Classics in Transport Analysis series

Series editors: Kenneth Button, George Mason University, US and Peter Nijkamp, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Transport is a key component in everyone's life. It allows for interaction at the personal level and it permits the conduct of commerce. But it also impinges on other aspects of life. The production of transport hardware (roads, vehicles, ports, etc) creates jobs but equally the environmental intrusion of transport can adversely affect health and quality of life. There is a fine balance between the benefits of transport and the costs.

The volumes in this series are designed to bring together some of the important literature in the transport field in a convenient format for the researcher. They reproduce seminal papers and other, more contemporary articles in the transport field. The volumes are largely delineated on a modal basis but in some cases, such as logistics, a broader subject area is covered where modal interactions are important.

Each volume has been prepared by an expert in the relevant field under the direction of the series editors Kenneth Button and Peter Nijkamp. Each authoritative selection presents the student and researcher with the most important articles on a mode or theme.

New introductions by the individual editors - most of whom are world figures in their field - provide an authoritative survey of a major branch of research on transportation. In addition, the pagination of the original articles has been deliberately retained in these volumes to facilitate ease of reference. These features combine to make the series an essential reference source.

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