Handbook of Research Methods for Organisational Culture


Handbook of Research Methods for Organisational Culture

9781788976251 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Cameron Newton, Professor, School of Management and Ruth Knight, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 78897 625 1 Extent: 336 pp
This innovative Handbook explores the complexity of cultural, conceptual and definitional issues surrounding research into organisational culture, outlining the varied frameworks and theories that underpin the field.

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Critical Acclaim
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This innovative Handbook explores the complexity of cultural, conceptual and definitional issues surrounding research into organisational culture, outlining the varied frameworks and theories that underpin the field.
International contributors present a broad range of qualitative and quantitative research methods that can be used in organisational culture measurement. They explore topics of special contemporary interest, such as high performance cultures, corporate entrepreneurship, organisational culture in nonprofits and safety culture, unpacking the textured relationships between leadership style, organisational culture and organisational outcomes. Highlighting key implications for organisational values and ethical climate, the Handbook provides practical guidance on how to move from culture assessment to action and improvement.
Offering a critical outline for measurement approaches and tools, this Handbook is crucial reading for researchers and students of organisation studies, particularly those focusing on culture and leadership of organisations. It also provides practical insights for business consultants and senior management teams, proposing methods and frameworks for developing positive organisational cultures to improve the productivity, performance and quality of businesses.
Critical Acclaim
‘The Handbook of Research Methods for Organisational Culture provides an excellent balance of breadth and depth with luminary insights from some of the most respected pioneers in organisational culture research.’
– Chad Hartnell, Georgia State University, US
Contributor: Kamarul Zaman Bin Ahmad, Karen Becker, John B. Bingham, Adelle J. Bish, Stefano Calciolari, Roslyn Cameron, Jenna Campton, Tristan W. Casey, Jennifer A. Chatman, Andrew Choi, Niel J. Christensen, Shelby Danks, Maria Cristina Ferreira, Ronald Fischer, Frank W. Guldenmund, Xiaowen Hu, Bernd Irmer, Johannes Karl, Alireza Javanmardi Kashan, Ruth Knight, Nathanael J.N. Lee, Cameron Newton, Anna Prenestini, Julian Randall, Jay Rao, Chantelle Reid, Sonja A. Sackmann, Leesa Taylor, Phuong Anh Tran, Gerard Janse van Rensburg, Angela J. Ward, Anna Wiewiora, Penny Williams, Athena Xenikou

1 Introduction to the Handbook of Research Methods for Organisational Culture 1
Cameron Newton

2 Organisational culture: definitions, distinctions and functions 5
Penny Williams
3 Leadership and organizational culture 23
Athena Xenikou
4 Fit and congruence with organisational culture: definitions and
measurement issues 39
Kamarul Zaman Bin Ahmad
5 Multilevel issues in organizations and culture: a review of theoretical
and methodological innovations for the study of national and
organizational culture 52
Ronald Fischer, Johannes Karl, Gerard Janse van Rensburg and Maria
Cristina Ferreira

6 Values-based methods for measuring organizational culture: logic,
evidence and critique 69
Stefano Calciolari and Anna Prenestini
7 Measuring organizational culture: converging on definitions and
approaches to advance the paradigm 92
Jennifer A. Chatman and Andrew Choi
8 Methodological alignment in qualitative research of organisational culture 108
Alireza Javanmardi Kashan and Anna Wiewiora
9 Mixed methods research approaches to measuring organisational culture 126
Roslyn Cameron and Leesa Taylor

10 Culture change: measurement approaches and challenges 139
Julian Randall
11 High-performance cultures: a framework for navigating definition and
measurement challenges 155
Adelle J. Bish
12 Measuring culture of innovation: from assessment to action 174
Jay Rao and Shelby Danks
13 Corporate entrepreneurship culture 191
Jenna Campton
14 Measuring and developing an ethical organizational climate 205
Niel J. Christensen, Nathanael J.N. Lee and John B. Bingham
15 Measuring nonprofit organisational culture: key issues and insights 230
Ruth Knight
16 Leadership capabilities: the influence of organizational purpose and
culture in the nonprofit sector 244
Adelle J. Bish, Karen Becker and Bernd Irmer
17 Deciphering “bad” organizational cultures 260
Sonja A. Sackmann
18 Measuring organizational culture in Christian churches 275
Angela J. Ward
19 Rolling up our sleeves and pulling up our socks: a critical review of
safety culture definitions and measures, and innovative ways to move
the field forward 291
Tristan W. Casey, Xiaowen Hu, Chantelle Reid, Phuong Anh Tran and Frank
W. Guldenmund

Index 312
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