 2020 ISBN: 978 1 78897 406 6 Extent: c 240 pp

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Elgar Research Agendas outline the future of research in a given area. Leading scholars are given the space to explore their subject in provocative ways, and map out the potential directions of travel. They are relevant but also visionary.
Critical Acclaim
‘Amidst the new realities of our world, ranging from invisible viruses that pause humanity to the changing concept of family and community, I applaud the efforts of Prof. Andrea Calabrò and forty-six notable scholars to identify a multi-disciplinary agenda for family business research. Interested scholars will draw inspiring ideas for meaningful research directions, while business families and policy makers eager to support the development of usable knowledge on family enterprises will appreciate efficient chapter summaries. Thesis students will add this book to their must-read lists.’
– Pramodita Sharma, University of Vermont and Kellogg Center for Family Enterprises, US
Contributors include: M. Barrett, R. Basco, Y. Basuthakur, C.E. Batt, E. Behounek, R. Bent, A. Calabrò, G. Campopiano, M. Caroli, S.-J. Chen, A. Cirillo, J. Clarke,
P. Cleary, A. Dawson, G. Flamini, W.B. Gartner, D. Gimenez Jimenez, L. Gnan, M.R.W. Hiebl, M. Houshmand, S. Konsti-Laakso, J. Kox, A. Kramer, E.R. Kushins, V. Lefebvre, A.S. Löhde, C. Lubinski, D. Ma, A. Michiels, K. Moores, D. Mussolino, T. Pihkala, C. Pongelli, M. Quinn, M. Radu-Lefebvre, K. Ramachandran, M. Rautiainen, S. Ray, P.M. Rikhardsson, C. Seaman, M.-D.L. Seidel, L. Suwala, C.-W. Tsao, A. Valentino, J. Vincent Ponroy, D.H.B. Welsh


Andrea Calabrò

1. Family trends shaping the family business landscape
Joyce Kox, Astrid Kramer

2. Developing a “sociological imagination” of families in family business research
Eric R. Kushins, Elaina Behounek

3. History as a source and method for family business research
Christina Lubinski, William B. Gartner

4. Engaging the next generation of family members through work: adolescence and beyond
Marjan Houshmand, Marc-David L. Seidel, Dennis Ma

5. Entrepreneurial legacy: how narratives of the past, present and future affect entrepreneurship in business families
Miruna Radu-Lefebvre, Vincent Lefebvre, Jean Clarke, William B. Gartner

6. From turmoil to synergism: how business leaders’ HR mental models and family control impact employees
Chiung-Wen Tsao, Shyh-Jer Chen

7. Diversity on family firm boards: a research agenda for 2020–2030
Mary Barrett, Ken Moores

8. The role of vision in determining family, small business and minority ethnic business research
Claire Seaman, Richard Bent

9. Strategic and organizational choices in family firms: introducing sense-making
Luca Gnan, Giulia Flamini

10. Advancing research on creativity in family firms
Julia Vincent Ponroy, Dianne H.B. Welsh

11. Changing landscape of Indian family businesses
Kavile Ramachandran, Sougata Ray, Yashodhara Basuthakur

12. Spatial familiness: a bridge between family business and economic geography
Rodrigo Basco, Lech Suwala

13. Family-owned MNEs and transparency: a focus on corruption risk in host countries
Matteo Caroli, Claudia Pongelli, Alfredo Valentino

14. Financing the growth of the family business: a research agenda
Alessandro Cirillo, Alex Dawson, Annaleen Michiels, Donata Mussolino

15. Innovation in family business groups: going beyond an R&D perspective
Marita Rautiainen, Suvi Konsti-Laakso, Timo Pihkala

16. The digitalization of family firms: a research agenda
Catherine E. Batt, Peter Cleary, Martin R.W. Hiebl, Martin Quinn, pall M. Rikhardsson

17. Digital business transformation in family firms: how the owning family sets the scene
Ann Sophie Löhde, Giovanna Campopiano, Daniela Gimenez Jiménez

Andrea Calabrò


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eISBN: 978 1 78897 407 3
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