Elgar Encyclopedia of Water Policy, Economics and Management


Elgar Encyclopedia of Water Policy, Economics and Management

9781802202939 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Phoebe Koundouri, Professor, Athens University of Economics and Business, Research Professor, Technical University of Denmark, President, European Association of Environmental Resource Economists, Chair, World Council of Environmental and Resource Economists Associations, Chair, UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network Global Climate Hub with Angelos Alamanos, Editor, Nature Sustainability, formerly visiting scholar, Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO), Postdoctoral fellow, University of Waterloo, Canada, Policy Analyst, National Water Forum of Ireland
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80220 293 9 Extent: 420 pp
This authoritative Encyclopedia provides an innovative approach to theory, reviews, applications and examples relevant to the basic concepts of water science and water management issues in order to facilitate better interdisciplinary cooperation.

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This authoritative Encyclopedia provides an innovative approach to theory, reviews, applications and examples relevant to the basic concepts of water science and water management issues in order to facilitate better interdisciplinary cooperation.

In light of the broadening field and study of water management, the expert contributors set the basis for a holistic approach to water science by examining the various technical, cross-disciplinary, socio-economic and policy extents. Using global case studies, elaborated in large European and global research and innovation projects, they illustrate how different approaches to modern water management issues can stem the flow of ongoing climate change and ecosystem collapse challenges to improve future decision-making and policies.

Providing concise summaries and knowledge from both a theoretical and an applied viewpoint, this Encyclopedia will be an invaluable resource for scholars, students, and practitioners of water research policy and governance, agricultural and environmental economics, biodiversity, technology, and marine studies.

Key Features:

• With over 85 entries written by experts in the field
• Uses clear and concise terminology for broader audience interest
• Uses case studies to illustrate water management issues and approaches
• Provides concise summaries of the most relevant accumulated knowledge on the subjects explored
• Illustrates examples to give useful context and background information on how experts approach various water related issues

Critical Acclaim
‘I am delighted to recommend this Encyclopedia, which is a comprehensive and authoritative source of information on all aspects of water policy, economics and management. Phoebe Koundouri, a renowned water expert has assembled a team of distinguished contributors from diverse disciplines and regions of the world. The breadth and depth of this Encyclopedia covers not only classical subjects but also emerging and interdisciplinary subjects like ChatGPT, computational social science, policy and innovation financing, and their relationship to water.’
– Dragan Savic, University of Exeter, UK and KWR Water Research Institute, the Netherlands
Contributors include: Soham Adla, Heini Ahtiainen, Ebun Akinsete, Dimitris Akritidis, Mohammad Faiz Alam, Angelos Alamanos, Tamee R. Albrecht, Márcia Ma. G. Alcoforado De Moraes, Emmanouil Anagnostou, Athanasios Angelis-Dimakis, George Arampatzis, Tamanna Ashraf, Hamed Assaf, Amel Attour, Amvrossios C. Bagtzoglou, Lucie Baudoin, Debella Deressa Bayissa, Julio Berbel, Irene Blanco-Gutiérrez, Wouter W. J. Botzen, Gianluca Brunori, Roger, L. Burritt, Cesar Carmona-Moreno, Nikos Chatzistamoulou, Qian Cheng, Chrysoula Chitou, Katherine L. Christ, Dan Dai, D. Daniel, Joost Dessein, Giuliano Di Baldassarre, Samanthi Dijkstra-Silva, Shlomi Dinar, Zoi Dokou, Guillermo Donoso, Andreas Efstratiadis, Sebastian Engell, Paloma Esteve, Dror Etzion, Alfonso Expósito, Carla Sofia Ferreira, John Gallagher, Carlos O. Galvão, Jorge Andres Garcia, Alberto Garrido, Aristeidis K. Georgoulias, Andrea K. Gerlak, David Getty, Laurence Gill, Edeltraud Guenther, Thomas Guenther, Richard E. Howitt,Vlassios Hrissanthou, Paul Hudson, Sadie Hundemer, Eva Iglesias, Antti Iho, Eleanor Jennings, Jean Baptiste Jouffray, Konstantinos Kaffas, Taher Kahil, Zahra Kalantari, Fahad Khan Khadim, Mohamed Ibrahim Kizhisseri, Svetlana Klessova, Elpida Kolokytha, Victor Kouloumpis, Phoebe Koundouri, Conrad Landis, Dionysios Latinopoulos, Eduardo Leiva, David Lewis Feldman, Suzanne Linnane, Pan Liu, Daniel P. Loucks, Athanasios Loukas, Aikaterini Lyra, Duncan Macewan, Mariana Madruga De Brito, Christos Makropoulos, Patricia Marcos-Garcia, Fotios Maris, Ricardo Marroquin Paiz, Antonio Massarutto, Valerie Mccarthy, Richard Meissner, Ronaldo L.R. Mendes, Maria A. Mimikou, Bo Ming, Mohamed Mostafa Mohamed, María Molinos-Senante, Martha C. Monroe, Paul A. Montagna, Michele Moretti, Nikitas Mylopoulos, Vishal Narain, Céline Nauges, Mehdi Nemati, Rodolfo L. B. Nóbrega, Femi Oyeniyi, Gül Özerol, Andreas Panagopoulos, Saket Pande, George Papaioannou, Pablo Pastén, Marco Pastori, Marcelo Pereira Da Cunha, Angelos Plataniotis, Labode Popoola, David Porter, Omid Rahmati, Stephen Rassenti, Claudia Ringler, Daniela Rivera, Peter John Robinson, Alec Rolston, Mark W. Rosegrant, Georgia-Konstantina Sakki, Gopa Samanta, Hammond Antwi Sarpong, Juliane Schillinger, Kurt Schwabe, Pantelis Sidiropoulos, Jan Sodoge, Gerald N. Souza Da Silva, Ashok Swain, Ignacio Tavares, Stella Tsani, Jose Galizia Tundisi, Georgios A. Tziatzios, Robert G. Varady, Lampros Vasiliades, Alina Velias, John Virdin, Konstantinos Voudouris, Antonia Vyrkou, Jeroen Warner, Sarah Ann Wheeler, Margaret O. Wilder, Stefanos Xenarios, Athanasios Yannacopoulos, Prodromos Zanis, Hao Zhao, Jianshi Zhao

