Handbook of Organised Crime and Politics


Handbook of Organised Crime and Politics

9781786434562 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Felia Allum, Senior Lecturer, Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies, University of Bath and Stan Gilmour, Local Policing Area Commander, Thames Valley Police, Reading, UK
Publication Date: 2019 ISBN: 978 1 78643 456 2 Extent: 528 pp
This multidisciplinary Handbook examines the interactions that develop between organised crime groups and politics across the globe. This exciting original collection highlights the difficulties involved in researching such relationships and shines a new light on how they evolve to become pervasive and destructive. This new Handbook brings together a unique group of international academics from sociology, criminology, political science, anthropology, European and international studies.

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This multidisciplinary Handbook examines the complex and often hidden relationship between organised crime and politics across the globe, highlighting the difficulties involved in researching such relationships and offering new insights into how they evolve to become pervasive and destructive.

Exploring the ever-evolving nature of this relationship, and the exchanges within it, in order to identify common features and key differences, engaging chapters raise provoking questions regarding the possibility of improving democracy, political systems, civil society and economic systems in order to counter the possible infiltration of these organisations, their associates and representatives.

Students and scholars of public policy, politics, criminology and those focusing on organised crime more specifically will find this Handbook an original and engaging guide to the current state of play, whilst policy-makers, practitioners and NGOs will find the case studies set in national contexts eminently valuable.
Critical Acclaim
‘The Handbook of Organised Crime and Politics is a useful addition to your library in addressing the unique angle of political connections to organized crime, coverage of large portions of the world, inclusion of many well-known researchers as chapter authors, and its strong historical approach in making sense of the current global situation.’
– Jay Albanese, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice

‘This Handbook deals with a theme that has long been treated at best marginally from the standpoint of scientific research. To fill this gap, these many dedicated authors have provided readers with a rich and variegated picture created from painstakingly collected data and reasoned reflections on how the link between organised crime and politics can be manifested in its many forms.’
– Attilio Scaglione, PArtecipazione e COnflitto

‘The Handbook of Organised Crime and Politics, which reviews studies of the interactions between organised criminals and politicians across about 30 countries from every continent, is a timely and salutary introduction to an importantly growing area of social science. The book is edited by Felia Allum, a senior lecturer in politics at the University of Bath, UK and Stan Gilmour, a local area policing commander in Reading, UK. Such a rare combination of academic and practitioner speaks to the increasing sophistication of some British police officers as well as the embracing of issues of public significance by British academics. But far from being journalistic, or just exhortations to do better, the book is packed with hard-won accounts of the links around the globe between many different forms of systematic criminality and political processes.’
– David Canter

‘Felia Allum and Stan Gilmour have put together a truly global collection of case studies on the nexus between crime and politics. It makes a valuable contribution to a highly dynamic field of research at the intersection of political science and criminology.’
– Klaus von Lampe, Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany

‘As this book recognises, “organised crime” has historically been a contested and ambiguous concept, leaving a contemporary legacy of regularly shifting scientific and policy inquiry, even more so in cross-cultural contexts. But irrespective of how we construct “it”, the intrinsic and extrinsic political dimensions of organised crime and its control that this book foregrounds ought to be central to those researching in this area. This timely collection provides an expansive overview of organised crime and politics, and the politics of organised crime, from a diverse array of nation-states across the globe and at the supranational level, making a valued contribution to the literature.’
– Nicholas Lord, University of Manchester, UK

‘This is a very important collection, bringing together key experts in the field to offer insights into the opaque nexus between politics and organised crime.’
– Elizabeth David Barrett, University of Sussex, UK
Contributors: S. Adorno, F. Allum, J. Arsovska, M. Beare, M. Bedetti, G. Borrelli, S. Brady, D. Bright, J.-L. Briquet, A. Chung, N. Dalponte, A. De Vos, C.N. Dias, S. Dinnen, G. Favarel-Garrigues, J. Gilbert, S. Gilmour, C. Gunnarson, E. Gutterman, C. Hemmings, A. Idler, D. Islas, J. Janssens, S. Jeperson, M. Joutsen, A. Kupatadze, R. Le Cour Grandmaison, S. Lemière, A. Markovska, V. Mete, S. Musau, A. Orlova, I. Roberge, A. Rostami, D. Silverstone, M. Shaw, D. Smith Jr., F. Strazzari, M. Tzvetkova, C. van Ham, G. Walton, J. Wheatley, J. Whittle, Y. Zabyelina, G. Zanoletti 

