Handbook of Tourism Entrepreneurship


Handbook of Tourism Entrepreneurship

9781803920016 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Rob Hallak, Associate Professor in Management and Craig Lee, Associate Professor of Tourism, UniSA Business, University of South Australia, Australia
Publication Date: May 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80392 001 6 Extent: 444 pp
The Handbook of Tourism Entrepreneurship outlines the foundations of success in the tourism sector, examining the ways in which small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) can become economic engines for tourism destinations by boosting regional growth and prosperity.

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The Handbook of Tourism Entrepreneurship outlines the foundations of success in the tourism sector, examining the ways in which small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) can become economic engines for tourism destinations by boosting regional growth and prosperity.

This innovative Handbook presents cutting-edge conceptual and empirical studies, serving as a vital reference point for advancing research on tourism entrepreneurship. Editors Rob Hallak and Craig Lee bring together an international range of experts to analyse the concept of entrepreneurship, the tourism entrepreneur, enterprises and destinations, and the influence of digitalisation in this sector. Contributors employ examples from around the world to analyse issues such as gender dynamics, family-run SMEs, marketing, place identity, community, and the role of government in tourism entrepreneurship. They show that the diverse challenges that characterise this dynamic market underline the importance of resilience and creativity in tourism and hospitality.

Offering an original contribution to the literature on tourism entrepreneurship and presenting directions for future research, this Handbook is a key resource for academics in entrepreneurship and tourism management. Its many practical recommendations will also appeal to practitioners, policymakers, and destination managers.
Critical Acclaim
‘The Handbook of Tourism Entrepreneurship is a delightful guide that embraces essential information for those who want to understand entrepreneurship in the tourism industry deeply. Rob Hallak and Craig Lee have collected a must-read primer crafted from known scholars who devoted their invaluable time to generously sharing their research work with anyone considering tourism entrepreneurship as a source of driving innovation, growth, and competitiveness in the tourism industry.’
– Kayhan Tajeddini, Sheffield Hallam University, UK and Tokyo International University, Japan

‘The vast majority of global tourism enterprises are small and medium in size, fueled by innovation and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is critical in tourism as it fosters innovation, drives economic growth, and creates diverse travel experiences that are routed in local communities. Entrepreneurship leads to job creation, sustains local communities, and enhances tourism competitiveness. This book covers a range of critical areas including the conceptual foundations of tourism entrepreneurship, the characteristics of tourism entrepreneurs and the tourism enterprise as well as how tourism entrepreneurship contributes to the destination, and the digitalisation of tourism entrepreneurship. It makes a great contribution to the theory and practice of this area.’
– Dimitrios Buhalis, Bournemouth University, UK

‘This Handbook is on the timely topic of tourism entrepreneurship, needed more now than ever given the health, war and social crises the world faces. It is a great source of knowledge on how tourism entities can be innovative and creative. With 29 chapters divided into 5 parts edited by two eminent scholars, it offers a comprehensive view of tourism entrepreneurship that I highly recommend.’
– Vanessa Ratten, La Trobe University, Australia
Contributors include: Taufik Abdullah, Zeynab Aeeni, Mary Amponsah, Richard S. Aquino, Jafar Bapiri, Graham Brown, Neil Carr, Annika Cawthorn, Ning Chris Chen, Ana Delevska, Álvaro Lopes Dias, Carmen M. Díaz-Fernández, Humeyra Dogru-Dastan, Riikka Franzén, Nathatenee Gebsombut, Vahid Ghasemi, Rosario M. González-Rodríguez, Rob HallakIris Hrund Halldorsdottir, Burcin Kalabay Hatipoglu, Andreas Kallmuenzer, Salar Kuhzady, Craig Lee, Arja Lemmetyinen, Beatriz Adriana López-Chávez, An Luong, Sara Lupini, Susan Houge Mackenzie, Kohsuke Matsuoka, Boshra Mohajer, Alison Morrison, Takatoshi Murayama, Michael J. Mustafa, Victoria Nakku, Van Khanh Nguyen, Allan O’Connor, Peter O’Connor, Sandra Cherro Osorio, Wanniwat Pansuwong, Girish Prayag, Jakia Rajoana, Haywantee Ramkissoon, Hazel Melanie Ramos, Sarah Rice, Mohtsham Saeed, Faith Samkange, Shruti Sardeshmukh Ismail Shaheer, Vlatka Skokic, Ronda M. Smith, Anna Sörensson, Kati Suomi, Suli Vunibola, Andreas Walmsley, Jiaqi Yan, Stephen X. Zhang