1. A Review Of Water Related Lca Indicators (Athanasios Angelis-Dimakis, Victor Kouloumpis, Antonia Vyrkou, George Arampatzis)
2. Advances In Dynamical And Statistical Downscaling Of Global Climate Change Projections At Local Catchment Scale (Prodromos Zanis, Aristeidis K. Georgoulias, Dimitris Akritidis)
3. Advances In Limnological Research (José Galizia Tundisi)
4. Agricultural Policies And Water Management (Irene Blanco-Gutiérrez, Alberto Garrido)
5. Analysis And Evaluation Of Post-Fire Erosion And Flood Protection Techniques (George Papaioannou, Angelos Alamanos, Fotios Maris)
6. Applications Of Post-Fire Erosion And Flood Protection Techniques (George Papaioannou, Angelos Alamanos, Fotios Maris)
7. Approaches For Optimal Management Of Marine Protected Areas (Angelos Alamanos, Phoebe Koundouri)
8. Chatgpt And Water Management (Angelos Alamanos)
9. Clean Water And Sanitation For All: Sdg 6 Performance In Global, European, And Regional Level (Phoebe Koundouri, Angelos Plataniotis, Angelos Alamanos)
10. Communication Of Climate Change-Driven Impacts On Water Resources In Wet Regions: The Example Of Ireland (Hammond Antwi Sarpong, Alec Rolston, Suzanne Linnane, David Getty, Angelos Alamanos)
11. Computational Social Sciences In Human-Water Research (Jan Sodoge, Mariana Madruga De Brito)
12. Contemporary Drought Management Techniques To Reduce Crop Water Stress And Enhance Food Security In The Upper Blue Nile Region Of Ethiopia (Fahad Khan Khadim, Amvrossios C. Bagtzoglou, Emmanouil Anagnostou, Zoi Dokou) *
13. Cooperation In Transboundary River Basins: Challenges And Research (Modelling) Approaches (Jianshi Zhao)
14. Decisions For Water: The Crucial Role Of Environmental Management Control Systems (Edeltraud Guenther, Thomas Guenther, Samanthi Dijkstra-Silva)
15. Environmental Economics For Efficient Marine Protection: The Example Of The Baltic Sea (Antti Iho, Heini Ahtiainen)
16. Eu Policies And Innovation Financing Related To Water (Stella Tsani, Chrysoula Chitou)
17. Flood Insurance: Economic, Psychological, And Social-Justice Perspectives (Paul Hudson)
18. Freshwater Inflows To Bays And Estuaries (Paul A. Montagna)
19. Full Cost Of Water: Definition And Measurement (Antonio Massarutto)
20. Full Cost Of Water: Recovery And Incentives (Antonio Massarutto)
21. Future Challenges Of Water Resources Management (Angelos Alamanos, Phoebe Koundouri)
22. Gender And Water Security (Vishal Narain)
23. Governing Water In The Cities Of Global South (Gopa Samanta)
24. Groundwater: Our Secret Treasure To Be Secured For A Sustainable Future (Andreas Panagopoulos)
25. Hybrid Economic Models For Managing Integrated Water Resources Allocation As A Wicked Water Problem (Márcia Ma. G. Alcoforado De Moraes, Gerald N. Souza Da Silva, Marcelo Pereira Da Cunha & Ignacio Tavares)
26. Hydrological Hazards (The 4ms: Modelling, Monitoring, Management And Mitigation) (Lampros Vasiliades)
27. Hydrology In Water Management (Maria A. Mimikou)
28. Hydro-Politics And Hydro-Diplomacy: The Case Of South Asia (Tamanna Ashraf, Shlomi Dinar)
