Innovation Addressing Climate Change Challenges


Innovation Addressing Climate Change Challenges

Market-Based Perspectives

9781788973359 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Mona Hymel, Arthur W. Andrews Professor of Law, University of Arizona, College of Law, Larry Kreiser, Professor Emeritus of Accounting, Cleveland State University, Janet E. Milne, Professor of Law and Director of the Environmental Tax Policy Institute, Vermont Law School, US and Hope Ashiabor, Dr., University of New South Wales Business School, Australia
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78897 335 9 Extent: 264 pp
Although the world faces many environmental challenges, climate change continues to demand attention. This timely book explores ways in which market-based instruments and complementary policies can help countries meet their climate change goals. The chapters explore carbon pricing and other tax and non-tax measures, offering useful market-based perspectives that can help inform the many climate policy decisions that lie ahead.

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Although the world faces many environmental challenges, climate change continues to demand attention in both academic and public spheres. Innovation Addressing Climate Change Challenges explores ways in which market-based instruments and complementary policies can help countries meet their climate change goals following the Paris Agreement.

In this insightful book, internationally distinguished climate change scholars have come together to examine the potential of a range of market-based instruments. These include carbon pricing, coal subsidies, vehicle taxation, government incentives for the electricity sector, and noise pollution taxes. Offering useful market-based perspectives, the book not only demonstrates the possibilities that these various instruments offer in reducing the risks of climate change, but also the challenges that exist in utilizing them. These insights will help to inform the many climate policy decisions that lie ahead.

Astute and forward thinking, this timely book will be of vital importance to both students and scholars of environmental law and environmental economics with a particular focus on climate change. Political science students, as well as government officials, will also find its guidance on future policy engaging and timely.
Contributors: M.S. Andersen, H. Ashiabor, R. Astoria, E. Aydos, R. Cantley-Smith, C.R. Chico-Almaden, M.A. Grau Ruiz, J.-R. Gros-Désormaux, M. Hymel, V. Johnston, T. Kawakatsu, C. Kettner, D. Kletzan-Slamanig, L. Kreiser, P.J. Lee, S. Lee, H.H. Meier, M. Melendez-Obedencio, J.E. Milne, M.K. Navarro, B.M. Nobrega, R. Palanca-Tan, S. Patel, C.L. Rubio-Serenas, S. Rudolph, H. Sprohge, L. Tupiassu, L. van der Burgh, M. Villar Ezcurra, S.E. Weishaar, S. Whitley, L. Worrall

Foreword by Janet E. Milne


PART I Carbon pricing design and prospects
1. Introducing carbon taxes - issues and barriers
Stefan E. Weishaar

2. Border adjustment with taxes or allowances to level the price of carbon
Mikael Skou Andersen

3. Towards Bottom-up carbon pricing in Canada
Takeshi Kawakatsu and Sven Rudolph

4. Beyond Thunderdome? The prospects of federal greenhouse gas cap-and-trade in Australia
Elena Aydos and Sven Rudolph

5. How market-based emissions reduction mechanisms affect private property in Australia
Vanessa Johnston

PART II Complementary tax approaches
6. Vehicle taxation in EU member states
Claudia Kettner and Daniela Kletzan-Slamanig

7. Cutting Europe’s lifelines to coal subsidies
Shelagh Whitley, Laurie van der Burgh, Leah Worrall and Sejal Patel

8. Noise pollution taxes: a possibility to explore
Marta Villar Ezcurra

9. Tackling environmental pollution in Seoul, South Korea through tax incentives and related strategies
Stephanie Lee, Heidi Hylton Meier and Paul J. Lee

PART III Revenue perspectives
10. Green ICMS - Brazil’s tax revenue distribution based on environmental criteria
Lise Tupiassu, Bernardo Mendonça Nobrega and Jean-Raphaël Gros-Désormaux

11. Climate change-related action and non-productive investments in the European Union
María Amparo Grau Ruiz

12. Total economic value of the Cagayan de Oro river basin
Rosalina Palanca-Tan, Catherine Roween Chico-Almaden, Ma. Kresna Navarro, Marichu Melendez-Obedencio and Caroline Laarni Rubio-Sereñas

PART IV Incentives for the electricity sector
13. Low-income households in New York’s Reforming the Energy Visions
Ross Astoria

14. Mitigating the environmental consequences of electricity sector “lock in”: options for a de-carbonised energy future
Rowena Cantley-Smith

15. An overview of zero emission credits for nuclear power plants in the United States
Hans Sprohge and Larry Kreiser


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