1 An introduction to tourism entrepreneurship 2
Rob Hallak and Craig Lee
2 Researching tourism entrepreneurship 10
Alison Morrison and Vlatka Skokic
3 The role of knowledge exchange for tourism entrepreneurship
development at a destination: the case of Åre in Sweden 24
Annika Cawthorn and Anna Sörensson
4 Game-based learning for more sustainable tourism businesses 34
Sara Lupini

5 Human capital, social capital, and psychological capital of tourism
entrepreneurs 56
Craig Lee, Rob Hallak and Ismail Shaheer
6 Tourism entrepreneurship and leadership 69
Faith Samkange, Haywantee Ramkissoon and Mary Amponsah
7 Motivation of tourism lifestyle entrepreneurs: a self-determination
theory perspective 87
An Luong, Craig Lee and Susan Houge Mackenzie
8 Iron caged? Gender difference in business–family conflict of
entrepreneurs running homestay businesses 103
Jiaqi Yan and Stephen X. Zhang
9 Entrepreneurship and gender in tourism 121
Shruti Sardeshmukh and Ronda M. Smith
10 Psychological resilience and tourism entrepreneurs 132
Girish Prayag
11 Innovation in times of crisis: responses from Australian tourism and
hospitality SMES during Covid-19 143
Van Khanh Nguyen, Ana Delevska and Sandra Cherro Osorio

12 What drives the performance of tourism enterprises? A systematic
review of the literature 161
Humeyra Dogru-Dastan
13 Tourism enterprises and barriers to business growth 177
Taufik Abdullah, Neil Carr and Craig Lee
14 Tourism business startup: recognizing opportunities and barriers to entry 189
Álvaro Dias
15 Advances in entrepreneurial orientation and firm performance in
tourism: a bibliometric study 202
Wanniwat Pansuwong, Nathatenee Gebsombut and Mohtsham Saeed
16 Entrepreneurial marketing in tourism enterprises: findings from three
enterprises in Finland 220
Kati Suomi, Arja Lemmetyinen and Riikka Franzén
17 Enhancing family hospitality SME employees’ pro-organizational
attitudes through human resource development practices 234
Michael J. Mustafa and Hazel Melanie Ramos
18 Family firms in tourism and hospitality: how do innovation factors
interact across different life cycle stages? 247
B.A. López-Chávez, B. A. and A. Kallmuenzer

19 Conceptualizing the tourism entrepreneurial ecosystem 266
Iris Hrund Halldorsdottir and Andreas Walmsley
20 Identity of place, place identity, and tourism entrepreneurship 278
Rob Hallak
21 Indigenous tourism on customary land in the Pacific: from the land,
within the land, and on the land 289
Sarah Rice and Suli Vunibola
22 Place, community and tourism entrepreneurship 306
Richard S. Aquino, Ning Chris Chen and Jakia Rajoana
23 Tourism SME disaster management: the case of the Great East Japan
Earthquake 317
Takatoshi Murayama, Graham Brown and Kohsuke Matsuoka
24 The role of government in tourism entrepreneurship 332
Burcin Kalabay Hatipoglu

25 How digital technology impacts tourism business models in Australian
tourism destinations 352
Wanniwat Pansuwong, Victoria Nakku and Allan O’Connor
26 Tourism enterprises and distribution: the effects of online food delivery
platforms and online travel agencies 371
Peter O’Connor
27 The impact of the sharing economy on tourism microentrepreneurship 384
Kourosh Esfandiar, Jafar Bapiri and Salar Kuhzady
28 Crowdfunding in tourism and hospitality: a review and research agenda 399
Zeynab Aeeni, Boshra Mohajer, Vahid Ghasemi and Salar Kuhzady
29 Entrepreneurship and innovation in tourism: examining immersive
technologies, virtual reality, and augmented reality 412
M. Rosario González-Rodríguez, M. Carmen Díaz-Fernández and Álvaro
Lopes Dias
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