Handbook on Gender and Public Administration


Handbook on Gender and Public Administration

9781789904727 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Patricia M. Shields, Regents’ Professor, Department of Political Science, Texas State University and Nicole M. Elias, Associate Professor of Public Administration and Policy, Department of Public Management, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York, US
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 78990 472 7 Extent: 456 pp
This ground-breaking Handbook on Gender and Public Administration brings together a rapidly growing new field of study, exploring the emerging contexts of gender and public administration. Capturing the many facets of this dynamic trend, the book explores gender equity and further examines masculinity, intersectionality and beyond binary conceptions of gender.

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This ground-breaking Handbook on Gender and Public Administration brings together leading experts in a rapidly growing field of study to explore the emerging contexts of gender and public administration. Capturing the many facets of this dynamic trend, the book explores gender equity and further examines masculinity, intersectionality and beyond binary conceptions of gender.
Chapters written by expert contributors provide an in-depth analysis of the history, theory and context of gender equity alongside the intersection of gender and traditional public administration topics such as budgeting, personnel, organizations, ethics, performance and representative democracy. Furthermore, it investigates gender dynamics in international, governmental, non-profit, policy and academic contexts, highlights the progress made, and identifies the ongoing challenges.
This timely Handbook will be an excellent resource for scholars in public administration who wish to explore gender and the broader questions of social equity, as well as scholars new to the field of public administration and gender. Following a growing movement to incorporate gender into public administration curriculum, this book will also prove a useful guide for faculty providing these courses.
Critical Acclaim
‘Shields and Elias have assembled an amazing line up of scholars who demonstrate why gender is central to addressing the big questions of public administration. Covering a diversity of contexts and concepts, this edited volume will be the leading text on the study of gender and public administration for the next generation of scholars. At a time when major public policy challenges continue to have differential impacts along gender lines, this text could not be any more timely. I look forward to the dialogue it will inspire.’
– Jessica Sowa, University of Delaware, US

‘This Handbook is cause for celebration: a distinguished line up of contributors tackling gender in public administration from a rich and timely array of perspectives. Perceptive, stimulating and useful for administrators, scholars and teachers. A welcome resource that will become a classic!’
– Camilla Stivers, Cleveland State University, US

‘This Handbook reinforces, continues, and bolsters a critically important conversation in public administration and management – the role of gender representation. Authors in this book critically unpack the notion of gender and its effects on public service and public servants. The work is an excellent addition to our canon and will make an immediate positive difference for current and future scholars and practitioners.’
– Staci Zavattaro, University of Central Florida, US
Contributors: Jennifer Alexander, Samantha Alexander, John R. Bartle, Sebawit G. Bishu, DeLysa Burnier, Roddrick Colvin, Maria J. D’Agostino, Schnequa Nicole Diggs, María Verónica Elías, Nicole M. Elias, Michelle Evans, N. Emel Ganapati, Mary E. Guy, Megan E. Hatch, Nuri Heckler, Lindy Heinecken, Melissa Gómez Hernández, Jennifer Hooker, Nicole Humphrey, Zoë Klobus, Hillary J. Knepper, Samantha June Larson, Helisse Levine, Mark Lottman, Nadia Mahallati, Sharon H. Mastracci, Sean McCandless, Meredith A. Newman, Nandhini Rangarajan, Beth M. Rauhaus, Christa L. Remington, Marilyn Marks Rubin, Meghna Sabharwal, Aritree Samanta, Isla A. Schuchs Carr, Patricia M. Shields, Mary Anh Quyen Tran, Shilpa Viswanath, Ashley Wayman

Foreword xvi
Roddrick Colvin
Acknowledgments xix
List of abbreviations xx
1 Introduction to the Handbook on Gender and Public Administration 1
Patricia M. Shields and Nicole M. Elias

2 Revisiting Camilla Stivers’s Gender Images in Public Administration 21
Jennifer Alexander and María Verónica Elías
3 The origins of the settlement model of public administration: stories of
women pioneers 35
Patricia M. Shields
4 The long road of administrative memory: Jane Addams, Frances
Perkins and care-centered administration 53
DeLysa Burnier
5 Emotional labor, gender and public administration 68
Nazife Emel Ganapati, Christa L. Remington and Meredith A. Newman
6 Managing masculinity in public organizations 85
Nuri Heckler
7 Beyond binary treatment of gender in public administration and policy 103
Nicole M. Elias
8 Intersectionality of gender and race in governmental affairs 115
Schnequa Nicole Diggs

9 Gender-responsive budgeting: a global perspective 133
Marilyn Marks Rubin and John R. Bartle
10 Trends in international scholarship on gender and public personnel
administration (2008–19) 149
Nandhini Rangarajan and Mark Lottman
11 Gender in administrative ethics: Jane Addams’s feminist pragmatist
conception of democracy as social ethics 165
Jennifer Kiefer Fenton
12 Women’s representation in public sector organizations: persistent
challenges and potential for change 182
Sebawit G. Bishu
13 Gender and nonprofit administration: past, present and future 195
Michelle D. Evans and Hillary J. Knepper
14 Gender and representative bureaucracy 212
Jennifer Hooker and Mary E. Guy
15 Performance, social equity and gender 230
Samantha June Larson
16 Gender and public service motivation: recognizing gender as a social structure 243
Nicole M. Humphrey

17 Making the case for addressing second-generation gender bias in public
administration 258
Helisse Levine, Maria J. D’Agostino and Meghna Sabharwal
18 #MeToo and human resources legislation: history, legal patterns and prospects 268
Sean McCandless
19 “Backwards in high heels”: revisiting gender in Utah state government
and administration after 30 years 288
Sharon Mastracci and Nadia Mahallati
20 Women in Texas local government: the road to city manager 302
Ashley Wayman, Samantha Alexander and Patricia M. Shields
21 When gender-neutral rental housing policy becomes gender-inequitable 317
Megan E. Hatch
22 “It is very much a man’s world”: gender representation in agricultural
policy and administration 332
Aritree Samanta, Shilpa Viswanath and Mary Anh Quyen Tran
23 Women and military service 349
Lindy Heinecken
24 Gender and public administration scholarship 364
Zoe A. Klobus, Michelle D. Evans and Hillary J. Knepper
25 The leaky pipeline: gender and public administration professional education 383
Beth M. Rauhaus and Isla A. Schuchs Carr
26 Gender and the construction of a positive peace within the 2016
Colombian peace deal 399
Melissa Gómez Hernández
27 Governing for equality: the Ethiopian case 413
Sebawit G. Bishu

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