Giuseppe Borrelli

Felia Allum, Stan Gilmour And Catherine Hemmings

Part I Europe
1. France: Criminal Organisations, Urban Gangs And Politics
Jean-Louis Briquet And Gilles Favarel-Garrigues

2. Sweden: Organised Crime, Politics And Civil Society
Carina Gunnarson And Amir Rostami

3. Germany: Ndrangheta, Settlements And Democracy
Nicolo Dalponte And Martina Bedetti

4. Italy: Politics, Local Government And Mafias
Vittorio Mete

5. Western Balkans: Organised Crime, Political Corruption And Oligarchs
Jana Arsovska

6. Ukraine: Organised Crime, Shady Politics And ''Frozen'' Conflict
Yuliya Zabyelina And Anna Markovska

7. Bulgaria: Organised Crime, Privaye Security And The State In Post-1989
Marina Tzvetkova

8. Post Soviet Eurasia: Variations, Organised Crime And Political Corruption
Alexander Kupatadze

9. Russia: A ''Mafia State'', Politics And Shifting Power Dynamics
Alessandra Orlova

Part II The Americas
10. United States Of America I: Organised Crime, Public Corruption And A Downward Trend
Joseph Wheatley

11. United States Of America II: Organised Crime, Political Corruption And Illicit Enterprise
Dwight Smith Jr

12. Canada: Internal Conspiracies: Corruption, Politics, And Crime
Margaret Beare

13. Mexico: Politics, Cartels And Violence
Romain Le Cour Grandmaison

14. Brazil: Organised Crime, Corruption And Urban Violence
Sérgio Adorno And Camila Nunes Dias

15. Guatamela: Organised Crime, Fraud And Politics
Diorella Islas

16. Colombia: Organised Crime, Politics And Convenience
Annette Idler

Part III Africa
17. Kenya: Organised Crime, Political Linkages And Violence
Stephen Musau

18. Sahel-Sahara Region: Organised Crime, The Sahel-Sahara Region And State (Un)Making
Francesco Strazzari And Giovanni Zanoletti

19. Sierra Leone: Organised Crime, Lack Of State Capture And Success
Sasha Jesperson

20. South Africa: Origins Of The ‘Mafia State’: Political Transition, Organised Crime And The Impact On Democracy
Mark Shaw

21. Nigeria: Black Gold, Suits And Brown Envelopes
Sheelagh Brady

Part IV Eurasia
22. Australia: Organised Crime, Donations And Political Assassinations
David A. Bright And Carolien Van Ham

23. New Zealand: Patched Gangs, Police And Political Corruption
Jarrod Gilbert

24. India: Systemic Criminality, Work And The Politics Of Labour
Andrew Sanchez

25. China: The ''Red/Black Nexus'', Politics And Organised Crime
Daniel Silverstone, Alex Chung And Joe Whittle

26. Malaysia: Gangster Boogie, Bosses And Politics
Sophie Lemiere

27. The Pacific: The Dark Side Of Economic Globalisation, Politics And Organised Crime
Grant W Walton And Sinclair Dinnen

Part IV International Organisations
28. The European Union: Organised Crime Policies, Politics And The EU
Jelle Janssens And Anke De Vos

29. Financial Action Task Force: Fighting Transnational Organised Crime, Money Laundering And The Limits Of Experimentalist Governance
Ellen Gutterman and Ian Roberge

30. The United Nations: Organised Crime On The Agenda Of The United Nations
Matti Joutsen


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