29. Ideology In National Water Policy (Richard Meissner, Jeroen Warner)
30. Individual Decision Making Under Flood Risk (Peter John Robinson, W. J. Wouter Botzen)
31. Integrated And Sustainable Water Resources Management: A Systems Theory Approach (Angelos Alamanos, Phoebe Koundouri)
32. Integrated And Sustainable Water Resources Management: Modelling (Angelos Alamanos, Phoebe Koundouri)
33. Integrated Water Resources Simulation And Management In Degrading Groundwater Systems In Mediterranean Rural Watersheds (Pantelis Sidiropoulos, Georgios A. Tziatzios, Aikaterini Lyra, Nikitas Mylopoulos, Athanasios Loukas)
34. Integrating Experimental Economics And Living Labs In Water Resource Management (Ebun Akinsete, Alina Velias, Phoebe Koundouri)
35. Large Hydro-Wind-Photovoltaic Hybrid Generation Systems (Pan Liu, Bo Ming, Qian Cheng)
36. Management Of Baltic Sea Eutrophication (Antti Iho, Heini Ahtiainen)
37. Megadroughts And Challenges For Water Resources Management (Angelos Alamanos)
38. Multi-Stakeholder Platforms In Water Resources Management (Angelos Alamanos, Phoebe Koundouri)
39. Nexus Ecosystems: A New Concept Rooted In Management Science (Svetlana Klessova, Sebastian Engell, Amel Attour)
40. On Identifying Innovative Planning And Management Decisions (Daniel P. Loucks)
41. Optimal Control Approaches To Water Management: Discussing Model Uncertainty (Phoebe Koundouri, Athanasios N. Yannacopoulos)
42. Optimization Applications In Water Resources Management (Angelos Alamanos, Jorge Andres Garcia)
43. Optimization In Water Resources Management (Angelos Alamanos, Jorge Andres Garcia)
44. Participation (Lucie Baudoin, Dror Etzion)
45. Policies And Investments For The Improvement Of Water Pollution Control: The Example Of China (Dan Dai)
46. Public Acceptability Of Water Supply Innovations (David Lewis Feldman)
47. Public Communication Of Water Scarcity From Water Supply Agencies (Hammond Antwi Sarpong, Alec Rolston, Suzanne Linnane, David Getty, Angelos Alamanos)
48. Rainwater Harvesting (Carlos Galvão, Ronaldo Mendes, Rodolfo L. B. Nóbrega)
49. Recurring Food And Energy Price Crises And The Growing Role Of Water (Claudia Ringler, Mark W. Rosegrant)
50. Reservoir Sedimentation As An Off-Site Effect Of Soil Erosion: Two Different Approaches For The Same Case Study (Konstantinos Kaffas)
51. Monitoring Sustainability Through The Lens Of Water Productivity, Resource Productivity And Eco-Innovation In The Eu-28 (Nikos Chatzistamoulou, Phoebe Koundouri)
52. Science-Supported Policies To Achieve Environmental Sustainability Under Crises (Angelos Alamanos, Phoebe Koundouri)
53. Sediment Transport And Reservoir Sedimentation (Vlassios Hrissanthou)
54. Sharing Of Transboundary Rivers And Making Peace (Ashok Swain)
55. Socio-Economic Consequences Of Water Trading: Reviewing The Evidence For Water Markets In Australia (Céline Nauges, Sarah Ann Wheeler)
56. Sociohydrology (Giuliano Di Baldassarre)
57. Stakeholder Engagement And Communication For Water Policy (Sadie Hundemer, Martha Monroe)
58. Sustainable Provision Of Drinking Water In The Context Of Circular Economy (Guillermo Donoso, Eduardo Leiva, María Molinos-Senante, Pablo Pastén, Daniela Rivera)
