Handbook of Development Policy


Handbook of Development Policy

9781839100864 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Habib Zafarullah, Adjunct Faculty, Division of Sociology, University of New England, Australia and Ahmed Shafiqul Huque, Professor of Political Science, McMaster University, Canada
Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 978 1 83910 086 4 Extent: 592 pp
This authoritative Handbook provides a thorough exploration of development policy from both scholarly and practical perspectives and offers insights into the policy process dynamics and a range of specific policy issues, including corruption and network governance.

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Critical Acclaim
More Information
This authoritative Handbook provides a thorough exploration of development policy from both scholarly and practical perspectives and offers insights into the policy process dynamics and a range of specific policy issues, including corruption and network governance.
Chapters deliver critical analyses of complex issues within the economic, social, technological and environmental development sectors, such as climate change and environmental protection. This important Handbook synthesises diverse perspectives on policies and their implications for development, and features regional and country-specific case studies highlighting the field''s expansive nature. The editors bring together leading contributors who deliver insightful research into topics such as human rights, policy networks and development policy praxis.
With an accessible and comprehensive approach, this Handbook will appeal to practitioners exploring development policy issues and be welcomed by scholars and researchers looking to gain an insight into the world of development.
Critical Acclaim
‘This book provides a detailed, expert forensic analysis of policymaking and governance within global development, bringing together an academic and practice perspective to show how development governance and policymaking can be improved and strengthened. This collection captures and explores the growing complexity and polycentric nature of global development policy, and the new challenges (including climate emergency, prolonged financial crisis, and the impact of global pandemic) such policy is required to respond to and engage with. Together, the contributions make a powerful case for embedding policymaking and analysis within specific contexts (thinking global, acting local), within accurate and up-to-date quantitative and qualitative data, and within a conscious critical thinking approach. For anyone seeking to understand how and where global development policy is constructed, how this has shifted over the first two decades of the twenty-first century as new issues and challenges have emerged, and how these processes have impacted in (and been shaped by) different regional contexts, this is an essential addition to the development thinker and practitioner’s library.’
– Michael Jennings, SOAS University of London, UK

‘This excellent book covers the entire field of development policy with a thoroughness to be admired. It is well written in a knowledgeable style. Great work!’
– Richard Peet, Institute for Human Geography, US
Contributors: Syed M. Ahmed, Shawkat Alam, Edward Anderson, Bård A. Andreassen, Veronique Barbelet, Justice Nyigmah Bawole, Sosina Bezu, Lena Brogaard, Anis Chowdhury, Gerard Clarke, Charles Conteh, Subrata S. Dhar, Michelle L. Dion, Tharun Dolla, Jay Drydyk, Shelley Feldman, Panom Gunawong, Mohammad Hamiduzzaman, Till Hartmann, Carel Hodge, Farhad Hossain, Michael Howlett, Ahmed Shafiqul Huque, Patamawadee Jongruck, Lori Keleher, M. Adil Khan, Mohammad Tanzimuddin Khan, Gabriele Koehler, Stefan Kühner, Anthony Sumnaya Kumasey, Boeing Laishram, Lutfun Nahar Lata, Laurids S. Lauridsen, Benjamin J. Lough, Tony Lynch, James Kwame Mensah, Amanda Gray Meral, Ka Ho Mok, Mehnaaz Momen, Janet Momsen, Tamara Nair, Daniel Neff, Jan Nederveen Pieterse, Thomas Pogge, Mathieu Poirier, Fahimul Quadir, Jon S.T. Quah, M. G. Quibria, M. Mizanur Rahman, Claudia Díaz Ríos, Kidjie Saguin, Dietrich Schmidt-Vogt, Manoj Shrestha, Noore Alam Siddiquee, Nowrin Tabassum, Eva Terberger, Rebecca Tiessen, George Tomossy, Giel Ton, Jorge Tovar, Mark Turner, Adalbert Winkler, Habib Zafarullah, Raúl Zambrano


Preface xxi
Introduction: the panorama of development policy 1
Habib Zafarullah and Ahmed Shafiqul Huque

