Exploring the Entrepreneurial Society


Exploring the Entrepreneurial Society

Institutions, Behaviors and Outcomes

9781783472659 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Jean Bonnet, University of Caen Normandy, France, Marcus Dejardin, University of Namur and Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium and Domingo García-Pérez-de-Lema, Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, Spain
Publication Date: 2017 ISBN: 978 1 78347 265 9 Extent: 288 pp
Entrepreneurship is the engine of economic development, which in turn impacts upon the challenges facing future entrepreneurs. This timely book explores institutional, behavioural and policy issues of primary importance to understanding the entrepreneurial society. Topics covered include entrepreneurship in relation to formal and informal institutions; entrepreneurial choice, orientation and success; entrepreneurial behaviours; entrepreneurial finance, growth and economic crises; and entrepreneurship, social dimensions and outcomes.

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Entrepreneurship is the engine of economic development, which in turn impacts the challenges facing future entrepreneurs. Understanding the development of a vivid entrepreneurial society requires attention to several interacting factors, as well as expected transversal policies provided by ministries and administrations as a whole. This timely book explores institutional, behavioral and policy issues of primary importance to seizing the entrepreneurial society.

Exploring the Entrepreneurial Society collects original work from renowned scholars involved in entrepreneurship research, with theoretical and empirical contributions anchored in economics, management and sociology. The chapters are structured in five distinct parts: entrepreneurship in relation to formal and informal institutions; entrepreneurial choice, orientation and success; entrepreneurial behaviors; entrepreneurial finance, growth and economic crises; and entrepreneurship, social dimensions and outcomes.

By examining themes at the forefront of research interest, this book will appeal to scholars, as well as MA and PhD students, in entrepreneurship, business administration and economics. Policy makers will also be able to apply the results in a more practical context.
Critical Acclaim
‘This important new volume brings together leading experts in the world to flush out not only why entrepreneurship matters so much, but also what needs to be done to create a viable and sustainable entrepreneurial society. All scholars and thought leaders in business and policy aspiring to generate an entrepreneurially driven economy and society need to pay careful attention to this insightful book.’
– David B. Audretsch, Indiana University, Bloomington, US
Contributors: E. Akola, S. Allegrezza, L. Ben Aoun-Peltier, A. Aragón Sánchez, J.H. Block, D. Bögenhold, J. Bonnet, D. Carré, G. de Wit, M. Dejardin, M. del C. Martinez Serna, A. Dubrocard, N. Esteban-Lloret, F. Facchini, U. Fachinger, A. Frankus, D. Garcia Perez de Lema, P. Giordani, J. Heinonen, G. Hernández-Cánovas, A. Jacquemin, F. Janssen, S. Larue, N. Le Pape, N. Levratto, X. Li, G. Maldonado-Guzman, H. Okamuro, E. Papaoikonomou, M.C. Ramón-Llorens, A. Risselada, U. Rizzo, A. Rubio Bañon, V. Schutjens, P. Segarra, Subandono, M. Teruel, L. Tessier, A. van Stel, I. Verheul, N. Vi Dung, S.G. Walter

Part I: Entrepreneurship and Formal and Informal Institutions
1. Understanding the Drivers of an ‘Entrepreneurial’ Economy: Lessons from Japan and the Netherlands
Hiroyuki Okamuro, André van Stel and Ingrid Verheul

2. Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions and Modes of Entry into Entrepreneurship
Joern H. Block and Sascha G. Walter

3. Entrepreneurs Using Regulation as a Source of Opportunity: A Study Combining Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches
Amélie Jacquemin and Frank Janssen

4. Determinants of High-Growth Firms: Why Do Some Countries Have More High-Growth Firms than Others?
Mercedes Teruel and Gerrit de Wit

5. Institutions, Entrepreneurship, and Regional Growth in Indonesia (1994-2010)
François Facchini and Subandono

6. Sub-National Market-Supporting Institutions and Export Behaviors
Ngo Vi Dung and Frank Janssen

Part II: Entrepreneurial Choice, Orientation and Success
7. Are French Industrial Establishments Equally Sensitive to the Local Atmosphere? An Analysis Resting upon a Panel of Manufacturing Plants over the Period 2003-2010
Nadine Levratto, Denis Carré and Luc Tessier

8. The Labor Market and Successful Entrepreneurship
Jean Bonnet and Nicolas Le Pape

9. The Relationship between Knowledge Management and Innovation Level in Mexican SMEs: Empirical Evidence
Gonzalo Maldonado Guzman, Maria del Carmen Martinez Serna and Domingo García Pérez de Lema

Part III: Entrepreneurial Behaviors
10. Entrepreneurial Opportunity Recognition and Exploitation in Academic Spin-offs
Ugo Rizzo

11. Firm Location Choice in the New Economy: Exploring the Role of Entrepreneurial Work-lifestyles of Neighbourhood Entrepreneurs in the Business Location Decision
Anne Risselada and Veronique Schutjens

12. How to Explain Gender Differences in Self-Employment Ratios. Towards a Socioeconomic Approach
Dieter Bögenhold and Uwe Fachinger

Part IV: Entrepreneurial Finance, Growth and Economic Crises
13. Entrepreneurship and Schumpeterian Growth
Paolo E. Giordani

14. Venture Capital Contracts and the Institutional Theory: Differences between Public and Private Spanish Venture Capital Firms
Mª Camino Ramón-Llorens and Ginés Hernández-Cánovas

15. Exploring SME’s Strategic Response to the Financial and Economic Crisis: Empirical Evidence from Catalonia.
Eleni Papaoikonomou, Xiaoni Li and Pere Segarra

16. Does the Financial Crisis Make SMEs Reluctant to Ask for Finance in Luxembourg?
Serge Allegrezza, Leila Ben Aoun-Peltier, Anne Dubrocard and Solène Larue

Part V: Entrepreneurship, Social Dimensions and Outcomes
17. Self-Employment and Independent Professionals: Labour Market Transitions and Myths of Entrepreneurship
Dieter Bögenhold, Jarna Heinonen and Elisa Akola

18. How Distinct is Social Entrepreneurship From Commercial Entrepreneurship?
Alicia Rubio Bañon, Nuria Esteban-Lloret and Antonio Aragón Sánchez

19. Self-Employed People and Pension. Is Old Age Poverty the Inevitable Dark Side of an Entrepreneurial Society?
Uwe Fachinger and Anna Frankus


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