Handbook on Global Constitutionalism


Handbook on Global Constitutionalism

Second Edition

2nd edition

9781802200256 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Anthony F. Lang, Jr., Professor of International Political Theory, School of International Relations, University of St Andrews, UK and Antje Wiener, Chair of Political Science, especially Global Governance, Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, University of Hamburg, Germany and By-Fellow at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge, UK
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80220 025 6 Extent: 608 pp
This thoroughly revised Handbook presents an up-to-date political and philosophical history of global constitutionalism. By exploring the constitutional-like qualities of international affairs, it provides key insight into the evolving world order.

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This thoroughly revised Handbook presents an up-to-date political and philosophical history of global constitutionalism. By exploring the constitutional-like qualities of international affairs, it provides key insights into the evolving world order.

Through a sustained examination of current events, as well as an acknowledgement of the significance of early constitutional history, this erudite Handbook brings together contributions from world-leading academics. New chapters offer timely commentaries on important developments in methodology such as postcolonial and feminist approaches. By providing additional scope for analysis, this updated edition further emphasises the central message of the first: that the global order cannot be understood without a clear comprehension of constitutional theory.

The Handbook on Global Constitutionalism will act as an essential resource for scholars and academics of law, politics and human rights. Due to its comprehensive examination of vital concepts such as legal theory, it will additionally be beneficial for practitioners and policy makers.
Critical Acclaim
‘The revised and expanded edition of the already valuable Handbook on Global Constitutionalism shows the continuing vigor and development of this no-longer “emerging” field of scholarship. New essays on postcolonial and feminist approaches to global constitutionalism extend the field in interesting directions, as do essays on constituent power and transnational litigation networks. Even those who have used the first edition will find much more to think about in this new one.’
– Mark Tushnet, Harvard Law School, US

‘This book not only provides a comprehensive overview over global constitutionalism as a field of research. In times where it may seem to be under extreme pressure, it also serves as a hopeful reminder that global constitutionalism is deeply rooted historically, a force still to be reckoned with.’
– Mathias Albert, Bielefeld University, Germany
Contributors include: Gavin W. Anderson, Jill Bähring, Samantha Besson, Andrea Birdsall, Adam Bower, Sigrid Boysen, Garrett Wallace Brown, Jutta Brunnée, Başakçalõ, Eoin Carolan, Filippo Costa Buranelli, Jean d’Aspremont, Michael W. Doyle, Jeffrey L. Dunoff, Bardo Fassbender, Iain Ferguson, Sassan Gholiagha, Matthias Goldmann, Jill Harries, Ruth Houghton, Thomas O. Hueglin, Oliver Jütersonke, Jan Klabbers, Mattias Kumm, Anthony F. Lang, Jr., Susanna Mancini, Peter Niesen, Mary Ellen O''Connell, Francis Oakley, Anne Peters, M.J. Peterson, Michel Rosenfeld, Christine Schwöbel-Patel, Jo Shaw, Chris Thornhill, Stephen J Toope, Joel P. Trachtman, Martine Julia van Ittersum, Ingo Venzke, Armin von Bogdandy, Neil Walker, Antje Wiener, Jan Wilkens

Preface and acknowledgments xvii
1 Introduction to the Handbook on Global Constitutionalism: protecting
rights and democracy while binding power 1
Anthony F. Lang, Jr. and Antje Wiener

2 Global constitutionalism: the ancient worlds 24
Jill Harries
3 Medieval constitutionalism 36
Francis Oakley
4 Global constitutionalism in the early modern period: the role of
empires, treaties and natural law 47
Martine van Ittersum
5 The Enlightenment and global constitutionalism 60
Chris Thornhill
6 Modern historical antecedents of global constitutionalism in theoretical
perspective 77
Michel Rosenfeld

7 Cosmopolitanism and global constitutionalism 90
Garrett Wallace Brown
8 Liberal theory 102
Iain Ferguson
9 Constructivism and global constitutionalism 116
Jan Wilkens
10 Realist perspectives on global constitutionalism 130
Oliver Jütersonke
11 Critical theory 141
Gavin W. Anderson
12 The English School and global constitutionalism 153
Filippo Costa Buranelli
13 Postcolonial global constitutionalism 167
Sigrid Boysen
14 Feminist approaches to global constitutionalism 186
Ruth Houghton

15 Natural law at the foundation of global constitutionalism 209
Mary Ellen O’Connell
16 International legal constitutionalism, legal forms and the need for villains 226
Jean d’Aspremont
17 Interactional legal theory, the international rule of law and global
constitutionalism 241
Jutta Brunnée and Stephen J. Toope
18 The shifting relationship between functionalism and global constitutionalism 254
Jeffrey L. Dunoff
19 Global constitutionalism and international public authority in the crisis
of liberal internationalism 266
Armin von Bogdandy, Matthias Goldmann and Ingo Venzke

20 Global constitutionalism and the rule of law 295
Mattias Kumm
21 Balance of powers 309
Eoin Carolan
22 Constituent power in global constitutionalism 319
Peter Niesen
23 Human rights as transnational constitutional law 332
Samantha Besson
24 Proportionality as a global constitutional principle 347
Anne Peters
25 Written versus unwritten: two views on the form of an international
constitution 364
Bardo Fassbender
26 Transnational litigation networks: agents of change in the global
constitutional order 374
Jill Bähring
27 Human rights, sovereignty and the use of force 396
Sassan Gholiagha

28 International judicial review 410
Başak ‚alõ
29 Legislatures 424
M.J. Peterson
30 Executive and exception 437
William E. Scheuerman
31 Federalism: from constitutionalism to constitutionalization? 448
Thomas O. Hueglin
32 The UN Charter and global constitutionalism? 460
Michael W. Doyle
33 Functionalism, constitutionalism and the United Nations 477
Jan Klabbers
34 The European Union and global constitutionalism 490
Jo Shaw
35 The International Criminal Court and global constitutionalism 508
Andrea Birdsall and Anthony F. Lang, Jr.
36 Global commercial constitutionalization: the World Trade Organization 519
Joel P. Trachtman

37 Global constitutionalism and outer space governance 529
Adam Bower
38 The political economy of global constitutionalism 542
Christine Schwöbel-Patel
39 Global religion in a post-Westphalia world 556
Susanna Mancini
40 Constitutionalism and pluralism 568
Neil Walker

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