1 Development policy: ideas and practice 12
Habib Zafarullah and Ahmed Shafiqul Huque
2 Twenty-first-century horizons of development 25
Jan Nederveen Pieterse
3 Development policy and governance in the Global South: towards
a multilevel governance framework 35
Charles Conteh
4 Inclusive economic growth policies: myth vs reality 48
Anis Chowdhury
5 Addressing inequality: policy options in emerging and developing countries 68
Edward Anderson
6 Poverty and policy in the developing world: before and after the pandemic 79
M.G. Quibria
7 Human rights and development: policy perspectives 91
Bård A. Andreassen
8 Social networks, social capital and development 104
Manoj K. Shrestha
9 Development and the environment: the appalling story stated 115
Tony Lynch and Mohammad Tanzimuddin Khan
10 Development ethics in policy and practice 126
Jay Drydyk and Lori Keleher
11 The development–environment nexus: promises and perils of global
governance 137
Shawkat Alam
12 Sustainable Development Goals: framework and progress 147
Thomas Pogge
13 South–South cooperation, realpolitik and the changing global
aid architecture: exploring the role of Southern aid providers in
development cooperation 159
Fahimul Quadir

14 Gender and development policy 172
Janet Momsen
15 Rural development: the significance of agriculture and non-farm economy 182
Sosina Bezu
16 Infrastructure development governance: taking stock of emerging policy issues 192
Tharun Dolla and Boeing Laishram
17 Public–private partnerships in development policy: strategic and
infrastructure approaches 205
Lena Brogaard
18 Corruption as a development policy issue: an overview of contemporary
research and practice 215
Till Hartmann
19 International non-governmental organizations in development:
humanitarian contexts and ethical concerns 227
Gerard Clarke
20 Industrial policy in the twenty-first century: competing perspectives 238
Laurids S. Lauridsen
21 Social rights of citizenship: current problems and policy issues 249
Mehnaaz Momen
22 Refugees and humanitarian policy: development perspectives 259
Amanda Gray Meral and Veronique Barbelet
23 Microfinance and development: policy perspectives 271
Eva Terberger and Adalbert Winkler
24 International development volunteering as alternative public diplomacy 283
Rebecca Tiessen and Benjamin J. Lough
25 Global public health law: implications for development policy 293
George F. Tomossy
26 On the short- and long-run effects of social safety nets 302
Jorge Tovar
27 Climate capitalism or carbon colonialism? The critical features of
climate change adaptation and mitigation policies 313
Nowrin Tabassum

28 Foundations for effective development policy 325
Mark Turner
29 Transnational policy networks and development 333
Kidjie Saguin and Michael Howlett
30 Network governance: implications for development 345
Patamawadee Jongruck and Panom Gunawong
31 Development aid and the ‘ownership’ principle in development policy 355
Mohammad Mizanur Rahman
32 Digital technologies and public policy: chasing human development 366
Raúl Zambrano
33 Development policy and impact evaluation: learning and accountability
in private sector development 378
Giel Ton

34 Monetary policy challenges in developing economies: focus on Asia 392
Syed M. Ahmed
35 Unequal citizenship and unequal outcomes: limits of education and
health policy innovations in Latin America 404
Claudia M. Díaz Ríos, Mathieu J.P. Poirier and Michelle L. Dion
36 Inclusive education: policies and practice in the small states of the Caribbean 416
Carel Hodge
37 Social policy development and its obstacles: an analysis of the South
Asian welfare geography during and after the ‘social turn’ 425
Gabriele Koehler, Stefan Kühner and Daniel Neff
38 Community-based forestry and development in Asia: policy issues 437
Dietrich Schmidt-Vogt
39 Tackling poverty and deprivation in Southeast Asia: policies,
performance and challenges 447
Noore Alam Siddiquee and Mohammad Hamiduzzaman

40 Physical infrastructure, the rural bureaucracy and the neoliberal
development project 462
Shelley Feldman
41 Medium-term development planning in Ghana: capacity constraints and
outcomes 473
James Kwame Mensah, Justice Nyigmah Bawole, Farhad Hossain and
Anthony Sumnaya Kumasey
42 Patterns of combating corruption in Asia: evaluating the effectiveness
of the Anti-Corruption Commission in Bangladesh 485
Jon S.T. Quah
43 Pragmatic instrumentalization of policy learning: market transition,
changing welfare systems and state–third sector organization
relationships in China 497
Ka Ho Mok
44 Constructing knowledge: the case of secondary education governance
policies in Bangladesh 510
Subrata S. Dhar
45 Democratic decentralization and citizenship: exploring caste, Church
and capability in Kerala’s People’s Plan 521
Tamara Nair
46 Spatial justice, livelihood challenges and the urban poor in the Global
South: lessons from Bangladesh 532
Lutfun Nahar Lata and M. Adil Khan

Index 544
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