Handbook on Transport Pricing and Financing


Handbook on Transport Pricing and Financing

9781800375543 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Alejandro Tirachini, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering Department, Universidad de Chile, and Instituto Sistemas Complejos de Ingeniería, Chile, Daniel Hörcher, Research Associate, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Imperial College London, UK and Research Associate, Department of Transport Technology and Economics, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary and Erik T. Verhoef, Professor of Spatial Economics, Department of Spatial Economics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80037 554 3 Extent: 496 pp
Taking a comprehensive approach to two central, closely intertwined themes in the field of transport economics, this illuminating Handbook recognizes the critical socioeconomic importance of transport pricing and financing.

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Taking a comprehensive approach to two central, closely intertwined themes in the field of transport economics, this illuminating Handbook recognizes the critical socioeconomic importance of transport pricing and financing.

The expert contributors provide insights into how pricing goes beyond fulfilling pure financial requirements, and may help pursuing economic efficiency. The Handbook also devotes attention to new technologies such as digital payment channels, information provision, and dynamic pricing techniques. The authors cover the challenges and opportunities caused by the appearance of new modes of transport such as ride-hailing and automated vehicles. Furthermore, this timely Handbook also helps to address ongoing global issues such as climate change and sustainable development, explicitly recognizing challenges faced in regions across Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

This immersive Handbook will provide undergraduate and postgraduate students of economics, environmental science, transport, political science and urban planning studies with a useful introduction to the topics and the necessary tools to undertake research in transport pricing and financing. Practitioners wishing to understand the theory behind transport pricing and financing decisions will also find this Handbook a useful resource.
Critical Acclaim
‘The advent of electric vehicles, which won’t pay fuel taxes, and autonomous vehicles, which may not even have passengers, puts front-and-center the need to revisit how road transport is funded. This Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of transport funding around the world, and serves as a necessary foundation for the emerging new mobility.’
– David Levinson, University of Sydney, Australia

‘This new Handbook is a timely and impressive set of surveys of what theory and practice across continents can teach us about transport pricing and financing. Its systematic coverage of the concepts and tools used in transport policy as well as their relevance in the context of specific modes should help anyone working on the many challenges the sector is likely to face in the foreseeable future in a tense environmental, political and social context.’
– Antonio Estache, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

‘Huge amounts of money are spent on transport infrastructure, while the transport sector generates large volumes of greenhouse gas emissions. Meanwhile, the efficiency of transportation means is critical for both the global and the local economy. This Handbook is a welcome contribution that will shed light on important and heated debates about transport pricing and financing.’
– Jacques-François Thisse, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium
Contributors: Henrik Andersson, Javier Asensio, Sruthi Ashraf, Leonardo J. Basso, John Brady, Mark Burris, José C. Carbajo, Davide Cerruti, Achim I. Czerny, Tiziana D’Alfonso, Bruno De Borger, Eduardo Engel, Ronald Fischer, Sofia F. Franco, Daisuke Fukuda, Alexander Galetovic, Laura Garrido, Valerio Gatta, Andrés Gómez-Lobo, Martina Gregori, Antonio Gschwender, David A. Hensher, Christophe Heyndrickx, Daniel Hörcher, Cristian Huse, Sergio Jara-Diaz, Moez Kilani, Heike Link, Wei Liu, Ila Maltese, Edoardo Marcucci, Anna Matas, Inge Mayeres, Se-il Mun, Leonard Mwesigwa, Chris Nash, César Núñez, Stefanie Peer, Antonio Russo, Georgina Santos, Tomas Serebrisky, Matti Siemiatycki, Hugo E. Silva, Michele Simoni, John Stanley, Iven Stead, Yili Tang, Alejandro Tirachini, José Manuel Vassallo, Erik T. Verhoef, Roger Vickerman, Xiaolei Wang, Tom Worsley, Fangfang Yuan, Fangni Zhang

Introduction to the Handbook on Transport Pricing and Financing 1
Daniel Hörcher, Alejandro Tirachini and Erik T. Verhoef

1. History of transport pricing
Roger Vickerman 9
2. Transport pricing: theory and methodologies
Achim I. Czerny and Stefanie Peer 24
3. Transport pricing beyond the social optimum
Erik T. Verhoef 39
4. Pricing and other instruments for climate change mitigation in private transport
Henrik Andersson, Davide Cerruti and Cristian Huse 59
5. Urban form and the pricing of transport and parking
Sofia F. Franco 73
6. Equity and distributional issues in transport pricing
Christophe Heyndrickx and Inge Mayeres 107
7. The political economy of transport pricing and investment
Bruno De Borger and Antonio Russo124

8. Road pricing and provision of capacity
Se-il Mun and Daisuke Fukuda 146
9. Public transport: design, scale, and pricing
Sergio Jara-Díaz, Antonio Gschwender and Daniel Hörcher 171
10. From taxis to ride-hailing: market equilibrium analysis and implications for regulations
Xiaolei Wang and Fangfang Yuan 190
11. The economics of airports’ pricing
Tiziana D’Alfonso, Martina Gregori, Hugo E. Silva and Leonardo J. Basso 207
12. Pricing in freight transport 229
Edoardo Marcucci, Valerio Gatta, Michele Simoni and Ila Maltese
13. Connected and automated vehicles: effects on pricing 252
César Núñez and Alejandro Tirachini

14. Transport funding and financing: a conceptual overview of theory and practice 273
José Manuel Vassallo and Laura Garrido
15. Investment appraisal: links between finance and economics 295
Georgina Santos, Iven Stead and Tom Worsley
16. The regulation of public–private partnerships 311
Eduardo Engel, Ronald Fischer and Alexander Galetovic
17. Financing sustainable transport infrastructure in emerging markets and developing economies 330
José C. Carbajo
18. Transport financing and regional development 348
Javier Asensio and Anna Matas

19. Road transport pricing and financing in Africa 364
Leonard Mwesigwa, Moez Kilani and Matti Siemiatycki
20. A review of selected transport pricing, funding and financing issues in Asia 380
Wei Liu, Fangni Zhang, Xiaolei Wang and Yili Tang
21. Transport pricing in Europe 394
Chris Nash and Heike Link
22. Pricing urban transport in Latin America 417
Andrés Gómez-Lobo and Tomás Serebrisky
23. Road pricing applications in North America 436
Mark Burris, John Brady and Sruthi Ashraf
24. Transport pricing and financing in Oceania 452
John Stanley and David A. Hensher

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