Business Teaching Beyond Silos


Business Teaching Beyond Silos

Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Learning

9781802209020 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Lauren Traczykowski, Senior Lecturer, Aston Law School, Alan D. Goddard, Reader and Associate Dean Education (Quality Assurance), School of Biosciences, Aston University, Gillian Knight, Professor and Director of Education, Department of Academic and Student Services, Royal Holloway, University of London and Elinor Vettraino, Director of Aston''s Centre for Enterprise, Coaching and Innovation, Aston University, UK
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80220 902 0 Extent: 244 pp
Business Teaching Beyond Silos focuses on the application of business education to the teaching of other subject areas and how other subject areas inform business teaching. It outlines the benefits of using inter- and multi-disciplinarity to enhance business education and to influence and inform business practice within other disciplines.

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Business Teaching Beyond Silos focuses on the application of business education to the teaching of other subject areas and how other subject areas inform business teaching. It outlines the benefits of using interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity to enhance business education and to influence and inform business practice within other disciplines.

Drawing on case studies and the contributors’ own experiences, the book showcases what cross-, inter- and multidisciplinary learning and teaching means, and how it impacts academia and the real world. Chapters explore interdisciplinarity in STEM, as well as the humanities and social science areas, examining key topics including business teaching philosophies, cultivating business skills and team coaching. Presenting examples of where interdisciplinary teaching has been both successful and challenging, the book will enable practitioners to understand and utilise the worked examples to adapt their own practice.

This practical book will be a useful resource for higher education teachers and academics who are interested in the teaching benefits of educating students with interdisciplinary knowledge and skills.
Critical Acclaim
‘Traditional academic silos have developed refined pedagogies to enable knowledge transfer from the classroom to the workplace. Yet, in these silos, we’ve lost connections that facilitate greater learning opportunities for our students. Traczykowski, Goddard, Knight, and Vettraino bridge STEM, business, and the arts and humanities pedagogies and remind us to put the learner at the heart of what we do.’
– Anthony R. Wheeler, Widener University, US
Contributors include: Ruth Ayres, Hannah Bartlett, Céline Benoit, Rebecca Broadbent, Lyndon Buck, Darren Campbell, Daniel Cash, Caroline Coles, Paul Dale, Elizabeth Dolan, Tamer Panagiotis Doss, Simon Finley, Daniel Fitzpatrick, Dean Garratt, Alan D. Goddard, Joanne R. Gough, Stuart D. Greenhill, Iftakar Hassan Abdulla Haji, James Heritage, Helen E. Higson, Lucy Holder, Saira Hussain, Laura Hyde, Basma Ikram, Rosy A. Jones, Richard Kenyon, Gillian Knight, Wendy Leadbeater, Warren Linds, Kris Lines, Wei Liu, Matthew Olczak, Uche Ogwude, Alina Patelli, Aimee Postle, Goudarz Poursharif, Jude Preston, Johan Rewilak, Robert Riegler, Aurélia Robert, Alice J. Rothnie, Greg J. Sandford, Jordan Shaw, Adam Shaw-Mellors, Claire Stocker, Lauren Traczykowski, Elinor Vettraino, Leah Vineberg, David Yates


Foreword: reflecting a diverse community in the curriculum xxiii
Helen E. Higson and Hannah Bartlett
Introduction to Business Teaching Beyond Silos 1
Lauren Traczykowski, Alan D. Goddard, Gillian Knight and Elinor Vettraino

1 People management for techies: the challenges of teaching
leadership and people management to technically-focused
apprentices 13
Jude Preston
2 Effectively leveraging business teaching philosophies
across engineering 24
Iftakar Hassan Abdulla Haji and Uche Ogwude
3 Embedding business skills through the Bioscience placement year 37
Alan D. Goddard, Stuart D. Greenhill, Alice J. Rothnie,
James Heritage, Lucy Holder and Joanne R. Gough
4 Shaping design entrepreneurs in higher education:
the development of a UK integrated master’s degree
programme – MSci Design, Enterprise and Innovation 49
Wei Liu, Simon Finley and Lyndon Buck
5 Exclusive online delivery to work-based learners: the
good, the bad, and the promising 61
Alina Patelli

6 Embedding sustainable development (SD) and
interdisciplinary project based learning (PBL) in the EPS:
an opportunity to break down silos in engineering 75
Goudarz Poursharif, Tamer Panagiotis Doss, Rebecca
Broadbent and Gillian Knight
7 A case study: post-graduation, post-formation support
through facilitated peer group learning 79
Rosy A. Jones and Greg J. Sandford

8 Moving from the why to the what: the role of the arts in
executive and consulting education 84
Elinor Vettraino, Warren Linds and Leah Vineberg
9 Making the case for theory in the accounting classroom:
invoking the self when teaching accounting and accountability 99
David Yates
10 Teaching accounting with inspiration from moral
philosophy (ethics) 109
Richard Kenyon
11 Cultivating business skill development in healthcare courses 121
Saira Hussain
12 Teaching the business of sport (beyond the disciplinary boundary) 132
Daniel Fitzpatrick and Johan Rewilak
13 Engagement and empathy in teaching economics to
non-specialists 144
Dean Garratt, Matthew Olczak and Robert Riegler

14 International business in a foreign language: developing
linguistic and intercultural competencies 156
Céline Benoit and Aurélia Robert
15 Team coaching as an interdisciplinary learning medium 160
Aimee Postle and Jordan Shaw

16 Multidisciplinary foundation years as an entry to higher education 166
Darren Campbell
17 Multidisciplinary teaching of business and law: getting the
focus right 176
Daniel Cash and Adam Shaw-Mellors
18 Islands in the (learning) stream: why multidisciplinary
teams are more than just the sum of their parts 186
Paul Dale, Elizabeth Dolan, Basma Ikram, Wendy
Leadbeater, Kris Lines and Claire Stocker

19 Using interdisciplinary teaching within a Living Lab to
embed the UN Sustainable Development Goals into higher
education 199
Caroline Coles
20 Clinical legal education: utilising a law clinic in an
interdisciplinary setting 204
Laura Hyde
Afterword 208
Ruth Ayres

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