Digital Learning in Higher Education


Digital Learning in Higher Education

COVID-19 and Beyond

9781800379398 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Matt Smith, Interim Head of Primary Education,University of Wolverhampton and John Traxler, Professor of Digital Learning, Education Observatory, University of Wolverhampton, UK and UNESCO Chair
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 80037 939 8 Extent: 176 pp
Mapping the uncertain landscape of education in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Digital Learning in Higher Education examines how Higher Education (HE) institutions have moved to widespread digital learning in an effort to maintain the educational experience. The book navigates the possibilities that lie ahead, using reflections from HE practitioners and other academic professionals to explore the beginnings of a new and brighter future for HE.

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Mapping the uncertain landscape of education in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Digital Learning in Higher Education examines how higher education (HE) institutions have moved to widespread digital learning in an effort to maintain the educational experience. The book navigates the possibilities that lie ahead, exploring the beginnings of a new future for HE.

Reflections from HE practitioners on this rapid transition to digital and remote learning offer key perspectives on the new online learning mode, as experienced by students, teaching staff, and those in the wider field of education, including learning technologists, librarians, and publishers. Spurred on by the changes in thinking necessitated by the pandemic, the book highlights the possibilities facilitated by online learning, from enhanced inclusivity to making education accessible to wider audiences. It concludes with a proposal for how we might “build back better” and continue to evolve the sector.

Timely and comprehensive, this book will support the pedagogical decision-making of HE practitioners both now and in the future. Offering an insight into what the “new normal” of education may soon resemble, it will also be beneficial to HE management and other educational professionals, helping to guide their policy and financial decision-making processes regarding digital technology.
Critical Acclaim
‘This inspiring and reflective book documents how we have taught, lived, and learnt in the pandemic, affirming the value of academic community at challenging times. I love that it explores the here and now and shares tentative perspectives on the future, as befits the fragile dawn of a new era.’
– Agnes Kukulska-Hulme, The Open University, UK

‘Digital Learning in Higher Education brings together the experiences of staff working in higher education during the COVID-19 pandemic. The transformative impact of digital is explored and how technology enabled students to continue their education despite unprecedented disruption. This book will inspire educators to continue to strive to innovate their practice with technology.’
– Sarah Knight, Jisc, UK

‘Digital Learning in Higher Education is a timely and stimulating view of the great education disruption wrought by COVID. Its well-told stories make sense of how technology and management are struggling to adjust to new lived experiences. It also offers illuminating ideas and pedagogies for a world beyond the pandemic.’
– Mike Sharples, The Open University, UK, author of Practical Pedagogy: 40 New Ways to Teach and Learn
Contributors: Suzanne Bickerdike, Julian Bream, Christy Caddick, Rachel Crookes, Nancy Davies, Maren Deepwell, Caitriona Dennis, Gareth Frith, Jananisree Ganapathy, Richard Gatrell, Bob Harrison, Sarah Hayes, Rob Howe, Alison Iredale, Shoshi Ish-Horowicz, Caroline Kuhn, Elliott A. Lancaster, Diana Laurillard, Rachel Maxwell, Carmen Miles, Rachel Morgan-Guthrie, Lis Parcell, Charlotte Pettersen, Trudie Roberts, Joshua Rowe, Helen Scott, Howard Scott, Sarah Sherman, Matt Smith, John Traxler, Nancy Weitz

Foreword xiii
Diana Laurillard
1 Introduction: education’s liminal space 1
Matt Smith and John Traxler
2 Pandemics, policies and positionality: how COVID 19
makes the case for postdigital policy making in higher education 11
Sarah Hayes
3 FELTAG in rearview: FE from the past to the future
through plague times 24
Howard Scott, Alison Iredale and Bob Harrison
4 Students’ agency in the emergency remote teaching landscape 37
Caroline Kuhn
5 Blended learning: impacts on the student experience 46
Elliott A. Lancaster
6 Covid-19 and UK higher education: library perspectives 57
Lis Parcell
7 Further non-teaching perspectives on aspects of the higher
education sector impacted by COVID-19 69
Maren Deepwell, Rachel Crookes and Matt Smith
8 Collaborative survival: the Bloomsbury Learning
Exchange’s response to the pandemic 77
Sarah Sherman, Shoshi Ish-Horowicz, Nancy Weitz and Julian Bream
9 To record or not to record? That was the question 86
Rachel Maxwell and Rob Howe
10 Initial teacher education during COVID-19: adopting,
adapting and inventing 104
Matt Smith, Rachel Morgan-Guthrie and Christy Caddick
11 The use of technology in health professionals’ learning in
a time of COVID-19 119
Trudie Roberts, Suzanne Bickerdike, Nancy Davies,
Gareth Frith, Jananisree Ganapathy, Richard Gatrell,
Charlotte Pettersen and Joshua Rowe
12 “Having your cake and eating it”: Arden University’s
responses to the COVID-19 lockdowns 131
Helen Scott and Carmen Miles
13 Digital learning after the crises: the new normal? 144
John Traxler and Matt Smith

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