Handbook on the Politics of Memory


Handbook on the Politics of Memory

9781800372528 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Maria Mälksoo, Associate Professor, Centre for Military Studies, Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80037 252 8 Extent: 418 pp
Providing a novel multi-disciplinary theorization of memory politics, this insightful Handbook brings varied literatures into a focused dialogue on the ways in which the past is remembered and how these influence transnational, interstate, and global politics in the present.

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Providing a novel multi-disciplinary theorization of memory politics, this insightful Handbook brings varied literatures into a focused dialogue on the ways in which the past is remembered and how these influence transnational, interstate, and global politics in the present.

With case studies from Africa, East and Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, and the United States, the Handbook focuses on the political features of historical memory in international relations. Chapters examine key concepts of memory politics, including accountability, commemoration and memorialization, the Europeanization of memory, and the politics of trauma and victimhood, as well as analyzing different sites of memory, from the human body and memorial sites to media, film, and television. It also answers essential questions such as who and what determines the relevance of the past in the present; how does memory become a political question; and what are the political effects and ethical implications of its mobilization?

Exploring the links between the politics of memory, international ethics, law, and diplomacy, this stimulating Handbook will be essential reading for students and scholars of politics and international relations, cultural studies, history, and transitional justice. Its discussion of notable agents and practices of memory politics will also be beneficial for practitioners working in human rights, politics, and public policy.
Critical Acclaim
‘Whether in the Russian invasion of Ukraine or in endless conflicts about monuments and school curricula, never before have the politics of memory so dramatically shaped international and domestic politics. This landmark collection of multidisciplinary essays represents the cutting edge of memory studies for scholars and practitioners.’
– A. Dirk Moses, The City College of New York, US

‘The Handbook is a long-awaited, excellent collective discussion on the critical question of memory politics, bringing many different disciplinary perspectives and regional focuses into dialogue. A must-read for all interested in how histories are reinterpreted in light of our present world.’
– Marlene Laruelle, The George Washington University, US

‘This is a superb survey of the politics of memory. Thematically wide-ranging and theoretically sophisticated, it will be of great value to both students and established scholars looking to explore the complex and endlessly contested relationship between past and present.’
– Duncan Bell, University of Cambridge, UK
Contributors: Jessica Auchter, Kathrin Bachleitner, Uladzislau Belavusau, Tom Bentley, Felix Berenskötter, Luke B. Campbell, Filip Ejdus, Patrick Finney, Kazuya Fukuoka, Karl Gustafsson, Ekaterina Haskins, Charlotte Heath-Kelly, Victor Igreja, Alison Landsberg, Adam B. Lerner, Maria Mälksoo, Johanna Mannergren Selimovic, Nicole Maurantonio, Ana Milošević, Laure Neumayer, John Njenga Karugia, Ljiljana Radonić, Aline Sierp, Brent J. Steele, Jelena Subotić, Henrique Tavares Furtado, Mano Toth

1 Politics of memory: a conceptual introduction 1
Maria Mälksoo

2 Memory, identity and its politics 18
Felix Berenskötter
3 Ontological security and the politics of memory in international relations 31
Filip Ejdus
4 (Inter)national ethics and the politics of memory 46
Brent J. Steele and Luke B. Campbell
5 Law and the politics of memory 65
Uladzislau Belavusau
6 Europeanising memory: the European Union’s politics of memory 81
Aline Sierp
7 Provincializing European memory: transregional heritage politics and
memory ethics across China’s Belt(s) and Road(s) Initiative(s) 95
John Njenga Karugia

8 Agents of memory politics 116
Laure Neumayer
9 The politics of commemoration and memorialization 130
Ljiljana Radonić
10 The politics of trauma and victimhood 147
Adam B. Lerner
11 Regretful memory politics: the way forward or a dead end? 163
Mano Toth
12 The politics of accountability 176
Victor Igreja
13 The politics of reconciliation and memory 191
Johanna Mannergren Selimovic

14 The human body as site of memory politics 204
Jessica Auchter
15 Memorial sites: siting and sighting memory 216
Charlotte Heath-Kelly
16 Hunting down monuments: the CAF model—characteristics, actors, and
functions 228
Ana Milošević
17 Memory in international diplomacy 246
Kathrin Bachleitner
18 (New) media memory 258
Nicole Maurantonio
19 Film, television, and the politics of memory in post-postracial America 272
Alison Landsberg
20 History education 285
Kazuya Fukuoka

21 World War II in global historical memory 304
Patrick Finney
22 Holocaust and global politics of memory 321
Jelena Subotić
23 ‘Culture war’: the contradictions of conservative representations in the
mnemonic battle over the British Empire 334
Tom Bentley
24 Beyond bilateral conflict in the international politics of memory in East
Asia: anxiety and reconciliation 349
Karl Gustafsson
25 Remembering the war, forgetting Stalin’s repressions: appeals to family
memory in contemporary Russia 362
Ekaterina Haskins
26 From the ‘victim societies’ to the ‘societies of victimisation’: the
memory of military atrocities in South America 377
Henrique Tavares Furtado

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