59. The Blue Acceleration In Human Use Of The Ocean (Jean Baptiste Jouffray, John Virdin)
60. The Environmental Impacts Of On-Site Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems – Evaluating Embodied And Operational Life Cycle Performance (John Gallagher, Laurence Gill) *
61. The Evolving Economics Of Agricultural Water In The Western Usa (Richard E Howitt, Duncan Macewan)
62. The Role Of Groundwater In Adapting To Climate Crisis In Greece (Konstantinos Voudouris)
63. The Water Commons (Vishal Narain)
64. The Water-Energy Nexus As Sociotechnical System Under Uncertainty (Andreas Efstratiadis, Georgia-Konstantina Sakki)
65. Tradable Groundwater Permits In Agriculture (Dionysis Latinopoulos)
66. Transboundary Water Management (Robert G. Varady, Tamee R. Albrecht, Andrea K. Gerlak, Margaret O. Wilder)
67. Understanding The Wefe Nexus Paradigm: Principles And Challenges (Patricia Marcos-Garcia, Marco Pastori, Cesar Carmona-Moreno)
68. Unravelling The Unintended Consequences Of Water Interventions: Challenges Of Understanding Adoption Within Human-Water Systems And A Way Forward (Mohammad Faiz Alam, Dani Daniel, Soham Adla, Saket Pande)
69. Valuing European Biodiversity Ecosystems (Phoebe Koundouri, Conrad Landis, Angelos Plataniotis)
70. Water And Cities: Natural Solutions To The Urban Challenges (Zahra Kalantari, Carla Sofia Ferreira & Omid Rahmati)
71. Water And The Water Framework Directive (Alfonso Expósito And Julio Berbel)
72. Water Conservation In Agriculture: Economic And Policy Tools (Eva Iglesias, Paloma Esteve)
73. Water Crisis: Communication Technologies & Public Awareness Policies (Elpida Kolokytha)
74. Water Footprint And Its Monetization (Katherine L. Christ, Roger, L. Burritt)
75. Water Governance In Irrigated Farming Through The Social-Ecological Systems Framework: An Empirical Case In Ethiopia (Debella Deressa Bayissa, Michele Moretti, Joost Dessein, Gianluca Brunori) *
76. Water Innovation: Towards Smart And Resilient Water Systems And Services (Christos Makropoulos)
77. Water Management And Armed Conflict (Gül Özerol, Juliane Schillinger)
78. Water Management In Africa (Ebun Akinsete, Labode Popoola, Femi Oyeniyi)
79. Water Markets In California: Punching Below Its Weight (Kurt Schwabe, Mehdi Nemati)
80. Water Markets: Institutions, Issues, And Remedies (Hao Zhao, David Porter, Stephen Rassenti)
81. Water Policy In Water Scarce Countries: Insights From The Middle East (Mohamed Mostafa Mohamed And Mohamed Ibrahim Kizhisseri)
82. Water Quality Forecasting To Support Decision Making In The European Drinking Water Supply Sector (Ricardo Marroquin Paiz, Eleanor Jennings, Valerie Mccarthy)
83. Water Resources Management In Central Asia (Stefanos Xenarios)
84. Water Resources System Analysis For Addressing Growing Water Management Challenges (Taher Kahil)
85. Water Rights And Legal Pluralism (Vishal Narain)
86. Water Security In The Middle East And North Africa (Mena) Region (Hamed Assaf)

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